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Aaj hai do october ka din

Posted on: October 2, 2010

Today is second october, which is an important day in India. It was on this day that Mahatma Gandhi, regarded as father of the nation, was born in 1869. Another important leader, Lal Bahadur Shashtri, was also born on the same day in 1904.

India has three national holidays. One is 15th august, when India became an independent nation. Another is 26th January, when Indians became a democratic republic. Second october is the third national holiday, aprat from the independence day and the republic day.

We have several songs in Hindi movies which are appropriate for independence day and republic day. On the other hand, there are very few songs devoted to Mahatma Gandhi and to Lal Bahadur Shashtri. There is one song about Mahatma Gandhi in “Jaagriti” (1954) ( De di hamen aazaadi bina khadg bina dhaal(Jaagriti)(1954) )which I have posted two years ago. Then there are a few songs , mostly in Manoj Kumar’s patriotic movies, where Mahatma Gandhi and lal Bahadur Shashtri find mention in passing.

There is one song, though, which talk of this date viz. 2nd october. This song “Aaj hai do october ka din” is from a forgotten movie called “Parivaar” (1967). This movie had Jeetendra and Nanda in lead roles. In this movie, Nanda’s daughter shares her bithday with Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shashtri. This song is about this date. Nanda sings this song to mark the occasion and in this song she talks of the significance of this date and hopes that her daughter would try to emulate the great leaders whose birthday she shares, or at least she would try to follow the path shown by these great leaders.

Here is this less known song from a less known movie. It is sung by Lata. Gulshan Baawraa is the lyricist and Kalyanji Anandji composed the music.



song-Aaj hai do october ka din (Parivaar) (1967) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Gulshan Baawraa, MD-Kalyanji Anandji


aaj hai do october ka din
aaj kaa din hai badaa mahaan
aaj ke din do phool khile hain
jinse mehka Hindustaan

naam ek ka Bapu Gandhi
aur ek Lal Bahadur hai
ek ka naaraa aman
ek ka
jai jawaan jai kisaan
jai jawaan jai kisaan
jai jawaan jai kisaan

Bapu jisne maanawtaa ka
duniya ko sandesh diyaa
baagdor Bharat ki sambhaalo
Nehru ko aadesh diyaa
Lal Bahadur
jisne hamko garv se jeenaa sikhlaayaa
sach poochho to Geeta ka
adhyaay usi ne dohraayaa
Jai jawaan jai kisaan
Jai jawaan jai kisaan
vishwa shaanti ke hit mein dekho
in veeron ne diye hain praan
ek ka naaraa aman
ek ka
jai jawaan jai kisaan
jai jawaan jai kisaan
jai jawaan jai kisaan

meri nanhi do october
ke shubh din hi tum janmaa
meri yahi duaayen hai ki
un jaisa hi tu banana
aur jo un jaisa na ban paaye
to phir itna karnaa
kam se kam unke batlaaye raste par hi tu chalnaa
jai jawaan jai kisaan
jai jawaan jai kisaan
jin pe duniya naaz karegi
tu hai un veeron ki shaan
ek ka naaraa aman
ek ka
jai jawaan jai kisaan
jai jawaan jai kisaan
jai jawaan jai kisaan
aaj hai do october ka din
aaj kaa din hai badaa mahaan
aaj ke din do phool khile hain
jinse mehka Hindustaan
jai jawaan jai kisaan
jai jawaan jai kisaan
jai jawaan jai kisaan
jai jawaan jai kisaan

6 Responses to "Aaj hai do october ka din"

Good song for the occasion but this movie, Parivar, was a preachy movie that irritated me quite a bit when I saw it a couple of years ago.”

I don’t remember too much of the movie anymore but I don’t think this is Nanda’s daughter. Maybe her friend’s daughter.


this was quite a popular song on the radio for many years how come Atul has always missed such iconic songs


Where can I get a copy of Magroor(1950) ?
will appreciate your help.


Arun Gupta


One famous Gandhi song is of course a non filmi one which brought great fame to Mohd. Rafi – suno suno aye duniya walo bapu ki yeh amar kahani. I believe it was written, composed and recorded overnight after Gandhiji’s assassination and was hugely popular in the entire nation.


That ‘Jai Jawaan – Jai Kisaan’ in this song reminded me that I have heard it earlier, may be on radio or elsewhere.
Thanks Atul ji for the post !!


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