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Itni badi duniyaa jahaan itna badaa melaa

Posted on: August 10, 2009

Obscure songs from obscure movies are not necessarily run of the mill songs, as I have discovered time and again. In fact, while listening to forgotten movies from many of these obscure movies, I have stumbled upon gems.

Here is one such gem. It is a song sung by Rafi and picturised on Ashok Kumar. Movie is called “Toofaan mein pyaar kahaan” (1966). Prem Dhawan is the lyricist and Chitragupta is the music director.

What an amazing composition this is !

Song-Itni badi duniya jahaan itna badaa melaa (Toofaan Mein Pyaar Kahaan) (1966) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Prem Dhawan, MD-Chitragupta


itni badi duniyaa jahaan itnaa badaa melaa
magar main haah haah haah kitnaa akelaa kitnaa akelaa
itni badi duniyaa jahaan itnaa badaa melaa
magar main haah haah haah kitnaa akelaa kitnaa akelaa

ai dil ghadi bhar to mil ke karen baaten
ai dil ghadi bhar to mil ke karen baaten
katatin nahin aise tanhaa meri raaten
sabko milaa saathi jab bhi aayi milan belaa
magar main haah haah haah kitnaa akelaa kitnaa akelaa

guzre dinon kaa hai dhundhlaa nishaan baaqi
guzre dinon kaa hai dhundhlaa nishaan baaqi
dil to bujhaa kabse ab hai dhuaan baaqi
dukhte huye dil pe bhalaa kyaa-kyaa nahin jhelaa
magar main haah haah haah kitnaa akelaa kitnaa akelaa
itni badi duniyaa jahaan itnaa badaa melaa
magar main kitnaa akelaa kitnaa akelaa


7 Responses to "Itni badi duniyaa jahaan itna badaa melaa"

Chitragupta is no ordinary music director. His famous Burma Road songs featured in Binnaca Geet maala .

Indeed Chitragupta was a remarkable music director. He liked to keep a low profile, and that is what prevented him from landing big banner movies.

For instance, Chitragupta met Raj Kapoor for the first time only in late 1980s when both he and Raj Kapoor had retired. Raj Kapoor told Chitragupta that he was a big fan of his music and he would have loved to work with Chitragupta.

Chitragupta is one of the most under-acclaimed music directors. His music rose above his films. I rate his songs for Lata Mangeshkar as the ultimate in melody ranking alongside Roshan and Naushad. I did an artilce on him for my blog

By the way this film had two very well known and as ususal extremely melodious Rafi-Lata duets Aadhi raat ko khanak gaya mera kangana and Gori itna bata tera lagta hai kya wo jo sapne mein aya aadhi raat ko. The first one is on the Youtube, I could not locate the second one. It would be wonderful if you could post these songs too.

Video link for this song :

An amazing song . Rafi saab is unparalleled in this song . Just a point, I feel, In the second stanza, the words probably should be, Guzre (dinon ) not (dilon )ka hai dhundla nishaan baaqi.

Yes you are right.

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