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Na tum bewafaa ho na ham bewafaa hain

Posted on: July 31, 2010

I have listened to this song quite a few times, but I was not aware of the details about this song, apart from the obvious fact that this song was sung by Lata.

Now, thanks to the farmaish of this song from Raja, I know that this song is from “Ek Kali Muskaayi” (1968). On checking up, I found that Madan Mohan is the music director of this movie. This song which is an archtypical Madan Mohan ghazal, is sung by Lata and it is written by Rajinder Krishan.

But when one looks at the picturisation, one is stumped. Who is this lady on whom this song is picturised ? She must be a strong contender for the title of the runners up for the wooden face of the millenium. The titling of course can only be Vimmi (of “Hamraaz” fame). On checking up, it turns out that she was called Meera Joglekar. I have often commented that singers like Rafi and Kishore Kumar had many of their great songs “wasted” on lesser actors. Here the same can be said about this Lata-Madan Mohan song.

Here is this lovely Ghazal from “Ek Kali Muskaayi” (1968) which many people may have already listened in the audio form. And that is all that one needs to savour this song.



Song-Na tum bewafa hain na ham bewafa hain (Ek Kali Muskaayi) (1968) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Madan Mohan


na tum bewafaa ho na ham bewafaa hain
na tum bewafaa ho na ham bewafaa hain
magar kyaa karen apni raahen judaa hain
na tum bewafaa ho na ham bewafaa hain

jahaan thandi-thandi hawaa chal rahi hai
jahaan thandi-thandi hawaa chal rahi hai
kisi ki muhabbat wahaan jal rahi hai
zameen-aasmaan hamse donon khafaa hain
na tum bewafaa ho na ham bewafaa hain

abhi kal talaq jo muhabbat jawaan thi
abhi kal talaq jo muhabbat jawaan thi
milan hi milan thaa judaayi kahaan thi
magar aaj donon hi be-aasraa hain
na tum bewafaa ho na ham bewafaa hain

zamaanaa kahe meri raahon mein aajaa
zamaanaa kahe meri raahon mein aajaa
muhabbat kahe meri baanhon mein aajaa
wo samjhen naa majbooriyaan apni kyaa hain
na tum bewafaa ho na ham bewafaa hain

6 Responses to "Na tum bewafaa ho na ham bewafaa hain"

Wooden face of the millenium? 🙂
I think you are being a bit harsh here, Atul. I have never heard of Meera Joglekar but she does pull off a reasonably pained figure here as she laments the fact that neither she nor her love has been unfaithful and yet their ways are separate.

Vimmi is, by far, the top contender for this title. 🙂


hey Priya Rajvansh gives stiff (no pun intended) competition.


Director of this film is vasant joglekar and she should be relater to her…


She is Vasant Joglekar’s daughter.


This film was made to launch Meera Joglekar, daughter of director Vasant Jogkekar, as an actress. She failed miserably as an actress but Madan Mohan’s music is remembered till date and the movie is long forgotten.




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