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Binaa badraa ke bijuriyaa kaise chamke

Posted on: August 28, 2010

This post is written by Raja, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor of posts to this blog

As is well-known, Aradhana was THE movie that was the turning point in Rajesh Khanna’s career. However, he did act in a few movies before Aradhana.

I have seen at least half a dozen such films and I can safely say that it was only a matter of time. If it had not been Aradhana, it would have been the next one. Or the one after that. You cannot keep a good man down and sooner or later, with Safar or Anand or Amar Prem, Rajesh would have burst through. That it happened to be Aradhana was just fortuitous for the producer of that movie, in my opinion.

From the start of his career, Rajesh had a combination of several attributes that took him to the top.

For one, he was extremely handsome. I can totally understand women swooning over him. His charisma was something special. This was accentuated by the roles he played – romantic hero, vulnerable hero.

Looks apart, Rajesh was a very good actor. He got his break in films because of winning an All-India Talent contest. Noted directors of that period were judges of this contest. Until late in his superstar phase, when his hamming unfortunately often got the better of his acting, it was clear that he played his roles with great intensity. He emoted convincingly and connected very easily with his audiences.
Whatever his role was, he slipped into it very easily.

Take this song “Bina badraa ke bijuriyaa kaise chamke”.
It is from Bandhan (1969). Very early in Rajesh’s career.

One could have excused Rajesh if he had come across as somewhat clumsy or wooden. But no, he carries himself off with such aplomb, it is a delight to watch.

It is a rural setting, requiring him to dance together with other villagers. He performs wonderfully and I daresay, is the equal of, if not better than, Dilip Kumar in similar scenes in Naya Daur and Ganga Jamuna. And that, for somebody, so early in his career!

The song itself is a delight, the text being in Brij bhashi (if I am wrong, please correct me!). It is sung by Mukesh. Yes, he has sung a few songs for Rajesh – and almost all of them are memorable. The picturisation of this particular one is really good, with attention to detail.

The movie stars Mumtaz opposite Rajesh. This was their first movie together. Though it did not do particularly well, it just proves that many big things have humble beginnings. Who could then have predicted that this couple would go on to become THE biggest Bollywood hit jodi for the next 5-6 years?

Please listen to and enjoy this song. It has a charm about it that is best seen, rather than described.



Song-Bina badra ke bijuriya kaise chamke (Bandhan) (1969) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Anjaan, MD-Kalyanji Anandji


Naa to aaj barsaat ka mausam
naa kahin chhaayee badariya, haay
phir bhi morey jiyaraa mein chamkey
arrey chham chham koi bijuriyaa

waah, waah, waah!
tohaar jawaab naahin!

bina badra ke bijuriyaa kaise chamkey
bina badra ke bijuriyaa kaise chamkey
O bina badra ke bijuriyaa kaise chamkey
O bina badra ke bijuriyaa kaise chamkey
kaise chamkey koi poochhe re hum se
kaise chamkey koi poochhe re hum se
O bina badra ke bijuriyaa kaise chamkey
O bina badra ke bijuriyaa kaise chamkey

baithey hon jab meethey sapney sajaikey
sapney sajaikey
aisey mein hauley se paas kabhi aaikey
jo bichhwa
jo bichhwa bajaaide gori chhumse kasam se
bina badra ke bijuriyaa kaise chamkey
bina badra ke bijuriyaa kaise chamkey
kaise chamkey koi poochhe re hum se
bina badra ke bijuriyaa aise chamkey
o bina badra ke bijuriyaa kaise chamkey

raahon mein jab gori nainaa milaaike
muskaaye ghoonghtaa mein mukhdaa chhupaaikey
to mar jaayen
to mar jaayen hum to kasam se
kasam se
bina badra ke bijuriyaa aise chamkey
bina badra ke bijuriyaa aise chamkey
kaise chamkey koi poochhe re hum se
bina badra ke bijuriyaa aise chamkey
O bina badra ke bijuriyaa kaise chamkey

chamkey, chamkey
chamkey, bhai, chamkey
arrey chamkey

4 Responses to "Binaa badraa ke bijuriyaa kaise chamke"

Raja – To continue in the same vein as in Memsaab’s last post, language-wise that is :-), thou hast warmed the cockles of my heart with this write-up of thine 🙂

In this song, especially, I am reminded of what Raju Bharatan who wrote on music, said about the Kaka of those years—he was “like a locomotive in full steam”. And you’re right about Mukesh’s songs on Kaka—almost each and every one a gem with those of Anand, Kati Patang and Maryada taking the cake.

I so enjoy these intro pieces of yours and Atul’s because you lived through those heady times of good films and good music. A lot of what I saw on the interwebs on Kaka a couple of years ago had me appalled. He was universally panned by almost everyone in the blogosphere. I mean there was real vitriol out there even on a film like Anand, there were pieces by folks who called Hema Malini and him the dumbest of the successful stars, his famed dialogue delivery was termed as ‘mumbling’ by folks who didn’t speak or understand the language—many such instances. I remember writing a plaintive piece on one of Memsaab’s early reviews decrying this perception about him—I think it was Apna Desh. And I do believe that Greta, singlehandedly almost, made it ok to admit to tolerating Kaka! This really is the genesis of my Rajesh ‘stalking’ on the web, if you will, to try to counter some of what I saw a few years back, and I am really, really happy to read the things you have to say. I am not an apologist of everything he did by any means, especially after 1983, but I don’t think ANYBODY did anything good after the early 80s for a long period of time!

Thanks once again, and Atul, apologies once more for hogging up so much of your comments space.


We all love reading the comments here. In fact, I have said it may a times that it is the readers’ comments that provides the motivation for this blog. So keep the comments coming.

Raja says that women swooned over Raja Rajesh Khanna. His effect on kids was no different.Watching “Hathi Mere Sathi” and “Apna Desh” was the most memorable moments of my tender years in early 1970s. One has never seen a phenomenon like Rajesh Khanna. Even Amitabh Bachchan, who followed Amitabh Bachchan, was not quite the same phenomenon.


@Suhan, thanks for your comment. Like Atul says, it always feels good to see comments, whether positive or negative.

Rajesh gave me so many enjoyable moments in my childhood that he will always have a special place in my heart. After his decline, I was in denial for years!!! I did not dislike Amitabh but I could not bring myself to wholeheartedly accept another person taking Rajesh’s place. Especially considering the bad-mouthing Rajesh was getting at that time when Amitabh was the new superstar. Pity that in shallow Bollywood, one person becomes a superstar only by stepping on another’s name. Not stepping by that person but by all those who make him a superstar. A bit like “The king is dead, long live the king”.

@Atul, there’s a hilarious but unfortunately true typo in your comment. 😉
“Raja says that women swooned over Raja”.
I wish this were true but I can only say : swearing – yes, swooning – no. 😦

At least, not that I am aware of. Hey, that already makes me feel better. 😉


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