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Koi laakh kare chaturaayi

Posted on: August 18, 2010

If you want to calm your nerves by listening to music then it is often a good idea to listen to a song sung by Kavi Pradeep. He was mainly a poet, but he also sang a few songs and most of these songs went on to become immortal songs.

One thing is clearly noticeable about Pradeep, and that was the fact that he wore his heart on the sleeve. With him, what you you saw was what you got. His lyrics were always hard hitting and he would always speak his mind, be it a matter of politics or history, religion or public morality.

Here is a song sung by Pradeep. “Koi laakh kare chaturaayi” is a philosophical song and this song tells us that we are mortals and we are puppets in the divine scheme of things, and we are not as powerful as we tend to think about ourselves.

People may have heard this song, but very few people know the details of this song. Even I was not aware of any details.

Sid, the farmaish sender of this song informs that this song is from “Chandi Puja” (1957) which was obviously a religious/mythological movie. Ajit Merchant is the music director.

Here is this wonderful song sung by Pradeep which is bound to calm the nerves of the listeners every time they listen to this song.

Song-Koi laakh kare chaturaayi (Chandi Puja) (1957) Singer-Pradeep, Lyrics-Pradeep, MD-Ajit Merchant


Koi laakh kare chaturaayi
karam ka lekh mite naa re bhaayi
karam ka lekh mite naa re bhaayi

zara samjho iski sachchaayi re
karam ka lekh mite naa re bhaayi

is duniya mein bhaagya ke aage
chale naa kisi ka upaay
kaaghaz ho to sab koi baanche
karam na baanchaa jaaye
ik din isi kismat ke kaaran
ban ko gaye the Raghuraayi re
karam ka lekh mite naa re bhaayi
koi laakh kare chaturaayi
karam ka lekh mite naa re bhaayi
karam ka lekh mite naa re bhaayi

kaahe manwaa dheeraj khota
kaahe tu naahaq roye
apna socha kabhi nahin hotaa
bhaagya kare so hoye
chaahe ho raja chaahe bhikaari
thokar sabhi ne yahaan khaayi re
karam ka lekh mite naa re bhaayi
Koi laakh kare chaturaayi
karam ka lekh mite naa re bhaayi
karam ka lekh mite naa re bhaayi

5 Responses to "Koi laakh kare chaturaayi"

What a fantastic song! Thank you very much:-)


Such a nice song. Thanks for posting.

Some of the facts/trivia about MD:
1) Ajit Merchant has given music in overall 45 films, in both Hindi and Gujarati.
2) `Aye Mere Watan Ke Logon’ – Kavi Pradeep wrote this song at Ajit Merchant’s house.
3) Kavi Pradeep and Ajit Merchant had an argument over the song `Koi Laakh Kare Chaturayi’
4) “Khayaal Gaayki” inspired this song.
5) Out of the two instruments used in the song, Shehnaai and Majeera, Ramlal had played the Shehnaai. Ramlal was the composer of 1964 V. Shantaram film Geet Gaya Pattharon.

If you are interested in more, check following article (talk about “Ajit Merchant”):


Ajit Merchant created a gem of a song in PUNAR MILAN (1964)
“Paas bethon tabiyat machal jayegi”

Chander Mehta


This song was composed by C Arjun and not by Ajit Merchant.




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