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Ye maatee sabhi ki kahaanee kahegee

Posted on: April 11, 2011

These days I have been discussing the songs of “Navrang” (1959). I have so far discussed as many as five songs from this movie.

Here is another song from this movie. This movie is on a different theme from the other songs of the movie. The country has passed into the hands of the British and this song is a patriotic/nationalistic song which states that the soil of this country had seen several empires come and go. This soil was there before earlier empires were established and this soil would continue to remain here long after the present empire had ceased to exist.

This song is sung by Mahendra Kapoor. Bharat Vyas is the lyricist. Music is composed by C Ramchandra. The song is picturised on Mahipal.



song-Ye maati sabhi ki kahaanee kahegi (Navrang) (1959) Singer-Mahendra Kapoor, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-C Ramchandra


na raja rahega
na rani rahegi
ye duniya hai phaani
aur phaani rahegi
na jab ek bhi zindagaani rahegi
to maati sabhi ki kahaani kahegi
to maati sabhi ki kahaani kahegi
dikhaayegi Rana ke rann ki nishaani
kahegi Shivaaji ke prann ki kahaani
bataayegi Mughlon ki baaten ajaani
us gadaar Jaichand ki zindgaani
ye aapas ki sab badgumaani kahegi
ye maati sabhi ki kahaani kahegi
ye maati sabhi ki kahaani kahegi

jo thhe desh dushman
ghulaami ke raahi
lage pherne iss watan par syaahi
videshon ki karne lage waah waahi
gayaa desh haathon se
aayi tabaahi
ye bhar bhar ke aankhon mein paani kahegi
ye maati sabhi ki kahaani kahegi
ye maati sabhi ki kahaani kahegi
phir swaatantra ka aisa sangraam aayaa
ki har aadmi desh ke kaam aayaa
ladi veer Jhansi ki Rani Bhawaani
hazaaron ne laakhon ne jauhar jalaayaa
ye qurbaaniyaan khud zubaani kahegi
ye maati sabhi ki kahaani kahegi
ye maati sabhi ki kahaani kahegi

jalaa do
jalaa do ye itihaas
jhoothhe tumhaare
yahaan zarre zarre pe sach hai likhaa re
zulm wo tumhaare sitam wo tumhaare
karo yaad uff kaarnaame wo kaare
ki patthar se aansooo ki dhaaraa bahegi
ye maati sabhi ki kahaani kahegi
ye maati sabhi ki kahaani kahegi
ye maati hai tab se
na jab tum thhe aaye
ye maati rahegi
na jab tum rahoge
is maati ke neechhe dabee hain kathaayen
ye khud hi kahegi re tum kyaa kahoge
zameen aasman thartharaa ke rahegi
ye maati sabhi ki kahaani kahegi
ye maati sabhi ki kahaani kahegi

5 Responses to "Ye maatee sabhi ki kahaanee kahegee"

I can not help observing that the voice sounds so strongly as Pradeep’s.


Atul ji,

One small correction in lyrics. The line
“karo yaad upkaar naame wo kaare”

should read

“karo yaad uff kaarnaame wo kaare”



Hi Atul,

I am in the process of compiling some songs of a philosophical nature for an Art of Living Program on MAy 13…. some of the songs that I thought of immediately are 1. ) Main Zindai ka saath nibhata chala gaya 2. ) Hum hain Raahi Pyaar ke ( a beautiful song – quite echoing in response to Rafi’s song at 1 above ! ) 3.) Sukh ke sabh Saathi 4. ) Sajan Re Jhooth Mat bolo. 5. ) Apni Kahani Chhod ja, khud ki nishani chhod ja. 6. ) Kisi ki Muskuraton pe ho nisaar. 7. ) Kahan Ja rahaa hai, tu ai jaane wale 8. ) Man re tu kaahe na dhir dhare. 9.) Aane wala paal , jaane wala hai. etc etc


harnoor ,27th,feb.,2013
hi s venkat krishana
may i sugest some songs to your art;1.ganga aaye kahan se film kabuliwala 2.wahan kaun hai tera musafir jayega kahan film guide 3.suraj re jalte rahana film harishchander taramati 1963 etc


All these songs have already been discussed.


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