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O saajnaa kyaa kiyaa

Posted on: May 3, 2011

“Chandralekha” (1948) was a milestone for Indian movie industry. It was originally a South Indian movie produced by Gemini.After its huge success in South India, the movie was dubbed/remade into Hindi and its success among Hindi movie watchers paved the way for South Indian producers to venture into producing Hindi movies, not just as remake of South Indian movies, but also original Hindi movies.

While making the Hindi version of “Chandralekha” (1948), the South Indian actors of the original movie were retained, but the singers/lyricist were replaced with Hindi movie playback singers/lyricist. The original music director too was retained.

This movie had some nice songs in it. Music with south Indian flavour must have been a new experience with Hindi movie music lovers, and they apparently liked what they heard.

One Hindi playback singer that was used prominently in this movie was Uma Devi (later known as Tuntun- the roly poly actress). Here is a song from this movie that is sung by Uma Devi. Pt Indra Chandra is the lyricist. Music is composed by S Rajeshwar Rao.

Here is this nice and lovely song from “Chandralekha” (1948). It is a forgotten gem that needs to be brought to the notice of music lovers.



Song-O saajnaa kyaa kiyaa (Chandralekhaa) (1948) Singer-Umadevi, Lyrics-Pt Indra Chandra, MD-S Rajeshwar Rao


sajnaa re
aa jaa re
o rasiyaa re
aaj chali main kahaan
ye kaisaa sapnaa aayaa

o saajnaa kyaa kiyaa
o saajnaa kyaa kiyaa
o saajnaa kyaa kiyaa
naadaan nanhaa saa meraa jiyaa
o saajnaa kyaa kiyaa

hamko yoon baalam tarsaaye kyun
hamko yoon
hamko yoon baalam tarsaaye kyun
matwaale mohe lalchaaye kyun
matwaale mohe lalchaaye kyun
koi luteraa
koi luteraa loote na dil ko
koi luteraa loote na dil ko
hans-hans ke bharmaaye kyun
aa aa
hans-hans ke bharmaaye kyun
aa aa
madhur bol piyaa bol nainwaa milaa
madhur bol piyaa bol nainwaa milaa
pyaase nainon ko zaraa sudhaa pilaa-pilaa
pyaase nainon ko zaraa sudhaa pilaa-pilaa

2 Responses to "O saajnaa kyaa kiyaa"

Dear Atul ji,

The film CHANDRALEKHA was a wonder of Indian cinema.
Today’s generation may not know anything about it,therefore I will try,briefly,to give some information on it,so that they will know what it was like.
Chandralekha was a Gemini Production and was directed by Mr.S.S.Wasan,the founder of Gemini Studios.Wasan was a person who believed that Cinema IS a medium of full entertainment and hence he planned Chandralekha.It was in the making for 5 years and was simulteniously made in Tamil and Hindi.Its budget was unprecedented and no money was spared,to make it the most famous film of Indian cinema.
This was the first Tamil movie released all india with 603 prints in those days,some of them with English subtitles.The film was made in massive scale in Cecil B.Demille style.
The story was of a good and a bad Prince,not only fighting for the Throne but also for the beautiful villege girl,Chandralekha.She agrees to marry the bad Prince with a condition that she will do a Drum Dance.
For this most extravagent scene giagantic Drums were made and the dance music was a combination of Indian,South Indian,South American and Viennese waltz music. 500 dancers danced on these drums and at the end,soldiers hidden in the drums come out and attack the bad Prince.
World’s longest sword fight ensues and all is well at the end when Good prevails over the bad.
Not only the Music Director was same but all the 9 songs had the same tune in Tamil and Hindi.
This film was appreciated in many International forums and won many awards too !


Thanks for this detailed description on this movie. Indeed the memory of this magnum opus needs to be revived.


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