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Man dheere dheere gaaye re

Posted on: June 22, 2011

I have listened to this song a few times in the past, but I was not aware of the details of this song.

This lovely song, which is sung by Talat Mehmood and Suraiyya is from an obscure movie called “Maalik” (1958). This movie was one of those movies where Talat Mehmood had acted too. And like other movies where he acted, this movie too flopped at the box office, despite boasting of such a fine song in this movie.

This song is written by Shakeel Badayuni and its music is composed by Ghulam Mohammad.

What a wonderful song it is ! Listening to this song will make one’s day.



Song-Man dheere dheere gaaye re (Maalik) (1958) Singers-Talat Mehmood, Suraiyya, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-Ghulam Mohammad


man dheere dheere gaaye re
man dheere dheere gaaye re
maaloom nahin kyun
maaloom nahin kyun
bin gaaye rahaa na jaaye re
bin gaaye rahaa na jaaye re
maaloom nahin kyun
maaloom nahin kyun

ik baat zubaan par aaye re
maaloom nahin kyun
maaloom nahin kyun
kahte huye dil sharmaaye re
maaloom nahin kyun
maaloom nahin kyun
man dheere dheere gaaye re

ho ho ho ho
ho ho ho
palkon mein chhupaa kar gori
laayi hai milan ki dori
ab saath hai jeewan bhar kaa
lo thaam lo bainyaa mori
chhav dekh nazar lalchaaye re
chhav dekh nazar lalchaaye re
maaloom nahin kyun
maaloom nahin kyun
man dheere dheere gaaye re

ho ho ho
ho ho ho ho ho
aashaaon ne li angdaayi
tan man mein baji shehnaayi
dil doob gayaa masti mein
ik lahar khushi ki aayi
dil haath se nikalaa jaaye re
maaloom nahin kyun
maaloom nahin kyun
man dheere dheere gaaye re
maaloom nahin kyun
maaloom nahin kyun
man dheere dheere gaaye re

11 Responses to "Man dheere dheere gaaye re"

I just love this song! I didn’t even realize it was missing until just now. Thanks for posting this lovely song!


Even I was not aware that this song was missing. 🙂


Fifth and sixth line of first stanza is –

“sab” dekh nazar lalchaaye re



i think the word there is “Chhab” as in “face”


You are right. The word is “chhab”. I have heard the song again now.


What a recall!
Haven’t heard this song in ages and yet, when I saw the title, it came back to me just like that!
Thank you.


Wow! This song had not been posted yet? I love this song. I now need to check this blog for some of my other favourite Talat songs. I have a feeling there may be some more Talat gems not yet posted. 🙂


Nahm sir,
The word,indeed,is chhab-which means beauty(not face).


Chhav is short for chhavi=picture,image


Chhab, chhav, chhavi, no matter what the word is, I feel like dancing when I listen to this song!


Atul ji,

This is really a very rare and a dazzling find. The video of this song has been uploaded by a very kind soul just about 10 day ago, and is available at

I request that this link be added into the main article.

These two singing stars came together on screen only on two occasions. Once in 1954, in the film ‘Waaris’, and then in 1958 in this film. In ‘Waaris’, they have together performed on screen the iconic “Raahi Matwaale. . . “. In that film, there are two more of their duets listed.

This duet is the only one they sang and performed together in the film ‘Maalik’. That makes this song assume significant historical importance.



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