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Remembering playback singer Uma Devi, more popularly known as comedian Tun Tun, on her death anniversary today. (24th November)
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“Nishaan” (1949) was a Gemini Combines Production. It was directed by S S Vasan. The movie had P Bhanumati, Ranjan, Nagendra Rao, J. S. Casshyap, Maya Banerji, B. Kalla, Narayan Rao etc in it.
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I have recently become aware of a movie called “Nishaan” (1949). This movie was a Gemini Combines Production. It was directed by S S Vasan. The movie had P Bhanumati, Nagendra Rao, J. S. Casshyap, Maya Banerji, B. Kalla, Ranjan, Narayan Rao etc in it. Judging the movie by its songs, this movie appears to be a great fun movie. I wonder why this movie is not all that well known.
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“Chandralekha” (1948), originally a Tamil movie, was remade in Hindi with original actors of the Tamil movie and it turned out to be a big success in Hindi too.
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“Chandralekha” (1948) was a milestone for Indian movie industry. It was originally a South Indian movie produced by Gemini.After its huge success in South India, the movie was dubbed/remade into Hindi and its success among Hindi movie watchers paved the way for South Indian producers to venture into producing Hindi movies, not just as remake of South Indian movies, but also original Hindi movies.
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“Chandralekha”(1948) was a Hindi remake of Gemini’s movie of the same name in South Indian languages (Tamil and Telugu) and all these versions turned out to be hugely popular and this encouraged Gemini and other South Indian production houses to foray into production of Hindi movies in future.
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Till recently, scoring centuries of songs took me just a fortnight. But now I have slowed down considerably. My previous century (song number 2101 to 2200) took me one month. Even that was must faster than my present century. Yes, this song is song number 2300 for this song, and it has taken me a tortoise like two months and a half to reach from 2201 to 2300 !
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I generally describe the songs in this blog as Bollywood movie songs, using “Bollywood movie” as a catchall phrase to describe all Hindi movies. Bollywood was a term that was coined for Bombay’s Hindi movies industry. But in reality, Bombay was not the only place where such movies were made. Places like Lahore (before 1947), Calcutta, Poona also had thriving Hindi movies industry there.
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