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Saath ho tum aur raat jawaan

Posted on: July 20, 2010

Here is a song that I stumbled upon yesterday. This song is from a movie called “Kaanch Ki Gudiyaa” (1961).

This song is a duet sung by Mukesh and Asha Bhonsle. Video of this song is not available, but this movie had Manoj Kumar and Saeeda Khan in lead roles so it is safe to assume that the song is picturised on them.

This song is a romantic chaayaageet category of song. Shailendra is the lyricist and music is composed by Snehal BhatkarSuhrid Kar.


Song-Saath ho tum aur raat jawaan (Kaanch ki Gudiyaa) (1961) Singers-Mukesh, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Shailendra,MD-Suhrid Kar


saath ho tum aur raat jawaan
saath ho tum aur raat jawaan
neend kise ab chain kahaan
kuchh to samajh ae bhole sanam
kahti hai kyaa nazron ki zubaan
saath ho tum aur raat jawaan

mahakti hawaa,
chhalakti ghataa
hamse ye dil sambhaltaa nahin
ki minnaten,
manaakar thake
karen kyaa ye ab bahaltaa nahin
dekh ke tumko, bahakne lagaa
lo machalne lagaa, hasraton kaa jahaan
saath ho tum aur raat jawaan
neend kise ab chain kahaan
saath ho tum aur raat jawaan
aaa aaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa

ham is raah mein, mile is tarah
ke ab umr bhar, na honge judaa
mere saaz-e-dil ki aawaaz tum
main kuchh bhi nahin tumhaare binaa
aao chalen ham, jahaan pyaar se
wo gale mil rahe, hain zameen aasmaan
saath ho tum aur raat jawaan
neend kise ab chain kahaan
kuchh to samajh ae bhole sanam
kahti hai kyaa nazron ki zubaan
saath ho tum aur raat jawaan

24 Responses to "Saath ho tum aur raat jawaan"

Love it. Andi Its better this way without Manoj Kumar 🙂


Nice….. Heard after long long time. And, yes it sounds better without actors on screen 😉

I read somewhere that composer was “Suhrid Kar”.


Most song sites copy paste from the same source mindlessly, and in case the source is incorrect, that incorrect information is faithfully reproduced at every other place. Pray who was this “Suhrid Kar”? It is obvious that the original source read “Snehal Bhatkar” as “Suhrid Kar” and that was enough for all copy paste sites who mindlessly reproduced that.


The MD is not Snehal Bhatkar, it *is* Suhrid Kar, who assisted S D Burman in several movies including ‘Pyaasa’ and ‘Baazi’. That you haven’t heard of the man doesn’t mean he didn’t exist!


I do not claim to know everything, and I am always ready to be corrected, and I do get corrected almost on a daily basis by my readers, but in a nicer way. I do not know why you should chose a harsh sentence like “That you haven’t heard of the man doesn’t mean he didn’t exist!” to make your point. Your point could be made perfectly well without using this sentence.


I also don’t know who was “Suhrid Kar”. Was thinking you may have seen name somewhere. You are right, most probably copy & paste blunder. 🙂


hey friends
heard some where; years ago; that this snehal bhatkar was an government employee and due to some official restrictions he could not use his original name when he was composing music in films. and so he used to give music under his this name and incidentally snehal was the name of his daughter.but i am not sure if he said his name was ‘Sudhir Kar’. i had heard this in an interview in Vividh Bharathi’s Sangeet Sarita.


Just the kind of song that I like to listen to with my eyes closed! We have this on one of our CD’s, and I think I play this every time we drive somewhere out of town because I seem to know all the words and I have been singing this song in my head ever since it came in your blog!

This is a real gem, Atul!


Snehal Bhatkar is B. Vasudev (my source is youtube)


Atul ji,

I am preparing to send another gem of a song from this movie for posting on this blog. As I did the check, I found that there are some conflicting opinions about the composer for this movie. I did some research, and here is what I came up with.

Suhrid Kar and Snehal Bhatkar are two different people, and this one at least is not a copy-paste blunder.

[Side Note: At first, I was also not convinced about the name Suhrid. In the past, I always read it as Suh+rid in English, and wondered what kind of a name this is. I used to think that this is a variation to my own name . Then today I read this name in a Hindi description (in Geet Kosh) of this movie and realized the correct reading should be Su+hrid meaning beautiful heart.]

In the Geet Kosh the composer’s name for this movie is presented without any annotations, which indicates that this is the correct name of the person, with no alternate names. Further, as indicated by Abhay Phadnis, I did view the two movies he mentioned – Baazi (1951) and Pyaasa (1957), and checked their credit listings. The credits for both movies have this name listed as the assistant under music category. There is a slight variation in spelling, but the name is definitely the same.

I tried to make other searches on Suhrid Kar being an assumed name, in the Geet Kosh and also on the internet, but have not so far been able to locate any additional information. Further, I manually checked the Geet Kosh listings for 1961 and also plus and minus 3 years, but could not locate another movie for which Suhrid Kar composed the music. It appears that this could be the only movie for which he composed music as an independent music director. I need to do some more checking before making this claim with certainty.

Now, coming to Snehal Bhatkar. Snehal Bhatkar’s real name is Vasudev G Bhatkar. He used the name of his daughter, “Snehal”, as mentioned by “Peevesie’s Mom” in one of the earlier responses, for certain reasons. This also matches with the earlier response by Sophy, that Snehal Bhatkar is B Vasudev.

As I checked for Snehal Bhatkar’s filmography, I find that there is a fair number of movies for which he has composed the music under the name V G Bhatkar. Today you posted that lovely song “Roomjhoom Matwaare Baadal Chhaa Gaye” from the 1948 movie ‘Suhaagraat’. This is the debut movie of Snehal Bhatkar. As I scanned the Geet Kosh, I found many movies with the composer’s name as VG Bhatkar with (Snehal) in parenthesis, besides other movies wherein the composer is listed as Snehal Bhatkar. Pehla Kadam (1981) was the last movie he composed for. Snehal Bhatkar passed away in 2007.

So, in my opinion, the name of the composer for this movie should be retained as Suhrid Kar.



Yes, I know that Suhrid Kar was an assistant to S D Burman. I was not getting the time to make the necessary corrections.Now I have made the corrections.


Thanks Atul ji,




Atul ji/sudhir ji,

I too confirm that the Mu.Dir. is Suhrid Kar.
Actually,Mr. Kar,a Bengali,landed in Bombay and worked as many established Music Directors,besides SDB.
It is said that Kanch ki Gudia was given to him independently,only on the assurance of SDB that he will give good music.
However,Mr.Suhrid Kar also tried his hand at story writing,Screenplay writing and Dialogue writing in various wellknown films.
He gave music to only one film in his career.


I have to applaud both Sudhir Kapur and Arun Deshmukh for their painstaking research and the time taken, esp by Sudhir, to lay out all the facts! It is a pity that Mr. Kar did not do the music for more films, especially after the beautiful music he composed for this movie, but the fact that this movie was not a big hit was probably the reason for his fading out later. A true loss for Hindi film music!


Suhrid kar also wrote the story/screen play for the movie, “Ek Phool Char Kaante..” also released in 1960.


Suhrid Kar also assisted Kishore Kumar ( as a music director) in Jhumroo.


Dear Atul,


None of the links are working. The song is available on U tube


The video given here is not of this song. It is the video of song “sapnon mein mere koi aaye jaaye “. from the film ‘Poonam ki Raat’ (1965). The actual video of this song not available on youtube.


Thanks for pointing it out. There are unscrupulous uploaders who sometimes combine video of some other song with audio without informing about it to readers and people are led to believe that the video is for the same song. Its link was provided by a reader as can be seen in a comment above. I have now removed this Link.


Dear Sunil ji, Atul ji,

The fact of the matter is that the actual video of this song is not available (as yet), period. I have searched and acquired this film from different sources and different media formats, but none of them is carrying this song, not even the VHS tape of this film.



There is a video now.

And the actress is not Sayeeda but Azra.


the above video link was an edited video and the scenes are from Manoj Kumar,Kumud Chuggani`s Poonam Ki raaat, and the actress in the video link is not Sayeeda or Azara,it is KUMUD CHUGGANI




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