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Ae bambu bam bolo

Posted on: April 15, 2011

In the second half of 1950s, Hindi movies saw the influence of rock and roll music. The music of these songs was influenced by Rock and roll in the western countries. The lyrics of these songs were mainly gibberish.

The most influential of all these songs was obviously “Eena Meena Deeka” from “Asha” (1957). This song influenced lots and lots of imitators.

Here is a song from “Mausi” (1958) which is clearly inspired by “Eena Meena Deeka” kind of westen music based song. This song is sung by Asha Bhonsle. Bharat Vyas, normally associated with chaste Hindi lyrics, has come up with the predominantly gibberish lyrics of this song. Vasant Desai, who likewise was known mainly for composing semi classical music is the music director.

Only the audio of this song is available, so I am not aware how this song is picturised, though one can guess that the picturisation of this song has to be as club song.
PS-As informed by Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh, it is a get together song where this song is sung by Reshma to take a dig at the then popular rock and roll music.

song-Ae bambu bam bolo (Mausi) (1958) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-Vasant Desai


ho ho ho
ho ho
ho ho ho
ho ho
ae bambu bam bolo
ae bambu bam bolo
boodhe bachhe
jhoothhe sachhe
bam bolo
ae bambu bam bolo

kahin ka eint
kahin ka roda
Bhanumati ne kunba jodaa
idhar se thhoda
udhar se thhoda
taal ko todaa
sur ko marodaa
maar ke chaabuk
bhagaaya ghodaa
sarpat sarpat
sarpat sarpat
sarpat sarpat
rampam po rampam po
rampam po rampam po
ae bambu bam bolo
ae bambu bam bolo

eena meena pheekaa
kahaan se pyaare seekhaa
khilaaye kyaa sabko maal
vegetable ghee kaa
ho ho ho
ho ho
ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka
kaale kaale baal
laal laal gaal
te te te te te te te
tedhi tedhi chaal
dekh pyaare John
de daan
chhute giraa
dekho ?? paap ka
nahin beta raha ab baap ka
rampam po rampam po
ae bambu bam bolo

1 Response to "Ae bambu bam bolo"

Atul ji,

There are 2 points.
1) This is not a club song.The situation in the film is that some friends of Ramesh Deo(mausa) and Vandana(Mausi) have gathered for a party and they start dancing on English Rock N Roll records.Hearing this commotion,Reshma,the teenaged girl,decides to teach them a lesson that this is not the real music.Hence,she dresses in western style and sings this song and dances,making a fun of western music thru’ the lyrics .
2) As you rightly said,that was the period of R N R music craze in India and many songs were made in this time.
Some of the more famous songs were,Yeh hai zamana(Bhagam Bhag-1956),Lal lal Gaal(Mr.X-1957),Mr.John o baba khan(Baarish-1957),Mera Naam chin chin choo(Howrah bridge-1958) etc.
Out of many such songs,only few are remembered today.


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