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Tera khilaunaa tootaa baalak

Posted on: September 6, 2010

I have been posting songs from “Anmol Ghadi”(1946) these days. This movie was a monster hit during its time and its songs are popular even today. In this movie, most of the songs were sung by Noorjehaan, Suraiyya and Surendra (the three leading actors in the movie), but there were also songs sung by other singers viz Shamshad Begam and Zohrabai Ambalewaali.

Those were the days when the present day legends viz Rafi, Lata etc were struggling to make their mark as playback singers. Naushad, who had given Rafi a break as a chorus singer in a song in Shahjahaan (Mere sapnon ki raani(Shahjahan)), gave Rafi a full song in “Anmol Ghadi” (1946). This song “tera khilaunaa toota baalak” became a reasonably popular song.

This Rafi song is the song under discussion in this post. This song is picturised with the young Surendra (any idea who played the young Surendra) finding his toy broken, and a toy seller then comes along, selling toys while singing this song, and a group of young eager kids follow him wherever he goes.

I am aware that Chanajor sellers and ice cream sellers used to sell their wares that way in real life as well as in Hindi movies, but I must say that I have never seen a toy maker selling toys this way. I recall in my childhood that venders selling moongfali (peanut) would come along singing a song “chanaajor garam”. At that time I was not aware that he was singing an old movie song(Chane jor garam babu (Bandhan)(1938) ).

Here is this toy vendor’s song from “Anmol Ghadi”(1946). One can notice that Rafi’s voice is subdued in this song, singing in low notes,keeping in line with the then singing style in Hindi movies that was prevalent those days. Later on, as he came into his own, he would be able to open up to his heart’s content.

Any idea who is the toy vendor on whom this song is picturised ?

Tanveer Naqvi is the lyricist and Naushad is the music director.



Song-Tera khilauna tootaa baalak (Anmol Ghadi) (1946) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Tanveer Naqvi, MD-Naushad


teraa khilaunaa tootaa baalak
teraa khilaunaa tootaa
teraa khilaunaa tootaa baalak
teraa khilaunaa tootaa
hai qismat ne loota tujhko
hai qismat ne loota
teraa khilaunaa tootaa

gagan pe baithaa khel niraale
khele khelanhaar
dekho logon kathputli kaa
naatak hai sansaar
ham tum hain sab khel khilaune
meethe kadwe aur salone
khelo bachchon le lo bachchon
do kaudi mein biktaa hai insaan
le lo bholaa saa bhagwaan
le lo bhookhaa Hindustaan
le lo ye Made in Japan
ye hai Lallu ye hai Gyaan
ye hai Kalluu ye hai Praan
tu kyun rotaa Chandarbhaan
maa ne peetaa meri jaan
na ho ro ro ke halkaan
tu hai Bhaarat ki santaan
le le tu ye teer kamaan
mere pyaare pahalwaan
bachaale apne ghar ki shaan
pi le beedi khaa le paan
mere khilaune do do aane
khelo bachchon le lo bachchon
laayaa hoon main kaagaz kaa gulbootaa
teraa khilaunaa tootaa

teraa khilaunaa tootaa baalak
teraa khilaunaa tootaa
hai qismat ne loota tujhko
hai qismat ne loota
teraa khilaunaa tootaa
gagan pe baithaaa khel niraale
khele khelanhaar
dekho logon kathputli kaa
naatak hai sansaar

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