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Laage naa moraa jiyaa

Posted on: May 13, 2009

Asha Parekh, who acted as a child artist for several years, first acted as a grown up in Aasha ( 1957), though she was not credited there. She then acted in Dil Deke Dekho, Ham Hindustani and Ghooghat.

Thus “Ghoonghat” (1960) was one of the first movies in which she acted in a lead role. This movie had some memorable music composed by Ravi.

Here is a song from this movie that was sung by Lata and picturised on Asha Parekh. This song “laage na moraa jiyaa” was written by Shakeel Badayuni and this song is now regarded as perhaps the finest song of this movie, though it is a subjective judgement. Other songs of this movie are also very nice to listen to..



Song-Laage naa moraa jiyaa (Ghoonghat) (1960) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-Ravi


laage na moraa jiyaa,
sajnaa nahin aaye, haay
laage na moraa jiyaa
sajnaa nahin aaye, haay
laage na moraa jiyaa

dekh liye piyaa tere iraade,
jhoothe nikle jaa tere waade
dekh liye piyaa tere iraade,
jhoothe nikle jaa tere waade
tadpat-tadpat yaad men teri,
nain mere bhar aaye,
nain mere bhar aaye, haay
laage na moraa jiyaa
sajnaa nahin aaye, haay
laage na moraa jiyaa

toone meri sudh bisraayi,
bedardi tohe laaj naa aayi
toone meri sudh bisraayi,
bedardi tohe laaj naa aayi
bhool gayaa kyon o harajaayi,
jaake des paraaye,
jaake des paraaye haay
laage na moraa jiyaa
sajnaa nahin aaye, haay
laage na moraa jiyaa

3 Responses to "Laage naa moraa jiyaa"

Thanks Atul for playing this song! I have sung this song for “La ..” so many times while playing Antakshari and it was only recently that I found that it was from the movie Ghunghat. It has been in my memory even though I had forgotten all about the movie itself. In fact, I found myself remembering the words as I was listening to the song today. I think that speaks for the quality of the song.

Yes, Asha Parekh looks so young and fresh here. I did not realize it was one of her early movies.

Thanks again, Atul!


The quality and quantity of great songs those days was such that this song was not much in contention among the most popular songs of the year. Of course, that was mainly because of the fact thaere were far too many great songs there and far less opportunity for all of them to shine.

With passage of time, it is possible to appreciate songs like this for their quality. Popularity is not always the best yardstick to judge the calibre of a song.


Minor correction.Song is written by Shakeel Badauni and not by Rajinder Krishan as mentioned in write-up.This has, however, been correctly mentioned below the photo of the song window.


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