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Saawan ke jhoole pade

Posted on: June 6, 2011

When I saw the first line of the song, I thought it was the song from “Jurmaanaa” (1979), but then I found that this song was from an older movie called “Pyaar Ki Pyaas” (1961), which is a movie I knew nothing about.

An internet search reveals that this movie had actors like Manmohan Krishna, David, Manorama, Honey Irani, Nishi, Shrikant etc. From the star cast, it appears to be a B grade movie with Shrikant and Nishi is lead roles.

This song, which I heard for the first time just now, is a fantastic song, which I loved the very first time that I got to listen to it. This song is a duet sung by Lata and Talat Mehmood. it is written by Bharat Vyas. Music is composed by Vasant Desai.

Only the audio of this song is available, but I can guess from the star cast that this song is picturised on Shrikant and Nishi. I can be wrong too. I request knowledgeable readers to throw more light on this movie.

song-Saawan ke jhoole padey (Pyaar Ki Pyaas) (1961) Singers-Lata,Talat Mehmood,Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-Vasant Desai


ho ho ho ho ho
kahaan chhupe ho man ke mitwaa nainaa bhaye udaase
chhalak rahaa hai sukh kaa saagar ham pyaase ke pyaase
ho ho ho ho ho
saawan ke jhoole pade
saawan ke jhoole pade
sainyaa jee hamen tum kahaan bhoole pade
ho ho
ye nainaa jo tumse lade gori jee
tori palkan ke neeche khade
saawan ke jhoole pade

tum nahin aaye hamko bhoole
hamre angnaa phulwaa na phoole
hamko akeli dekh saheli
kahti hai kyun naa khilti chameli
belariyaa naa mandwe chadhe
sainyaa jee hamen tum kahaan bhole pade
ho ho ho
ye nainaa jo tumse lade gori jee
tori palkan ke neeche khade
saawan ke jhoole pade
ho ho ho

tore dil mein hamraa dil hai
jaise tore nain mein til hai
hamre milan bin ye manbhaawan
saawan bhi to kyaa hai saawan
peepal ke patwe jhade
ye tore-more jab tak na nainaa lade
saawan ke jhoole pade
ho ho ho

5 Responses to "Saawan ke jhoole pade"

Atul ji,
Anupam Chitra’s PYAR KI PYAS was directed by Mahesh kaul.Lyrics were by Bharat Vyas and the story/Dialogues/Screenplay was by Pt.Mukharam Sharma.
This is a story of Geeta,an abondoned child (Daisy Irani),who is picked up and reared by a kind owner (Manmohan Krishna) of an orphanage-Sevakunj.
Ashok and Asha (Shrikant and Nishi),though rich,have no issue and adopt Geeta whom they love very much.When,after many years,Asha gets her own baby,Geeta is neglected and she goes back to the orphanage.
After a series of hide and seek,Geeta is brought back to repentent Asha and Ashok and all is well.The pyar ki pyas of Geeta is finally quenched !


I think this film has got many melodious songs,
immediately following ,2 songs comes to my mind
a)”kya dharti aur kya aakaash, sabko pyar ki pyaas”:rafi,lata,chorus

b)Lata mangeshkar or Geeta dutt???:superb lorie:
(in which song,in between the sound which infant child makes while it sleeps, incorporated-like “hmmm,hmmm”)I think I am right in identifying the song:
“chanda dhale ,pankha jale”


hi prakash,
what would pankha jale mean here?


It should be pankha jhale=to fan manually (with a hand fan)


Thanks for introducing me to this song atul. never heard of it before!


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