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Dil todne waale o dil todne waale

Posted on: June 1, 2011

I have discovered this song only just now. This song is from an unheard of movie called “Bholi” (1949). I am not aware about its star cast and other details as of now.

The song is sung by the then up and coming Lata is a voice that sounds so fresh and youthful. Lyrics is written by Pt Ishwar Chandra Kapoor. Music is composed by Govindram.

Though the song is about a broken heart, I strangly found this song rather upbeat.May be it is the music that gives this illusion.

As mentioned above, I am not much aware about the details of this song and the movie. I request my knowledgeable readers to throw more light on these details.

Enjoy this wonderful forgotten gem from a forgotten moovie.

Song-Dil todne waale kyaa toone kiyaa hai (Bholi) (1949) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Ishwar Chandra Kapoor, MD-Govindram


dil todne waale
o dil todne waale

dil todne waale
o dil todne waale
o dil todne waale
kyaa toone kiyaa hai
barbaad hamen karke
naashaad hamen karke
munh pher liyaa hai
munh pher liyaa hai
dil todne waale
o dil todne waale
o dil todne waale

fariyaad mere dil mein hai
hothon pe hain aahen
ye dard ka afsaanaa kise jaake sunaayen
apnon ne hi jab loot liyaa mera baseraa
barbaad e watan jaake
kahaan aansoo bahaaye
kahaan aansoo bahaaye
dil todne waale
o dil todne waale
o dil todne waale
ye kaisi sazaa hai
ye kiska silaa hai
kyaa toone kiyaa hai

ae duniyaa ke daataa mujhe
ye duniyaa na bhaaye
koi deep jalaaye yahaan
koi dil ko jalaaye
phoonk ke kutiya ko koi mahal banaaye
phoonk ke kutiya ko koi mahal banaaye
koi khoon bahaaye aur koi holi manaaye
insaaf tera kyaa hai
kyaa meri khataa hai
kyaa toone kiyaa hai
dil todne waale
o dil todne waale
o dil todne waale
dil todne waale

1 Response to "Dil todne waale o dil todne waale"

Atul ji,
BHOLI was produced by Murali,Directed by Ram Daryani and the Lyrics and Dialogues were done by I.C.Kapoor.
The cast was Prem Adib,Geeta Bali,Shashikala,Jeevan,Gope,Nawab,Khatoon etc.
The story is about Chanda(Geeta Bali),a simple but rich girl who is cheated by a gang of Jeevan,Nawab and Shashikala.She is loved and saved by Ramesh(Prem Adib).
The story and weak direction did the movie in,despite good actors like Geeta Bali and Prem Adib.


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