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Phir wahi chaand wahi ham wahi tanhaayi hai

Posted on: October 7, 2010

One of the category of songs that are found quite commonly in Hindi movies is what I call “Chhaayaageet” songs. These are romantic songs where words like “chaand”, “raat etc. are used quite generously. The best time to listen to such songs are at late night when the world in asleep and one can see the moom in the sky in its full glory.

Here is a quintessential “chhaayaageet” song from “Baarish” (1957). This song is a duet which is sung by Lata and C Ramchandra and it is picturised on Nutan and Dev Anand. Rajinder Krishan is the lyricist.

This is a lovely song to listen to. Personally I heard this song for the first time just now, and I loved the song.

This song is the 100th song of C Ramchandra as a music director in this blog. C Ramchandra is one of the pioneers of Hindi movie music and I am pleased to present the 100th C Ramchandra song of this blog to my readers.



Song-Phir wahi chaand wahi ham wahi tanhaayi hai (Baarish) (1957) Singers-Lata, C Ramchandra, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-C Ramchandra


phir wahi chaand wahi ham wahi tanhaayi hai
aaj phir dil ne mohabbat ki qasam khaayi hai
phir wahi chaand wahi ham wahi tanhaayi hai
aaj phir dil ne muhabbat ki qasam khaayi hai
phir wahi chaand

door duniyaa se kahin
bheegi huyi raaton mein
do muhabbat bhare dil
gum hain haseen baaton mein
do mohabbat bhare dil
gum hain haseen baaton mein
dil mein jo baat hai
aankhon mein chali aayi hai
aaj phir dil ne muhabbat ki qasam khaayi hai
phir wahi chaand

ye samundar kaa kinaaraa,
aaa aaa
hai ye khaamoshi kaa samaa
aaa aaa
ye samundar kaa kinaaraa,
hai ye khaamoshi kaa samaa
ye ik khwaab muhabbat kaa
ik khwaab mohabbat kaa
hai is waqt jawaan
na koyi dar hai zamaane kaa na ruswaayi hai
aaj phir dil ne mohabbat ki qasam khaayi hai
phir wahi chaand wahi ham wahi tanhaayi hai
aaj phir dil ne muhabbat ki qasam khaayi hai
phir wahi chaand

7 Responses to "Phir wahi chaand wahi ham wahi tanhaayi hai"

When I saw the title of the song, I said to myself, Atul made a mistake, this song is not from Baarish with Dev Anand and Nutan; this is from the hapless (Mala Sinha at her worst) Jahan Ara.
Phir wohi shaam wohi gham wohi tanhaayi hai

Posted by: squarecutatul on: March 23, 2009

Madan Mohan had the misfortune of composing songs for movies that often failed at the box office.

Even by that standard, “Jahaan Ara” took the cake, This movie, full of great Madan Mohan compositions, failed so spectacularly at the box office that the movie had to be withdrawn from movie halls on the same day when it was released. That is how disasterously this movie fared at the box office.
I had the misfortune to see this movie on a VHS rental. While I didn’t know it then, I am glad to know that the Bombay movie connoisseurs (sp?) were of such sophistication that they got rid of the movie in such a hurry.

Curiously, it is the same songwriter – Rajinder Kishan. I can understand if the Baarish came later than Jahan Ara, and RK wanted to redeem his song which didn’t get much play, with the film having failed so miserably. But that is not the case. Baarish-1957 already popularized “phir wohi shaam, wohi ham, wohi tanhaayee”; then why repeat it in Jahan Ara-1964, recast as “phir wohi shaam, wohi gham, wohi tanhaayee”!

One never knows! One would certainly like to be informed!


I also felt the same thing that the lyrics are eerily similar to that other song.


@Though Jahan Ara sank, its Phir wohi shaam, wohi gham wohi tanhayee hai by Talat Mahmood was much more famous. In fact all the songs of Jahan Ara achieved great acclaim regardless of the failure of the movie. Another interesting aside is Madan Mohan’s well-known copying of Sajjad Husain’s tune Ye hawa ye raat ye chandni by Talat in Sangdil for his Rafi’s Tujhe kya sunaaun main dilruba in Aakhri Daao.


By the way, the lyrics of this song perfectly fit into the tune of ‘ Phir wohi sham, wohi gham wohi tanhayee hai’ 🙂





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