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Sansaar ki har shai ka itna hi fasaanaa hai

Posted on: September 5, 2010

Songs play a very important role in the overall experience of a movie goer. Normally it takes a while before the first song kicks in. But there are occasions when the movie begins with a song. Credits are rolling in and a song is playing in the background. As the credit ends, so does the song, and the story begins in the right earnest.

I describe such songs as movie opening songs. A good movie opening song warms the movie watcher towards the movie and prepares himself for what lies ahead in the movie.

There are many great movie opening songs that have been created in Hindi movies and I have posted many such songs in this blog. I notice that Ravi, who to my mind created the most number of iconic songs for all occasions, leads the way in creating memorable movie opening songs too. Just the other day I posted one such song from “Chaudhvin Ka chaand”(Ye Lucknow ki sarzameen ) and long back I had posted the movie opening song of “Aankhen” (1968) (Us mulk ki sarhad ki nigahbaan hain aankhen ).

Here is another fantastic movie opening song created by Ravi, this time for the movie “Dhundh” (1973). Normally one should not make comparisons, and should not jump to conclusions, but one can be pardoned if he/she claims that this has to be one of the most memorable movie opening songs in a Hindi movie. It is in a way a perfect movie opening song. It is a theme song, it is a title song, it is a philosophical song and it sums in, in a nutshell what lies ahead in the movie. One cannot praise the lyrics of Sahir Ludhianvi high enough.

Mahendra Kapoor, who like Sahir Ludhianvi was a regular for Ravi, is the singer.

Here is this wonderful song from “Dhundh” (1973).

Video – Part I (Opeing song)

Video – Part II (Ending song)

Song-Sansaar ki hai shai ka itna hi fasaanaa hai (Dhundh) (1973) Singer-Mahendra Kapoor, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi,MD-Ravi


sansaar ki har shai kaa itnaa hi fasaanaa hai
ek dhundh se aanaa hai ek dhundh mein jaanaa hai

ye raah kahaan se hai ye raah kahaan tak hai
ye raaz koi raahi samjhaa hai na jaanaa hai
sansaar ki har shai kaa itnaa hi fasaanaa hai
ek dhundh se aanaa hai ek dhundh mein jaanaa hai

ek pal ki palak par hai thahri huyi ye duniyaa
ek pal ke jhapakne tak har khel suhaanaa hai
sansaar ki har shai kaa itnaa hi fasaanaa hai
ek dhundh se aanaa hai ek dhundh mein jaanaa hai

kyaa jaane koi kis pal kis mod pe kyaa beete
is raah mein ai raahi har mod bahaanaa hai
sansaar ki har shai kaa itnaa hi fasaanaa hai
ek dhundh se aanaa hai ek dhundh mein jaanaa hai
lalalalalalala lalalalala

10 Responses to "Sansaar ki har shai ka itna hi fasaanaa hai"

This is one of those films that I have not seen and it nags at me.

Truly, this is a marvelous “hook” of an opening song. I just love the Ravi/Mahendra Kapoor combo.


This movie is remembered for Danny’s role. I have not watched the movie, but I have read rave reviews about Danny’s performance in this movie.


I remember this movie as an excellent thriller.


Thanks Atul, that was quick 🙂

This is definitely a “hatke movie” Danny and Zeenat Aman in non-typical roles.


I was under the impression that I had posted this song in the past itself.


Nice nice. I’ll keep an eye out for this movie.


Finally this request showed up after approx 10 months … 🙂

Like someone already posted, it’s crime-suspense movie. I have seen this movie and compare to quality of songs (Sahir never faield to impress me), movie may disappoint one.

Best is “Uljhan suljhe na rasta sojhe naa” (already posted).


Here is wishing all associated with this blog a very very happy and prosperous, peaceful and healthy 2014…!!!

Enjoy this part -II lyrics of this evergreen all time philosophical from Sahir Saab ( from 2:59 to 3:56 in the given YT link);

Ham log khilone hain
Ek aise khilaadi ke
Ham log khilone hain
Ek aise khilaadi ke
Jisko abhi sadiyon tak
Ye khel rachaana hain
Sansaar ki hair sahi ka
Itna hi fasaanaa hain
Ek dhundh se aanaa hai
Ek dhundh mein jaanaa hai
lalalalalalala lalalalala

Sansaar hi har shai ka…. (Part-II) (2:59 to 3:56 )


I badly need to get the english translation for this song


This movie is based on Agatha Christie’s play “Unexpected Guest” which ran for several months on London.


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