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Na sun sun sun buraa

Posted on: July 2, 2010

This song is a long pending farmaish of Raja. The reason why I was unable to post this song till today was that this song was not available till now.Now that this song is available, here it is.

The print is not great and the audio too skips at places, but that cannot alter the fact that this song was quite a popular song in its time. Of course, I was not aware of the details of this song. In fact, I was not even aware about the singers of this song, despite listening to this song a few times.

This movie, as well as details about this movie are difficult to come by. Now I have found out that this song is from “Priya” (1970). It had Sanjeev Kumar, Tanuja, Jalal Agha etc in it.

This song, because of some pipsqeak cartoonish voices, was very popular with kids. Those days, technology for creating such voices was not as advances as it is today (no computers, no synthesizers etc) so such voices were created in a rather more primitive manner those days, e.g. by recording this voice at a low rpm record and then playing it at a higher rpm. Incidentally, records those days were meant to be played at a few pre determined speeds e g. 33 rpm, 45 rpm and 78 rpm etc. If by accident you played a lower rpm record at a higher rpm, then the entire song would play in the same pipsqeak voice and the person incharge of playing the record would immediately stop the record and adjust the speed correctly. We as kids enjoyed listening to such pip sqeek voices.

The song is sung by Mahendra Kapoor and Kamal Barot and the pipsqeak voices belong to Anand Kumar and C Peter. Qamar Jalalabadi is the lyricist and Kalyanji Anandji composed this innovative song.

The song is picturised on actors who are not known to me. I request my knowledgeable readers to identify them for me.



Song-Na sun sun sun buraa (Priyaa) (1970) Singers-Mahendra Kapoor, Kamal Barot, Anand Kumar, C Peter, Lyrics-Qamar Jalalabadi, MD-Kalyanji Anandji


na sun sun sun sun buraa
na dekh dekh dekh buraa
na bol bol bol buraa
na sun bura dekh bura bol buraa
na sun bura dekh bura bol buraa
na sun bura dekh bura bol buraa

inki baaton mein naa aanaa
inka koi nahin thikaanaa
kyaa matlab
pyaar se aakhon dekho ye samjhaate kahte hai
samjhaate kahte hai
aur pyaar se dekhaa to deewaanaa kahte hain
deewaanaa kahte hain
buri nazar se Raawan ne jab Seeta ko dekhaa
ek ghadi mein khaaq ho gayi sone ki Lanka
kyaa sone ki Lanka
arre isi liye main kehtaa hoon ki sun lo mere yaar
na sun sun sun buraa
na dekh dekh dekh buraa
na bol bol bol buraa
na sun bura dekh bura bol buraa
na sun bura dekh bura bol buraa
na sun bura dekh bura bol buraa

sachha jisne bolaa yaaron
uski shaamat aayi
uski shaamat aayi
Gaandhi ji ne seene mein goli khaayi
seene mein goli khaayi
ye mat bhoolo amar ho gayaa Gandhiji kaa naam
isi liye kahtaa hoon ki
na sun sun sun buraa
na dekh dekh dekh buraa
na bol bol bol buraa
na sun bura dekh bura bol buraa
na sun sun sun na sun buraa
na dekh dekh dekh na dekhburaa
na bol bol bol na bol buraa
na sun bura dekh bura bol buraa
na sun bura dekh bura bol buraa
na sun bura dekh bura bol buraa

6 Responses to "Na sun sun sun buraa"

All the songs from this are pretty…and my favorite is the “Pretty Pretty Priya” song picturized on Tanuja. Just FAB! Thanks, Atul.


Yes, I have taken the “hint hint”. lol


The female actor dancing on the song is Laxmi Chaya.
Could not place the actor.


[…] Raja gave the farmaish for the songs of this movie long back. I have posted one of these songs (Na sun sun sun buraa (Priyaa) ) recently. Here is another song from this movie which was quite popular, especially among pre teen […]




working video link:

dancer is MINAKSHI who features in the video,Tanjua and Jalal Agha also can be seen in the picturisation of the song


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