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Main tere pyaar mein paagal

Posted on: January 27, 2010

When I was young, I loved making records- no, not the kind of records that played on record players, but the kind which gave you gloating rights. For instance, there were people who would have the record of watching every movie on the first day, first show, and there were some people who would boast of watching the same movie 100 times.

It was holidays in december 1980 (or was in 1979 ?) and I was alone at home. I decided to make a record of watching movies in all the four shows. I decided to begin with a movie hall located fathest from my home and work my way towards my home. I watched a movie in that movie hall in the noon show (it was an English movie), and then I walked down towards another movie hall closer to home and watched another movie in the matinee show. This movie was “Prem Bandhan”.

This movie was nothing much to write home about it. It was a movie in which Rajesh Khanna, in his post superstar days was trying (in futility) to regain his earlier glory days. The movie had little in it, and it rightly flopped ( in fact that is why I was able to buy the ticket for this movie).

This movie was forgettable in most respects, and I had forgotten all about it. But now it turns out that at least one song from this movie ( or perhaps some more songs) managed to keep the memory of this movie alive.

Here is this song which is sung by Kishore Kumar and Lata. It is picturised on Rajesh Khanna and Mausami Chatterji. Anand Bakshi is the lyricist and Laxmikant Pyarelal composed the music.

PS- Later on, I watched two more movies in the evening and night shows in two more movie halls. Finally I walked back to my home well past midnight. Yes, in those days one could walk back home alone even after midnight. Those were the days ! Unfortunately, I could not gloat about my record of having watched four shows in one day to anyone for fear that it would implicate me in the eyes of my parents if they came to know about it. 😉



Song-Main tere pyaar mein paagal ( Prem Bandhan) (1979) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


main tere pyaar mein paagal
aise dhoondhtaa hoon
jaise main koi pyaasaa baadal
barkha ko dhoondhtaa hoon
main tere pyaar mein paagal
aise dhoondhti hoon
jaise main koi pyaasi badli
saawan ko dhoondhti hoon
main tere pyaar mein paagal

jab jab tu chhup jaati hai
in phoolon ki galiyon mein
jab jab tu chhup jaati hai
in phoolon ki galiyon mein
aur chatakne lagti hai
kitni kaliyaan kaliyon mein
main tera pataa sabhi se
aise poochhtaa hoon
jaise main koi bhoola raahi
manzil ko dhoondhtaa hoon
main tere pyaar mein paagal

mere chehre pe teri thahri thahri do aankhen
mere chehre pe teri thahri thahri do aankhen
kitni gahri jheel hai ye
jheel se gahri do aankhen
main teri in aankhon mein
aise doobti hoon
jaise main koi doobi naiyaa
maanjhi ko dhoondhti hoon
main tere pyaar mein paagal

tu ho na ho
aankhon mein rahti teri soorat hai
ye man prem ka mandir hai
jisme teri moorat hai
main teri is moorat ko aise poojti hoon
jaise main koi vyaakul Raadhaa
Mohan ko dhoondhti hoon
main tere pyaar mein paagal
aise dhoondhtaa hoon
jaise main koi pyaasa baadal
jaise main koi pyaasi badli
barkhaa ko dhoondhtaa hoon
saawan ko dhoondhti hoon
barkhaa ko dhoondhtaa hoon

6 Responses to "Main tere pyaar mein paagal"

Ha ha ha …love your write-up. 🙂
I used to like this song a lot in the 70s.
Only much later I learnt that it was from Prem Bandhan, picturised on Rajesh and Moushumi.


Yes, even I have started liking this song, albeit grudgingly.






another actress with vikram in the song video is either Madhu shah(actor satish shah`s wife) or rippy singh, both actress were introduced in this movie, this is the result of my guess work……I may be wrong


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