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O ashaadh ke pahle baadal

Posted on: April 20, 2011

When I first began this blog, this was not the only songs related blog that I began. I also began a blog on vishesh Jaimala where I would post the transcripts of vishesh Jaimala programmes presented by celebrities from the movie world. They would share their experiences and play a few songs. This programme, to my mind, is one of the best ever radio programmes that one can think of. And what celebrities ! Almost all big names (with a few exceptions) presented Vishesh jaimala programmes those days.

I posted the transcripts of eight such vishesh jaimala programmes and they stopped because this song blog itself took considerable time and also because that blog did not seem to get popular with readers.

While reading the transcripts of a vishesh jaimala, I came across a song called “O ashaadh ke pahle baadal”, which that celebrity (Suman Kalyanpur, perhaps), had played in that programme. When I tried to search for this song, I drew a blank and continued to do so for a considerable time. So it gave me great pleasure when I finally managed to get hold of this song song some time back. And when I listened to this song, I was quite impressed. I made up my mind that I was going to post this song on a special occasion of this blog.

The song is from “Kavi Kalidas” (1959) and this song is written by Bharat Vyas. Manna Dey and Lata are the singers and this song is picturised on Bharat Bhushan who plays the title role. S N Tripathi is the music director.

This superb song is over 10 minutes long and getting the lyrics of this song right took me considerable time. I am still not satisfied with my performance since I have not been able to get the entire lyrics right. I request my readers to fill in the missing words and point out mistakes/errors in the lyrics.

This song is the 100th song of Bharat Vyas as a lyricist in this blog. And I feel quite pleased with this fact because Bharat Vyas was a lyricist who wrote his lyrics mostly in shuddh Hindi and the songs needing such lyrics were often B grade movies. This movie too was a B grade movie. Working mostly in B grade movies and still leaving a mark- it is no mean achievement.

Here is this wonderful song from “Kavi Kalidas” (1959) for the listening pleasure of the readers of this blog.

PS-The song from the line “door dekh ALkapuri” onwards is in fact a separate song and it has been discussed separately in the blog.

song-O ashaadh ke pahle baadal (Kavi Kalidas) (1959) Singer-Manna Dey, Lata, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-S N Tripathi


o ashaadh ke pahle baadal
o nabh ke kaajal
virahi janon ke karun ashrujal
ruk jaa re ik pal
door door mera desh
jahaan bikraaye kesh
virhan ka banaaye vesh
priya meri videsh
kaise kaate kalesh
use dena mera ye sandesh re
o ashaadh ke pahle baadal

jaa re jaa o megh
o mere dukh ke saathi
chal aise jyun gagan maarg mein chalta haathi
mand pawan aur baayen
chaatak bol rahaa hai
baandh kataar baguliyon ka dal dol rahaa hai
raajhans bhi udte hain pankhon ko taane
mitr vidaa ke samay ho rahe
shakun suhaane
o ashaadh ke pahle baadal
jaate jaate tumhen maarg mein milegaa maanav desh
jahaan mohini maaliniyon ka madhur manohar vesh

aa aa aa

jhar jhar laagi barsan
jhar jhar laagi barsan
jaaye kaho ko aaj barsan

tum to rahe pardesan barsan
tum to rahe pardesan barsan
ham tumhre darshan ko tarsan
preet lagi tumhri o ranchan
preet lagi tumhri o ranchan
nijhraa jhar jhar laag barsan
nijhraa jhar jhar laa

aage tumko mitr milegi
Kurukshtr ki bhoomi vishaal
Mahabharat ke mahayudh ki
jahaan jali thi ik din jwaal
koti koti jahaan baras pade thhe
ripu dal par Arjun ke baan
kamal dalon par barse jyon teri
barkha ke aganit baan

mat maar mat maar
bairi barkha ke baan
mat maar mat maar
bairi barkha ke baan
ho ho ho
ho ho ho ho ho
gore gaal huye laal
paapi kehna mera maan
ho mat
ho mat maar
mat baar
bairi barkha ke baan
mat maar mat maar
bairi barkha ke baan

sanan sanan pawan chale
jhanan jhanan jhaanjhar bole
san sansanaasan
jhan jhanaajhan
jhanan jhanana
jhaanjhar bole
kajra bheege
anchra bheege
bheenge re nanhi si jaan
bheenge re nanhi si jaan
ho mat
ho mat maar
bairi barkha ke baan
mat maar mat maar
bairi barkha ke baanaaaa

basant beeta barkha aayi
abhi to bidesiya chet
mitthwa ang lagat hai mere
lipat lipat ras let
haay main kyaa karoon
mat maar mat maar
bairi barkha ke baan
mat maar mat maar
bairi barkha ke baan
mat maar mat maar
bairi barkha ke baan

chal aage himgiri shikharon par
jahaan baans ke vriksh mahaan
jinke tan ko chhookar chheden
pawan hathheela meethi taan
jinki taan mein taan milaakar
gaatin hain kinnariyaan gaan
us sangeet ke saath jajaj tu
jaage pashupatinath mahaan

om namah shivaay
om namah shivaay
namah shivay

Shankar Trilochan
ardhaang gauri
Shankar trilochan
Shichand dhaari
Shankar trilochan

mahadev jay
mahadev jay
mahadev jay
gale mund ki maal
kati sohey mrigchaal
gale mund ki maal
kati sohey mrigchaal
har har mahadev kalyaankaari
Shankar trilochan
ardhaang gauri

har har mahadev
har har mahadev
har har mahadev

door desh Alkapuri
jahaan meri priy naar
jhuki huyi ….
liye virah ka bhaar

kaise khelen ri do ankhiyaan
baar baar pukaarti
birah mein ro ro utaare
aansuon ki aarti
tum base pardes preetam
praan bhi sang le gaye
kyaa huaa apraadh jo
badle mein ye dukh de gaye
sukh le gaye
jag lagey angaar saa
singaar main na sanwaarti
aa tujhe meri do ankhiyon
baar baar pukaarti

aaa aaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa
aa aa aa aa

4 Responses to "O ashaadh ke pahle baadal"

What a superb song this is! I can imagine that this must have been a lot of effort to transcript, Atul.

And congrats to Bharat Vyas ji for his 100th. Like you say, his songs were usually in “shudh” Hindi. I first heard of him when I saw Do Aankhen Barah Haath as a young boy and remember seeing his name in the credits. (That was also the first time I heard of Vasant Desai, a music composer I hugely admire). Then I listened to songs of Goonj Uthi Shehnai – and my respect reached new levels. Again this Bharat Vyas-Vasant Desai combo.

Then of course there is also “ye kaun chitrakaar hai” among Bharat Vyas’ gems.

Could you think of working on Vasant Desai’s songs too? His music was very earthy, very pleasant to listen to. One of my favourites is “akhiyan bhool gayi hain sona” (which you’ve already posted 🙂 ).


Bharat Vyas-Vasant Desai were one of the durable combination of lyricist-music director. together they have given us several great compositions.

Indeed Vasant Desai too is one music director who will complete his century in this blog in due course. At present he has reached his half century and I am consciously trying to post his songs. In fact I am trying consciously to see the artists not in the century list reach their centuries.


The line is of course from Kalidasa’s mEgha sandESa, the first verse of which starts with –

aashaaDhasya prathama divasE mEghamASlishTa sAnum …

(On the first day of the month of AshADha, with the clouds embracing the mountain …)

The song’s verses follow many of the Slokas in that immortal work.

BTW, the Indian postal service issued a stamp, I think in the mid-to-late 60’s, honoring the poet, with that first line on the stamp.


Atul ji,

A couple of minor corrections.

us sangeet ke saath jajaj tu
should read
us sangeet ke saath jalaj tu
– ‘jalaj’ is a synonym for baadal (cloud)

Shichand dhaari
should be
shir chand dhaari
i.e. one who carries the moon on his forehead



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