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Aan milo aan milo Shyaam saanware

Posted on: September 8, 2009

Now I have listened to this many a times, but I did that without paying much attention and without knowing any details about it.

This time I had the details and I listened to this song paying due attention. And what did I find ? I found that this song was amazing and mind boggling. The voice of Geeta Dutt which dominates this song, just bowls the listener over. Manna Dey acts as a competent foil. For much of the time I thought that Hemant Kumar was the male singer.

This song is picturised on Dulari. (I thank Raja for this information).

The words by Sahir Ludhianvi are simply wonderful. To imagine that a shayar who has given us some great shaayaris and qawwalis could write such a beautiful song using colloquial words is such a pleasant surprise.

And the music of S D Burman as always is perfect for the occasion.

What a gem of a song this is.

And before I forget to mention it, this wonderful song is from “Devdas” (1955).



Song-aan milo aan milo Shyaam saanware (Devdas) (1955) Singers-Geeta Dutt, Manna Dey, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhuanvi, MD-S D Burman


aan milo aan milo Shyaam saanware
aan milo
aan milo aan milo Shyaam saanware,
Brij mein akeli Raadhe khoyi-khoyi phire
o Raadhe khoyi-khoyi phire
o Kaanhaa aan milo
aan milo aan milo Shyaam saanware
aan milo

Brindaavan ki galiyan mein tum bin jiyaraa naa laage
jiyaraa naa laage
nis din tumhi baat nihaare vyaakul nainaa abhaage
o vyaakul naina abhaage
ab hi aisi dashaa hai man ki kyaa huyi hai phir aage re
Brij mein akeli Raadhe khoyi-khoyi phire
o Raadhe khoyi-khoyi phire
o Kaanhaa aan milo
aan milo aan milo Shyaam saanware
aan milo

ajhun jo na bheje Mohan taine koyi khabariyaa
o o
o ajhun jo na bheje Mohan taine koyi khabariyaa
taine koyi khabariyaa
ho jaihen ye Brij ki baalaa ro-ro kar baawariyaa
ro-ro kar baawariyaa
dheer bandha jaa
dheer bandha jaa
mukh dikhlaa jaa natnaagar saanwariyaa re
Brij mein akeli Raadhe khoyi-khoyi phire
o Raadhe khoyi-khoyi phire
o Kaanhaa aan milo aan milo Shaaym saanware
aan milo

8 Responses to "Aan milo aan milo Shyaam saanware"

This is a legendary song.
One of those songs which I heard in my childhood and had no clue which film it was from (or that it was even a film song).
Really lovely it is.


It is not often you see Dulari singing a song. 🙂


So it is Dulari ! I was hoping that some kind hearted person would mention her name to help me out. I did not ask my readers to identify it because I did not want to sound ignorant. 🙂


New video link :

This song was based on a Bangla devotional song sung by S D Burman in the 50s :


One of my favorite Bhajans !!
Wishing Happy ‘Janmashtami’ to all our readers, contributors and well wishers !
thanks !






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