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Mera naam Raju gharaanaa anaam

Posted on: July 26, 2010

Here is a well known song from a well known movie. The song is “Mera Naam Raju gharaana anaam” and it is from “Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai” (1960).

The song is sung by Mukesh and it is picturised on Raj Kapoor as a boat song. The song is an introduction song where Raj Kapoor, carrying a “dafli” introduces himself by singing this song. Thus this song is a “dafli” song as well. It is a category that I thought about just now. 😀

Shailendra is the lyricist and Shankar Jaikishan composed the music.

This song is a boat song and going by the title of the movie, one may guess that the song is picturised on a boat on the river Ganga, but that is not the case. This song is picturised on river Narmada near Jabalpur at the spot called Bhedaghat. Raj Kapoor had his “sasuraal” at Jabalpur and he has shot quite a few songs at this location.



song-Mera naam Raju gharana anaam (Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai) (1960) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Shailendra,MD-Shankar Jaikishan


meraa naam Raaju gharaanaa anaam
meraa naam Raaju gharaanaa anaam
behti hai Gangaa jahaan meraa dhaam
meraa naam Raaju gharaanaa anaam
behti hai Gangaa jahaan meraa dhaam
meraa naam Raaju

kaam naye nit geet banaanaa
geet banaa ke jahaan ko sunaanaa
koyi na mile to akele mein gaanaa
koyi na mile to akele mein gaanaa
kaviraaj kahe
na ye taaj rahe
na ye raaj rahe
na ye raaj gharaanaa
preet aur preet kaa geet rahe
kabhi loot sakaa na koyi ye khazaanaa
meraa naam Raaju gharaanaa anaam
behti hai Gangaa jahaan meraa dhaam
meraa naam Raaju

dhool kaa ek baadal albelaa
niklaa hoon apne safar mein akelaa
chup-chup dekhoon main duniyaa kaa melaa
chup-chup dekhoon main duniyaa kaa melaa
kaahe maan kare,
abhimaan kare
mehmaan tujhe ik din to hai jaanaa
dafli uthaa aawaaz milaa
gaa mil ke mere sang prem taraanaa
meraa naam Raaju gharaanaa anaam
meraa naam Raaju gharaanaa anaam
behti hai Gangaa jahaan meraa dhaam
meraa naam Raaju gharaanaa anaam
behti hai Gangaa jahaan meraa dhaam
meraa naam

5 Responses to "Mera naam Raju gharaanaa anaam"


This plus the other iconic song of this movie, jO jisse milaan seekhaa hamnE, gairOnkO bhee apnaayaa hamnE – define the theme of the movie. Of course all, I mean ALL of the songs are just plain wonderful.

From the very simple aa ab lauT chalE, and pyaar karlE, naitO phaaseen ChaDh jAyegA, through the playful Oh mainE pyaar kiyaa and bEgAnee shaadee mein abdullaah deewaanaa, to the plainitive Oh basantee, pawan paagal and the elaborately staged hain aag hamArE seenE mein, ham aagsE khEltE jaatEn hain (featuring Raj Kapoor, Padmini, Pran and a host of others) – did I miss any?

Is there another movie where Pran is featured in a song? He actually starts the song, throwing a challenge to the stranger in their midst who suddenly is becoming popular with the ladies!

Is there another actor-villain as sophisticated, suave, fierce, believable as Pran?

Raj is Kapoor, Dev is Anand, Dilip is Kumar; but Helen and Pran are just that – Helen and Pran.


Oops, as I was typing th eprevious comment, I saw a link here to a Tribute to Shankar-Jaikishan. Now it’s gone.

Would Atul please repost the link here? Thanks.


Those links are generated automatically by wordpress and they are not provided by me. However, when I look at this post in my computer, one such link is indeed there and it is

Tribute to Shankar Jaikishan-46-Mukesh quiz


remember hearing tis song during my childhood days 😉


Reminds me of young days and super times with my parents!


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