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Aayiye aapko main apne bangley ki sair karaaun

Posted on: July 5, 2010

There was a time when India had only one TV channel and that used to telecast boring programmes and news. Now we have countless channels including several news channels. These news channels are often short of ideas and they try to create news out of thin air and call that as “breaking news”. Typically the reporter of the channel will go to a certain site and try to describe a breaking news item, and he will struggle to find things to say.

TV channels try to give their audience a layout of the location and try to recreate the events, often on the fly. “see, this is the drawing room where the crime took place, see this is the kitchen, from which the victim entered the drawing room, and see, this is the hole in the bathroom from which the victim entered the house. And now we take you back to the drawing room where the victim, this innocent mouse, was brutally murdered in cold blood by the servants of the household. In this country, lives of innocent mice is not safe. What can mice do if government has not arranged for feeding them ? They are forced to enter homes and search for food there. This is a crime no doubt, but it is not such a big crime that they should be massacred for this crime.”

This song is similar to the “breaking news” reporters of today, but it is from a time when we did not have TVs and such. Here Rajesh Khanna is introducing the viewers with his household. “See this is my father in law, see this is my mother in law, see, this is my wife, and see, this is poor me”.

This is a funny light hearted song from “Joru Ka Ghulaam” (1972). Incidentally “Joru” is a rural term for Wife, and “Ghulaam” is slave. So, “Joru Ka Ghulaam” means “slave of wife” viz “henpecked husband” or more accurately an uxorious husband.

The song is sung by Kishore Kumar and the picturisation shows Rajesh Khanna, Om Prakash,Achla Sachdev,Leena Chandawarkar Nanda etc.The song is written by Anand Bakshi and music is composed by Kalyanji Anandji.



Song-Aayiye aapko main apne bangley ki sair karaaun (Joru Ka Ghulaam) (1972) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Kalyanji Anandji


hmm o o
aayiye aapko main apne bangley ki sair karaaun
chhote se is pariwaar kaa aapse mel karaaun
arre aayiye aapko main apne bangley ki sair karaaun
to ye meraa banglaa hai
aur ye main hoon

maine samjhaa prem pyaar ko
ek saawan kaa jhoolaa
taubaa meri taubaa main to shaadi karke bhoolaa
haal huaa ye
arre dekho mera
haal huaa ye dekho meraa logon ban kar dulhaa
sej ke badle meri qismat mein likhaa thaa
sej ke badle meri qismat mein likhaa thaa choolhaa
ye meri prem kathaa hai
aur ye main hoon

inki kyaa taareef karoon
insaan hain ye kuchh aise
inse miliye kaun hain ye
naadaan hain ye kuchh aise
man ko ??? se taulen
dhanwaan hain ye kuch aise
mujhse bhi anjaan mere
mehmaan hain ye kuchh aise
ye mere saas-sasur hain
aur ye main hoon

waise hai is desh mein sab kuchh kahne ki aazaadi
mere munh par chup ka taalaa main aisaa fariyaadi
chain se soyi hai wo dekho saamne ik shahzaadi
bhool se kar baithi jo mujh jaise kangaal se shaadi
haan wo meri beewi hai
aur wo main hoon
main hoon main hoon main hoon
haan ji haan wo main hoon
main hoon main hoon main hoon

8 Responses to "Aayiye aapko main apne bangley ki sair karaaun"

hey atul
the lady in the movie was Nanda and not Leena. and then you will say i am picking on your mistakes


I do not mind if you pick on my mistakes. I have always said that I am very week when it comes to identifying old actresses. By the way , who is the lady who plays mother in law of Rajesh Khanna ?


Hey atul

Mum says the mother-in-law is Achla Sachdev. The same one from “Ae meri Zohrajabeen.”


This was wonderful, listening to an old favorite after all these years! I had forgotten about this song, but remembered it as I was listening to it. What were the monkeys doing in the song, I wonder? Did he have them as pets? The one thing that always strikes me is the ease with which most of these songs can be hummed even after hearing them only once, whereas nowadays, it takes me much, much longer to just figure out the melody in the current songs, leave alone the lyrics!


This was a pretty fun film too 🙂 And your intro made me fall off my chair laughing. Poor little mice!


I am sure it must be hard work for the “breaking news” channels to come up with all these breaking news, which incidentally find no mention in the newspapers of the next morning.




working video


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