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Jinhe naaz hai Hind par wo kahaan hain

Posted on: October 16, 2010

There were some movies, especially those made in late 1950s by Guru Dutt that took melancholy to new heights (Depths ?). The Hero, always played by Guru Dutt, would remain gloomy and morose and he would make those around him gloomy and morose too. At least that is the general impression I get whenever I hear the name Guru Dutt. And in his case, life imitated art. He as well as his wife Geeta Dutt let miserable lives in their last few years.

Ironically, Guru Dutt had started his acting career playing cheerful roles. I have no idea how and when and why he decided to turn to tragedy roles in his subsequent movies.

Here is a melancholic song par excellence from “Pyaasaa” (1957). This song is sung by Rafi. It is picturised on Guru Dutt, but it is not lip synced by him. Rather, this song gets played in the background while Guru Dutt walked around Lucknow and the picturisation shows us one depressing scene after another.

The song is written by Sahir Ludhianvi and music is composed by S D Burman.

This was the last movie where Sahir Ludhainvi and S D Burman worked together. Sahir Ludhainvi claimed in media and parties that it was his lyrics that made S D Burman what he was. He also began demanding more remuneration than the music director. S D Burman, as well as many leading music director (O P Nayyar, for example) stopped working with Sahir Ludhianvi from that time onwards.

From that time onwards, Sahir Ludhianvi worked with music directors who did not mind getting paid one rupee less than Sahir Ludhainvi. So in future, Sahir Ludhianvi would mainly work with Roshan, Ravi, Khayyam, N Datta and other middle of the road music directors or lesser music directors.



Song-Jinhen naaz hai Hind par wo kahaan hain (Pyaasa) (1957) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi, MD-S D Burman


hmm hmm hmm
Ye kooche ye neelaam ghar dilkashi ke
ye kooche ye neelaam ghar dilkashi ke
ye lutate huye caaravan zindagi ke
kahaan hain, kahan hain, muhafiz khudi ke
jinhe naaz hai Hind par wo kahaan hai
kahaan hain, kahaan hain, kahaan hain

ye purpech galiyaan,
ye badnaam bazaar
ye gumnaam raahi,
ye sikkon ki jhankaar
ye ismat ke saude,
ye saanson ke taqraar
jinhe naaz hai Hind par wo kahaan hai
kahaan hain, kahaan hain, kahaan hain

ye sadiyon se be-khauf sehmi si galiyaan
ye maslee huyi adh-khilee zard kaliyaan
ye bikti huyi khokhli rang-raliyaan
jinhen naaz hai Hind par wo kahaan hain
kahaan hain, kahaan hain, kahaan hain

wo ujle dareechon mein paayal ki chhan chhan
thaki haari saanson pe table ki dhandhan
wo ujle dareechon mein paayal ki chhan chhan
thaki haari saanson pe table ki dhandhan
ye berooh kamron me khaansi ki than-than
jinhe naaz hai Hind par wo kahaan hai
kahaan hain, kahaan hain, kahaan hain

ye phoolon ke gajre, ye peekon ke chheente
ye bebaak nazren, ye gustaakh fiqre
ye dhalke badan aur ye beemar chehre
jinhen naaz hai Hind par wo kahaan hai
kahaan hain, kahaan hain, kahaan hain

yahaan peer bhi aa chuke hain jawaan bhi
tanomand bete bhi, ha ha
abbaa miyaan bhi
ye biwi bhi hai
ye biwi bhi hai aur behan bhi hai maan bhi
jinhe naaz hai Hind par wo kahaan hain
kahaan hain, kahaan hain, kahaan hain

madad chaahti hai ye Hawwa ki beti
Yashoda ki ham-jins, Radha ki beti
madad chaahti hai ye Hawwa ki beti
Yashoda ki ham-jins, Radha ki beti
Payambar ki ummat Jule Khan ki beti
jinhe naaz hai Hind par wo kahaan hain
kahaan hain, kahaan hain, kahaan hain

zaraa mulk ke rahbaron ko bulaao
ye kooche ye galiyaan ye manzhar dikhaao
jinhe naaz hai Hind par unko laao
jinhe naaz hai Hind par wo kahaan hai
kahaan hain, kahaan hain, kahaan hain

17 Responses to "Jinhe naaz hai Hind par wo kahaan hain"

Cannot believe you did not have this song on your blog already. One of my favorite movies of all time. Hard to song pick on as the favorite from this movie they are all gems. This is one which can be used to illustrate the mastery of Rafi over his voice, and what voice!!! A true gift. It totally carries the song on its own


You can say that about lots of popular songs. 😀

There are many great songs that are not yet available in this blog, but hopefully I will be able to cover all of them in future.


I watched the movie about five years back and it was so depressing I had to fast forward through most of it! Even watching this song, beautiful though it may be, is enough to depress a person, and I am still wondering why I put myself through this punishment today! Guru Dutt is indeed to be pitied, because I cannot imagine the mental state of a man who made such depressing movies.

I salute all those who can watch this song and admire it without getting depressed!


Those were the days when some people enjoyed being depressed, I guess.


A famous composition for the 1953 Dev Anand, Usha Kiran starrer, ‘Patita’, says –
“Hain sab se madhur woh geet jinhe hum dard ke sur mein gaate hain . . .”
echoing the famous poem by Percy Shelley,
“Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thoughts. . .”

To say that Guru Dutt is to be pitied, and those were the days when people enjoyed being depressed would be a strong injustice.

Happiness and sadness are equal realities of life; sadness more so as all life culminates in departure, and departure is always sad. It takes a stronger and a weather beaten heart to create a sweet melody from the decayed flowers of loss and sadness.

Guru Dutt’s private life may well have been a mess, wrought with his bonds to his wife Geeta Dutt and fancy for Waheeda Rehman, his discovery and a lead in almost all his later movies.

Yet his melancholy creations are critically acclaimed as masterpieces, in comparison to his other movies which include thrillers, comedies and light social dramas.

And come to think of it, it is these melancholy creations of his that hold a mirror to the contemporary social realities.


Those were the days of depression with songs like
‘mene chaand aur sitaaron ki tamanna ki thhi;
mujh ko raato ki siyaahi ke siwa kuch na mila” and

tera jaana;
dil ke armaano ka lut jaana .. etc

but gladly this gloom has given way to songs like

honge kaamyaab, honge kaamyaab, ham honge kaamyaab ek din
ho ho mann mai hai vishwaas, pura hai vishwaas
ham honge kaamyaab ek din………


Depressing it may be, but an absolute masterpiece it is.
One of the greatest songs ever – especially due to the lyrics.
One of Sahir’s best, if not his best for Hindi cinema.

Rafi saab’s voice is also divine – as usual.


As an aside, I must add this trivia about the song. A recent movie, Gulaal, has a song, “Duniya”, which is modelled on this song. “Duniya” song is good, and so is the movie directed by Anurag Kashyap. A pity it vanished in just a few days from the theaters.


I had seen this movie on doordarshan. It left its lasting impact on my thinking process. I had heard this particular song was banned by the then Govt. Even in the telecast it was not shown.

It is hard hitting and very direct against the establishment. “Pyaasa” is arguably the best Hindi Film.


I take issue with two comments here.

One is Lalitha’s, that the movie is very depressing, and watching it was a punishment. While I realize that people’s tastes are different, and different people react to the same thing in different ways, I still feel that this is perhaps Guru Dutt’s best movie, and would be placed in anybody’s collection of the top (pick a number; 25, 50, 100) Hindi movies; with the exception of Lalitha’s list!

But – pasand apnee apneee; khayaal apnaa apnaa!

and Atul’s comment that Sahir Ludhianvi worked after his split with Burman, with middle of the road, or lesser music directors. The 50’s and 60’s (that’s the time I remember most, having “been there”) produced such great music (both in Hindi, and my own mother tongue, Telugu) and many an otherwise B- and C- class film was carried by the music. Roshan and Ravi had great offerings.

I just looked up Filmfare awards. I couldn’t believe that Ravi (for Gharana) beat out Naushad (Ganga-Jamuna) and Shankar-Jaikishan (Jis Desh Men Ganga Behti Hai) in 1962, and again in 1966 (for Khandaan), beating Kalyanji-Anandji and Sjankar-Jaikishan. I demand a recount!

similarly, Roshan in 1964 (for Taj Mahal) beat Naushad (Mere Mehboob) and SJ (Dil Ek Mandir). Taj Mahal (Pradeep Kumar and Bina Rai) had wonderful songs, so this can be accepted.

and Khayyam won in 1977 and 1982. By that time I migrated and don’t have a good sense of the movies of that time.

I concede that the examples given don’t completely negate Atul’s contention, but I put forth the argument, FWIW.


Second last stanza , correction:

” Payambar ki ummat Jule Khan ki beti ”

it should be :

” Payambar ki ummat Zulekha ki beti “


More corrections in lyrics :

ye ismat ke saude,
ye ” saudon pe takraar”

ye sadiyon se ” be-khwaab ” sehmi si galiyaan
ye maslee huyi adh-khilee zard kaliyaan




audio 2


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