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Haal e dil yoon unhen sunaayaa gayaa

Posted on: July 3, 2011

I have so far discussed over 4100 songs in this blog, and I still feel that I have only scratched the surface. There are still tens of thousands of great songs that belong here. In fact, many well known songs are yet to figure in this blog. Hopefully, with time, all the missing songs will also appear here.

Statistically speaking, I have discussed songs from some 1590 movies. These songs have been sung by 234 singers, penned by 221 lyricists and composed by 160 music directors. These figures are impressive in themselves in the sense that almost all the major and even many minor artists involved in creating music of the golden and pre golden era of Hindi movies have been represented in this blog.

It is my fond hope that one day this blog will have most songs created by most artists, and our farmaish givers will not be able to give any more farmaishes. 😀

As of now, it is a pipe dream as lots and lots of songs are yet to be discussed. But at least we are making steady progress.

For instance, music director Madan Mohan has created around 700 songs in his career. This blog already has 188 of them. In other words, more than a quarter of all Madan Mohan songs are already covered in this blog. Similarly, 30% of all Naushad and S D Burman songs are already covered. In case of under utlised music directors such as Sajjad Hussain and Ganesh, more than half of all their compositions are already covered.

Among singers, almost 50% of all K L Saigal songs have already been discussed here.

With time, many visitors of this blog (who have since become regulars) have been contributing their mites. Quite a few have contributed writeups, and several others have contributed lyrics of songs. In fact, I was so overwhelmed by these contributions that I have yet to be able to accomodate them all. I assure all my contributors that their contributions are safe with me and I will discuss them all. Time and number of songs per day is the constraint. One cannot discuss more than 6 or 7 songs a day. it is not only too much time consuming, it will also be an overkill to discuss too many songs in a day. Still I try to accomodate as many of these contributions as I can.

Here is a song whose lyrics is sent by Atif M, one of the earlier lyrics contributors to this blog. This song is from “Jahaan Ara” (1964). This song is sung by Lata. It is picturirsed on Mala Sinha, Bharat Bhushan and other.

Rajinder Krishan is the lyricist. Music is composed by Madan Bhushan.

Statistically speaking, this song is the 189th song of Madan Mohan, 365th of Rajinder Krishan and 1327th of Lata in this blog. Yes, that is how prolific these artists have been in Hindi movie music scene as well as in this blog. 🙂



Song-Haal e dil yoon unhen sunaayaa gayaa (Jahaan Ara) (1964) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Madan Mohan

Lyrics(Provided by Atif M)

hmm hmm hmm
haal e dil yoon unhen sunaaya gaya
haal e dil yoon unhen sunaaya gaya
aankh hi ko zubaan banaaya gaya
aankh hi ko zubaan banaaya gaya

zindagi ki udaas raaton ko
zindagi ki udaas raaton ko
aap ki yaad se sajaaya gaya
aap ki yaad se sajaaya gaya
haal e dil yoon unhen sunaaya gaya

ishq ki woh bhi ek manzil thi
ishq ki woh bhi ek manzil thi
har qadam par fareb khaaya gaya
har qadam par fareb khaaya gaya
haal e dil yoon unhen sunaaya gaya

laakh toofan samet kar ya rab
laakh toofan samet kar ya rab
kis liye ek dil banaaya gaya
kis liye ek dil banaaya gaya
haal e dil yoon unhen sunaaya gaya
aankh hi ko zubaan banaaya gaya

3 Responses to "Haal e dil yoon unhen sunaayaa gayaa"

Atul ji,
Your statistical figures are very impressive in singers,composers and lyricists.
Hindi Film Music is an ocean and there are innumerable hidden jewels which have to be brought up .Very few singers of the past got name and fame,but there are many whose output has enriched the music but they didnot get name or fame.
Here are some lesser known singers of this ilk :
Ram dulari,veenakumari,kamala,motibai,charlie,vatsala kumathekar,kamardid khan,shanta hublikar,kantilal,ashok kumar,miss rose,parul ghosh,radha rani,nalini jaiwant,indira wadkar,shakuntala,devaskar,menaka,sheela,zahoor raja,rahmat bai,kaushalya,gulbanoo,anis khatoon,anuradha,ratanbai,vasanti,shamim,ishwarlal,kajjan,kalyani,gulshan sufi,fakir mohd.,alla rakha,lalita parulkar,kusum mantri,nasim akhtar,vanamala,sunalini devi,jaddanbai,dixit,ghori,shanti,arunkumar afzal lahori,yashwant bhatt,yusuf effendi,govind kuruvilkar,ramola,kishore sahu,sadashiv nevrekar,saraswati mane/rane,vasant desai,indu damle,malaka jaan,zeenat,mumtaz shanti,mohantara,s.d.batish,manik verma etc etc.
I have seen some singers from the above list featuring in this blog,like manik verma,mohantara, naseem akhtar,ashok kumar,parul ghosh,kishore sahu etc.
Your task is difficult,but we are with you.
Inspite of all this,I am sure that this blog has done the best efforts in reviving old film music,amongst all other such blogs,anywhere in the world.


Thanks for the list of lesser known singers. I have discussed the songs of a few of these singers. In case songs of other artists are available, I will discuss them too. Indeed the world of Hindi movie music is like a deep ocean and very few people have tried to go deep into it.


This song bears uncanny similrity to Suman Kalyanpur’s Haal-e-dil unko sunana tha sunaya na gaya from the film Fariyad (1964), composed by Snehal Bhatkar, On this you may like to see my


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