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Tumhi rehnumaa ho meri zindagi ke

Posted on: March 18, 2011

Early 1970s had seen some non mainstream movies made on “bold” subjects. The movie watchers, as well as the movie critics were not mature enough to appreciate these movies. These movies were badly panned by the critics and such movies flopped. “Dastak”, “Chetna” and ‘Do Raahaa” were a few such movies.

The movies flopped, but the music of these movies was nice. In fact, music lovers may recall that the music of “Dastak” won national award for best music for Madan Mohan, which was the only such recognition that came Madan Mohan’s way in his lifetime. I have already discussed a few songs of “Dastak” and also one song of “Chetna”. Here is a song from “Doraahaa”.

I had heard this song many a times and it was quite a popular song those days, but I was not aware about the details of this song at that time including the name of the movie that this song belonged to.

This song shows Radha Saluja getting drunk in a party and singing this song.Men getting drunk in Hindi movies and making a spectacle of themselves in a party while singing such songs is common, but a woman doing the same was viewed with righful indignation at that time by the self righteous persons, including movie critics. The picturisation also shows others, including Anil Dgawan, Shatrughan Sinha etc.

This song is sung by Asha Bhonsle. Indeewar is the lyricist. Music is composed by Sapan Jagmohan.



Song-Tumhi rehnuma ho meri zindagi ke (Do Raahaa) (1971) Singer-Asha Bhonsle,Lyrics-Indeewar,MD-Sapan Jagmohan


tumhin rehnumaa ho meri zindagi ke
tumhin rehnumaa ho meri zindagi ke
bigaado mujhe yaa sanwaaro mujhe
mujhe sharm kaisi mere saath tum ho
kisi raaste se guzaaro mujhe
tumhin rehnumaa ho meri zindagi ke


tumhaare liye to main mar ke bhi jee loon
sharaab to kyaa hai zahar bhi main pi loon
lage dagmagaane qadam aaj mere
sahaaraa to do ai sahaaron mujhe
mujhe sharm kaisi mere saath tum ho
kisi raaste se guzaaro mujhe
tumhin rehnumaa ho meri zindagi ke

main hoon laaj ghar ki tumhaari aarti hoon
magar mehfilon ki shamaa ban gayi hoon
meraa ab yahaan se palatnaa hai mushqil
bhale hi kahin se pukaaro mujhe
tumhin rehnumaa ho meri zindagi ke
bigaado mujhe yaa sanwaaro mujhe
mujhe sharm kaisi mere saath tum ho
kisi raaste se guzaaro mujhe
tumhin rehnumaa ho meri zindagi ke

8 Responses to "Tumhi rehnumaa ho meri zindagi ke"

I remember this song very well from my childhood. It was a pretty well-known song at that time, I think. The movie was an “Adults” movie, so I did not get to see it.

Asha’s voice is just lovely in this song though. And Sapan Jagmohan’s music is pretty good too.


hey atul,

I missed my blog very badly



Welcome back. We too missed you all these days.


Beautiful song ~ I tried to sing it but Asha has soo much jhaalak in her voice… itz awesome ~ cant compete these songs to the new junk that plays today..


@ Atul ji – thanks for the post !! yes.. listening to this song after many many years.
the earlier YT link is not working here is this new one ;


audio link:



I saw this movie much later on television in the early 90’s. Gosh, it was indeed a bold movie. The heroine getting raped multiple times by the villain Roopesh Kumar. Radha Saluja, senior of Jaya in FTII was indeed bold. I do not know who directed this? Was it B R Ishara?

BTW, Chetana was a big time hit and not a flop. It made people sit up and take note of Rehana Sultan, another actress from FTII. But as is wont, Bollywood branded her as an adult film actress and producers insisted on a bathing scene (similar to the one in “Dastak”). This proved to be Rehana’s nemesis. But I am sad at the way producers did not understand the sensitivity behind the scene in “Dastak”.

“Dastak” portrays the pathetic plight of a couple trying to find a decent accommodation in Mumbai. This was Sanjeev Kumar’s first and last film with Rehana Sultan. He won the National award for this movie. I think even Rehana won an award. Those who are reading this, please please do watch “Dastak”. It is really a brilliant movie with semi classic songs composed by the one and only Madan Mohan.

Coming back to Do Raha, it was a bold movie and Radha cavorted in bikinis and displayed ample flesh – but that couldn’t salvage the movie. The fact is – Radha Saluja was immensely talented but her choice of movies was anything but right. She was never cast with heroes like Rajesh Khanna or Jeetendra or Amitabh but was also cast with newbies like Vijay Arora or Vikram or Anil Dhawan or Kiran Kumar. I liked her last movie with Naseeruddin Shah – “Saza E Maut” that released in 1981. It was based on a FTII movie – Murder in Monkey Hill.

Too bad that Bollywood never gave ample opportunities to actresses like Radha Saluja and Rehana Sultan. Stars like Shahrukh, Salman, Aamir and Saif should consider Rehana for their movies in a good character role. Radha anyway quit movies long ago and settled in US and runs a travel agency and is also a translator.

Radha acted with MGR in two movies and that can be considered a landmark.

Dare I say that – Radha Saluja and Rehana Sultan were the Vidya Balan of the 70’s.

Bikram Saluja who played Karisma Kapoor’s love interest in “Fiza” and married one of the daughters of “:Parle Chauhan” was her relative.


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