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Jeene waale jhoom ke mastaanaa hoke jee

Posted on: October 7, 2010

In Hindi movies, including its songs, we tend to typecast people and expect only certain kinds of songs from certain musicians and not other kinds.

For example, when it comes to say cabaret songs, one expects that the cabarat would be performed by Helen and the song would be sung by Asha Bhonsle, with music by R D Burman/Laxmikant Pyarelal, and its lyrics to be written by Anand Bakshi. You do not expect such a cabaret song to be sung by Lata and composed by Chitragupta, and you do not expect this cabaret song to be written by Sahir Ludhianvi. But this song is precisely like that.

Here is a cabarat song from a B grade movie called “Vaasnaa” (1968). The cabarat is indeed performed by Helen as one would expect. But the song is sung by Lata. The music is composed by Chitragupta who is more associated with more conservative kind of music. This cabarat song is written by Sahir Ludhianvi, and the words are indeed quite poetic. He proves that even a cabarat song can be sheer poetry.

Here is this “Helen” song from ‘Vaasnaa” (1968). This is a rare song, and I am sure not too many people may have heard this song.



song-Jeene waale jhoom ke mastaanaa hoke jee (Vaasnaa) (1968) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi, MD-Chitragupta


jeene waale jhoom ke mastaanaa hoke jee
aane waali subah se begaanaa hoke jee
jeene waale jhoom ke mastaanaa hoke jee
aane waali subah se begaanaa hoke jee

achcha buraa kyaa hai jaane bhi de
nit nayaa jaadoo chhaane bhi de
jaake ye jawaani aani nahin
dilon ko muraaden paane bhi de
aaa haa haa haa
aaa haa haa haa haa
shokhi bhare husn ka nazraanaa hoke jee
aane waali subah se begaanaa hoke jee
jeene waale jhoom ke mastaanaa hoke jee
aane waali subah se begaanaa hoke jee

jeene ka mazaa le
martaa hai kyun
thandi thandi aahen bhartaa hai kyun
logon ki nigaahen kuchh bhi kahen
kiye jaa khataayen
dartaa hai kyun
aa haa haa haa
o ho ho ho
chhoome jise honth wo paimaana hoke jee
aane waali subah se begaanaa hoke jee
jeene waale jhoom ke mastaanaa hoke jee
aane waali subah se begaanaa hoke jee

7 Responses to "Jeene waale jhoom ke mastaanaa hoke jee"

Lyrics of third stanza

Ginee chunee saansen laaya hai tu
Jaane ko jahaan me aaya hai tu
Dono ke liye hain gintee ke din
Main hoon parchhaayee saaya hai tu
Oo ho ho ho ho
aaa haa haa haa haa
Kare jise yaad wo afsaana ho ke jee
Aane waali subah se begaana ho ke jee


Video link covering all stanzas


Anekant ji,

The link you have provided, does not have the third stanza whose lyrics you have given in the comment above.

Please check and share the correct link.



Sorry Sir, its my mistake that I have just paste the link without verifying it and unable to locate the video link for all the three stanzas. Meanwhile full audio is available at here


Plz correct the word “waale”
aane waali subah se


Thanks, correction is made.



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