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Do dil toote do dil haare

Posted on: April 13, 2011

I became aware of the movie “Heer Ranjha” (1970) in 1974, while going through movie magazines, which incidentally were supposed to be out of bounds for school kids barely in their teens. 🙂 But I was a kid who loved reading all kinds of publications, including screenplays of movies too. Yes, those days screenplays of movies used to get published too. I read screenplays of “Bobby” (1973) and “Aasheerwaad” (1968). I never watched these movies and I never thought that I missed anything by not watching them, that is how vivid the screenplays used to be.

Coming to “Heer Ranjha” (1970), I watched this movie in 1980s and I found it very slow, and worse boring. To complicate matters, the characters in this movie only spoke in poetry form, even when they were not singing song. And that can bore even the most patient people very quickly. Little wonder then that the movie flopped big time.

The fact that this movie was directed by Chetan Anand, which meant Priya Rajwansh must be the leading lady of the movie, may also have something to do to keep the movie watchers away. But it must be said that she at least looked like Heer, unlike the modern day actress who is reported to be playing Heer in a modern adaptation of this story.

Chetan Anand may have been mistaken in sticking with Priya Rajwansh, but his sticking with Madan Mohan as the music director meant that the music of his movies used to be the saving grace (and the major highlight) of his movies. and this movie “Heer Ranjha is no exception.

I have discussed two songs from this movie in the past. Here is another song from this movie.

While watching the song, I realised how beautifully this song has been created and even picturised. Lata as the singer, Kaifi azmi as the lyricist and Madan Mohan as the music director have come up with a gem of a song. The song , unlike this movie, is a timeless classic. The picturisation is quite nice too.

I am thankful to the reader nahm for providing the lyrics of this song.



Song-Do dil toote do dil haare (Heer Ranjha) (1970) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Kaifi Azmi, MD-Madan Mohan

Lyrics (Contributed by nahm)

Do dil toote do dil haare
duniya waalon sadqe tumhaare
do dil toote do dil haare
duniya waalon sadqe tumhaare
do dil toote do dil haare

dekhegi mukhda apna
ab se jawaani dil ke daag mein
barsega kaise saawan
kaise padenge jhoole baag mein
bain karenge khwaab kunwaare
do dil toote do dil haare

main na rahoongi lekin
goonjengin aahen meri gaaon mein
ab na khilegi sarson
ab na lagegi mehandi paaon mein
ab na ugenge chaand sitaare
do dil toote do dil haare

pyaar tumhaara dekha
pyaar tumhaara dekha
dekha tumhaara aankhein modna
tod to daala dil ko
khel nahin hai dil ka todna
tadpoge tum bhi saath hamaare
do dil toote do dil haare
duniya waalon sadqe tumhaare
do dil toote do dil haare

do dil toote do dil haare
duniya waalon sadqe tumhaare
sadqe tumhaare

3 Responses to "Do dil toote do dil haare"

Atul ji, Nahm Bhai,

Lovely song, thanks for posting it. Yes, the picturization and the compisition are just superb.
I like this movie very much, for it’s poetical presentation; it is just like seeing a love poem come alive.

There is another gem of a duet from this movie “meri duniya mein tum aaye”; very lovely song.



I saw this movie in early 90’s on cable T.V. we gave the cable wallah a big lists of movies we wanted to see. This was one of them among guide. The video cassette was of poor quality. But, still the poetry of dialogues was fascinating to follow. It had more punjabi then hindi/urdu. And to think, Chetan Anand thought of making a movie in the form of a “Qaseeda” around 1970 A. D. !

All songs were full of folk colour, the wedding song, “Nache Ang ve” and the doli/bidaai song by Lata Mangeshkar is just so pure. I saw some of these songs on Youtube again and it all came back. As if the tragedy is happening right in front of me.



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