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Tumse hai pyaar mujhe

Posted on: December 4, 2010

In Hindi movies, lyrics tended to be laden with Urdu words mainly because the major lyricists of that time were more comfortable with Urdu words than Sanskrit origin Hindi words. The plea was that simple words were needed for the movies. Ironically, the words used in Hindi movie songs were not really common man’s words for those whose mother tongue was Hindi. So Hindi speakers had difficulty understanding many words in Hindi movies.

This song is a very nice example of the kind of words that Hindi movies popularised in romantic songs. In this song, Karan Dewan , who is in love with Sandhya, is writing a love letter to her. He thinks of words that come naturally to him as a Hindi speaker, but he discards them in favour of more Filmy sounding words, even if they do not come to him as naturally. Thus, he replaces the word “Prem” with “Pyaar”,”Vishwaas” with “aitbaar”,”rawiwaar” with “itwaar”, “udgaar” with “armaan” etc in his love letter.

Personally, I think that the Sanskrit origin words like “prem”, “vishwaas”, “udgaar” are far more expressive and classy than the words that gained currency in Hindi movies. And those who studied Hindi are more familiar with these words than the words that replaced them in Hindi movie songs.And more is the pity, in my humble opinion. But then it is life. Even in other fields, we find classy products getting outsold by lesser products, for example PCs outselling Apple computers, to take one common example.

Coming to the song, the song is sung by Talat Mehmood and it is picturised on Karan Dewan. P L Santoshi is the lyricist. Music is composed by Shivramkrishna



Song-Tumse hai pyaar mujhe (Teen Batti Chaar Raastaa) (1953) Singer-Talat Mehmood,Lyrics-P L Santoshi, MD-Shivramkrishna


preet? pyaar?
haan, pyaar
tum se hai pyaar mujhe
tum se hai pyaar

tum se hai pyaar mujhe
tum se hai pyaar
tum se hai pyaar mujhe
tum se hai pyaar
ham jaante hain pyaar mein
hota nahin vishwaas
vishwaas? un-hunh
ham jaanate hain pyaar me
hota nahin aitbaar
tum se hai pyaar mujhe
tum se hai pyaar

aaj hai raviwaar
itwaar gayaa,
somwaar gayaa,
mangal gayaa,
budhwaar gayaa
beet gaye din chaar
ho na sake deedaar
ye to bata do mere sar ki kasam
kya tum bhi ho bechain
kya tum bhi ho beqaraar,
tum se hai pyaar mujhe
tum se hai pyaar
tum se hai pyaar mujhe
tum se hai pyaar

ham na thakenge likhte likhte
tum thak jaao padhte padhte
chhupe huye hain mere kalam me in
sau-sau bol muhabbat ke
aur dil mein hai udgaar
udgaar? nahin
aur dil mein hai armaan hazaar,
armaan hazaar
tum se hai pyaar mujhe
tum se hai pyaar
tum se hai pyaar mujhe
tum se hai pyaar

6 Responses to "Tumse hai pyaar mujhe"

Great find Atul! Quite educational really.


I remember this movie and like almost all of V. Shataram’s movies this one was with a social message – character over physical beauty. The heroine was Sandhya, also seen famously in Navrang.
Checking the imdb website(, I see that the actor is Karan Dewan. imdb is a movie industry database and I find it s good resource for all things related to movies – Hindi or English.

As for use of Urdu, actually in pre-independance days, in many states including UP, urdu was taught in schools and if my grandfather is to go by, Hindi actually played second fiddle to Urdu. The folks were more used to Urdu words than we are as spoken language in India has steadily seen more “Hindiazation”. Urdu poetry was very much mainstream and well understood and the poets were stars, at least among literate population!!


That is my impression too Arjita (re: your 2nd para). This is my
impression of places like Punjab, UP and Rajasthan.
My mother’s family lived in Lucknow when she was very young. Her older siblings speak urdu rather well.


By the way, while Urdu poetry took center stage in Hindi movies often, it was Pt. Narendra Sharma who made Hindi lovers proud with his Jyoti Kalash Chhalke.

By the way I was reading two of your posts simutaneously. This and Aadhi raat ko khanak gayaa mera kangnaa.

For some reason thought you were needing actors identified in this post 🙂


Pt Narendra Sharma, Pradeep, Bharat Vyas etc upheld the banner of Hindi in Hindi movies those days


Besides the lyricists mentioned above, contribution made by ,, Bharat Vyas,Indivar and Shailendra can not be given amiss. Surprise of surprises, Sahir though a very rebound Urdu poet, has written some pure Hindi songs viz, Tora man darpan kahlaye, Man re tu kahe na dheer dhare and many more.


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