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Bhali bhali si ek soorat bhalaa saa ek naam

Posted on: August 10, 2010

This post is written by Raja, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie songs and a regular visitor of this blog

Often the catchy songs that you sing in your childhood stay with you for the rest of your life.

You may not hear them on the radio often anymore. You may not even have them on your MP3 player/iPod. But if you ever hear them in any setting – maybe while just walking on the streets of India (and that is as good an occasion as any to catch an old song 🙂 ) – you immediately sing along. Because that is YOUR childhood song and the years JUST roll back.

I have that with many songs – and a lot of my farmaishes here to Atul have been these type of songs.
In fact many of them are hardly well-known. It is purely because I heard them in my childhood that they remained in my memory, even if only in my sub-conscious. A prime example of such a song is “O paape na sharma” (from Sagaai), already posted here on my farmaish.

The song below need fear no such limited awareness. It is a well-known song. Or at least was, in its time. It is from Buddha Mil Gaya (1971) – a cute movie starring Navin Nischol and Archana. As it was released during the Rajesh Khanna wave, I would not place a wager on its commercial success – but I think it did well. Anyway, I found it a lot of fun.

The movie has pleasant songs – the first song that comes to mind is the evergreen Kishore number “Raat kali ek khwab mein aayi”. However, since even from my young days the rebel streak in me tried to make me “hatke”(different), I preferred the fun-filled, lively duet “bhali bhali si ek soorat” with Navin Nischol and Archana teasing each other. It is just so cute.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Whenever I listen to this, I just sing along. Total timepass song.



Song-Bhali bhali si ek soorat (Buddhaa Mil Gayaa) (1971) Singers-Asha Bhonsle, Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-R D Burman


Bhali bhali si ek soorat,
bhala sa ek naam
dhadkan hai mere dil ki,
subah ho ya shaam
bhali bhali si ek soorat,
bhala sa ek naam
dhadkan hai mere dil ki,
subah ho ya shaam

kaun hai wo dilrubaa,
arrey kaho na hum se zaraa
haan, oi lo na na na na
oye oye oye oye,
tum ho wo dilrubaa

bhali bhali si ek soorat,
bhala sa ek naam
dhadkan hai mere dil ki,
subah ho ya shaam

huyi meri bhi jiya ki chori
arrey haan us chor ki shakal hai gori
to kya hua ?
ho gayaa milnaa bahut zaroori
chal pagli
phir suno to aage hamaari dil ki majboori
tu tu tu tu tu
wo jo mere dil ke kareeb aaya
mere tan pe padaa jo saaya
phir kya hua?
Yon samjho na galey lagaaya
chhi chhi chhi
tab se soti hoon jaagti hoon
leke uskaa naam
kaun hai wo dilrubaa,
kaho na hum se zaraa
oye oye oi lo la la la la
oye oye oye ouch,
tum ho wo dilrubaa

bhali bhali si ek soorat,
bhala sa ek naam
dhadkan hai mere dil ki,
subah ho ya shaam

haay mushqil hai mera bhi jeena
hothon ko aata hai paseena
baap re
kal maine dekhi ajab haseena
hmm hmm
pyaar mein uske dhadke mera dil,
jalta hai seena
dhak dhak dhak
paas wo aayi badi adaa se
huh hmmm
boli kyon ho khafa khafa se
haay mar jaawaan
hum bhi they ek nazar ke pyaase
kyon nahin
dil pe usne jo haath rakha,
aa gayaa aaraam
kaun hai wo dilrubaa,
kaho na hum se zaraa
haan, oi lo la la la la
tum ho wo dilrubaa
oi lo la la la la,
tum ho wo dilrubaa
oi lo na na na na,
tum ho wo dilrubaa

5 Responses to "Bhali bhali si ek soorat bhalaa saa ek naam"

So enjoy yours and Atul’s write-ups Raja 🙂 This is my favorite song from ‘Buddha Mil Gaya’ too though Navin Nischol’s wig distracts! I think Archana is rather lovely.


Thank you. 🙂
Archana was cute in this movie. Wonder why she did not act more and where she disappeared, esp considering this movie did well (I think). Maybe she got married (common reason to quit acting 🙂 ).


there was a lovely Manna Dey number in this movie —
“Aayo Kahan se Ghansham”
posted already?


I just love this song, rember the college days sing this all time meledois song a many times in college canteen.


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