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Aaj ronaa padaa to samjhe

Posted on: January 24, 2011

“Girl friend” (1960), not to be confused with “Boyfriend” (1961) was a movie starring Kishore Kumar, Waheeda Rehman, Daisy Irani, Nazir Hussain, Bipin Gupta, Leela Mishra etc.

This movie “Girl friend” (1960) is all but forgotten today, along with its music, which is a pity, because this movie has some stunning songs in it. I have already posted one such song viz Kashti kaa khaamosh safar in this blog.

Here is another less known, but fantastic song from “Girl Friend” (1960). This song is sung by Kishore Kumar and it is natural to assume that the song was picturised on hmself in the movie.

Sahir Ludhianvi has written this song and music is composed by Hemant Kumar.

This is the 100th song of Hemant Kumar as a music director in this blog. And I feel privileged that this blog now has as many as 100 Hemant Kumar compositions in it. With this Hemant Kumar joins a growing lists of artists who have completed their centuries in this blog.

With this song, the blog now has 30 artists (9 singers, 8 lyricists and 13 music directors) who have completed their centuries in this blog. There are still many more artists who will also reach their individual centuries in this blog in due course.

This figure of 30 and growing gives us a fair idea of the artists who were the most influential in shaping the Hindi movie music during its golden era. And it is my privilege to be able to bring the great songs of this era for the listeing and watching pleasures of my discerning readers.

I hope that together we will be able to discuss many more great songs of the great artists of the golden era and that we will see more such landmarks in the days to come.

Song-Aaj ronaa padaa to samjhe (Girl friend) (1960) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi, MD-Hemant Kumar


aaj ronaa padaa to samjhe
hansne kaa mol kyaa hai
apnaa sapnaa khonaa padaa to samjhe
aaj ronaa padaa to samjhe
hansne kaa mol kyaa hai
apnaa sapnaa khonaa padaa to samjhe

khwaabon ki haqeeqat kyaa thhi
armaanon ki qeemat kyaa thhi
apnon ki muhabbat kyaa thhi
gair honaa padaa to samjhe
aaj ronaa padaa to samjhe

sukh miltaa hai kis mushqil se
kyaa karti hai duniyaa dil se
iss rang bhari mehfil se
door honaa padaa to samjhe
aaj ronaa padaa to samjhe

nikle thhey jinhen apnaane
wo log thhey sab begaane
iss baat ko ham deewaane
chain khonaa padaa to samjhe
aaj ronaa padaa to samjhe
hansne kaa mol kyaa hai
apnaa sapnaa khonaa padaa to samjhe

5 Responses to "Aaj ronaa padaa to samjhe"

What a beautiful commentary on life! I guess his girlfriend has chosen wealth over his offerings, and hence this disillusionment, this new understanding. When I listen to the lyrics of these songs, I find them so meaningful and then I wonder why no one bothers to write such lyrics any more. I think I know why too – everyone is in too much of a hurry to make quick money, and thinking takes time!

Thanks, Atul, for this wonderful song, which I remembered when I saw the lyrics, and wondered why I had forgotten it all these years, as usual!


read some where that personally Kishore Kumar loved to sing this kind of songs viz: Dukh Man mere; Koi Humdum Na Raha Koio Sahara Na Raha; Panthi Hoon Main us Path Ka etc


Awesome song!!! Thanks for sharing. Any idea where can I get this movie?


#KishoreKumar# … I got introduced to this song only few years back .. great song !!


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