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Kisi se meri preet lagi ab kyaa karoon

Posted on: October 3, 2010

The golden era of Hindi movie music began in late 1940s and lasted till late 1970s. There are very few music directors who were around when the golden era began and who lasted almost the entire period of this golden era. The one music director who was around for almost the entire duration and whose was S D Burman.

S D Burman made his debut in 1946 and his last movie was released in 1976. During this period, he worked in 90 movies and composed music for just over 650 songs. In this blog, I have posted songs from as many as 63 of these movies. It is a matter of time before songs of all the movies of S D Burman will be represented in this blog.

And it is also a matter of great pride for this blog that this blog has covered nearly 30 % of all the songs that S D Burman composed in Hindi movies. In fact, I just realised that I had posted 199 songs composed by S D Burman in this blog till now.

In 1946, his first two movies as music director were released. They were “Shikari” (1946) and “Aath Din” (1946). Both these movies were made under Filmistan banner and Shashdhar Mukherji,the co owner of Filmistan had signed up S D Burman to compose music for these two movies.

Here is a song from “Aath Din” (1946). This song is sung by Meena Kapoor. The song is written by Gopal Singh Nepali who a leading Hindi poet at that time and he in fact was one of the first people from Hindi literature background to try his hand in Hindi movies. When I was a school kid in 1970s, Gopal Singh Nepali’s poetry was a part of my Hindi text book. That is how highly he was regarded in Hindi literary circles.

It is nice to listen to a song that uses simple Hindi words and eschews the use of heavy duty words.

This song is a delight to listen to. Only audio of this song is available, and that is enough for us to savour the magic of S D Burman’s music from one of his earlier compositions.

So here is S D Burman’s 200th song in this blog. With another 450 odd songs to go,It is just a matter of time when hopefully we will have almost all his Hindi movie compositions in this blog.

song-Kisi se meri preet lagi ab kyaa karoon (Aath Din) (1946) Singer-Meena Kapoor, Lyrics-Gopal Singh Nepali, MD-S D Burman


kisi se meri preet lagi ab kyaa karoon
kisi se meri preet lagi ab kyaa karoon
ab kyaa karoon re ab kyaa karoon
kisi se meri preet lagi ab kyaa karoon

paas-pados mein
paas-pados mein baajaa baje re
dulhaa ke sang nayi dulhan saje re
main to badi-badi
main to badi-badi aankhon waali dekhaa karoon
kisi se meri preet lagi ab kyaa karoon
ab kyaa karoon re ab kyaa karoon
kisi se meri preet lagi ab kyaa karoon

kisi se meri preet lagi ab kyaa karoon
solah baras ki main to
khushboo hoon khas ki main to
baanki-matwaali main to
pyaali hoon ras ki

chadhti umar nahin baat mere bas ki
jawaani mere bas ki
nahin jee mere bas ki
haay more raamaa
akeli yahaan padi-padi aahen bharoon
kisi se meri preet lagi ab kyaa karoon
ab kyaa karoon re ab kyaa karoon
kisi se meri preet lagi ab kyaa karoon

ab na rukoongi kisi ke roke
peehar chaloongi main piyaa ki ho ke
doliyaa hile-dole
doliyaa hile-dole main to baithi rahoon
kisi se meri preet lagi ab kyaa karoon
ab kyaa karoon re ab kyaa karoon
kisi se meri preet lagi ab kyaa karoon

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