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Kal raat zindagi se mulaaqaat ho gayi

Posted on: November 1, 2010

There are songs that are best enjoyed as part of the movie, and then there are songs that are best enjoyed in isolation. Here is a song that falls in the later category, viz this song is best enjoyed as a stand alone song. This song is from a movie called “Paalki” (1967) and this story was as retrograde and illogical as any that Hindi movies can subject their followers to.

The picturised version, depicting Rajendra Kumar and Waheeda Rehman is incomplete. I have also provided the complete audio version of this song.

Listtening to the audio of the song in isolation of the movie is a divine experience. and that is how this song has been enjoyed by most listeners all these decades. Rafi’s voice, Shakeel Badayuni’s lyrics and Naushad’s music are all wonderful and together they have come up with this gem of a song.

Audio (Complete)

Video (Partial)

Song-Kal raat zindagi se mulaaqat ho gayi (Paalki) (1967) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-Naushad


kal raat zindagi se mulaaqaat ho gayi
kal raat zindagi se mulaaqaat ho gayi
lab thartharaa rahe thhey magar baat ho gayi
kal raat zindagi se mulaaqaat ho gayi

ek husn saamne thaa qayaamat ke roop mein
ek khwaab jalwaagar thaa haqeeqat ke roop mein
cheharaa wahi gulaab ki rangat liye huye
nazren wahi payaam-e-muhabbat liye huye
zulfen wahi ki jaise dhundhalkaa ho shaam kaa
aankhen wahi jin aankhon pe dhokhaa ho jaam kaa
kuchh der ko tasalli-e-jazbaat ho gayi
lab thartharaa rahe thhey magar baat ho gayi
kal raat zindagi se mulaaqaat ho gayi

dekhaa usse to daaman-e-rukhsaar nam bhi thaa
wallaah uske dil ko kuchh ehsaas-e-gham bhi thaa
thhey uski hasraton ke khazaane lute huye
lab par tadap rahe the fasaane ghute huye
kaante chubhe huye the sisakti umang mein
doobi huyi thi phir bhi wo wafaaon ke rang mein
dam bhar ko khatm gardish-e-haalaat ho gayi
lab thartharaa rahe thhey magar baat ho gayi
kal raat zindagi se mulaaqaat ho gayi

ae meri rooh-e-ishq meri jaan-e-shaayari
dil maantaa nahin ki tuu mujhase bichhad gayi
maayoosiyaan hain phir bhi mere dil ko aas hai
mahsoos ho rahaa hai ke tu mere paas hai
samjhaaun kis tarah se dil-e-beqaraar ko
waapas kahaan se laaun main guzri bahaar ko
majboor dil ke saath badi ghaat ho gayi
lab thartharaa rahe thhey magar baat ho gayi
kal raat zindagi se mulaaqaat ho gayi

5 Responses to "Kal raat zindagi se mulaaqaat ho gayi"

Surprising that there are no comments for this wonderful song. Reminds me of the songs of the movie Mere Mehboob. Should listen to the other songs from this movie.


The song is easy to like, not that simple to remember with 7 line antaras/stanzas. Similar is the case of , which is better known and a hit song. Even there you seem to be the only one to comment. Do keep commenting and reminding us of such gems already posted.


nahm ji, what a coincidence.. I was listening to the Ram Aur Shyam song around 30 mins back, and now I see your comment :). I think the thanks is due to 2 parallel projects.. YIPPEEEE! and compilation of Binaca Geetmala Annual Lists.. they give me a chance to revisit such gems of the past :).

nahm ji, on a side note, I have been wanting to ask you… in one of your future series, could you do a one on “Versatile Rafi Saab”, and give us songs of Rafi saab in various categories? Just thinking aloud :).


I thought the A-Z series on Rafi sahab was about versatility under the cover of alphabets. I really tried to get all type ‘s of songs , genre of songs, various MD’s and various actors.

See this in case you have missed it :

Still I was thinking of doing a series on Rafi Sahab’s 50’s songs. If I could compile a list of 50’s only songs ,, along the lines of Sudhir Sir, series, it would be a start. The idea was there in the mind, let us see when it happens.


Oh yes, that reminds me… I need to complete your A-Z series. I was regularly following it till J i guess. I have asked Atul ji if we could have a page on the blog just dedicated to these series, it would be easier to access them :). Rafi saab in the 50s would be nice. Look forward to the series :).


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