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Tu ki samjhegaa tainu ki dasiye

Posted on: July 19, 2011

In this blog, I often discuss some nice songs which though great to listen to, have been forgotten with time. I describe them as forgotten gems.

How does a song end up getting forgotten with time ?

There are several factors that may contribute. In case the music of the movie as well as the movie itself succeeded, there is good likelihood that a few songs may get remain in public memory while others may fall by the way side. In case the movie flopped , then the music, however nice it may be, also suffers. The music of a flop movie may have a good initial run, but after that, the music too may find itself to be consigned to the dustbin of time.

In case the movie happened to be a B grade movie, then the chances of the music surviving through time dimishes. The fact that even these B grade movies had A grade music meant that the music had the ability to survive through time and get appreciated by future generation, provided they are dug out again.

Not just B grade movies, sometimes even A grade movie songs may suffer. A movie may have a few great songs becoming popular and other songs from the same movie may find themselves getting overshadowed.

Today I am going to discuss an A movie song which got overshadowed by the other well known songs of the movie. The movie is “Ek Mutthi Aasmaan” (1973). The well known songs from this movie are obviously timeless gems like Har koyi chaahtaa hai ik mutthi aasmaan (Ek Mutthi Aasmaan) and Pyaar kabhi kam naa karnaa sanam (Ek Mutthi Aasmaan) .

The unheralded song from this movie is a song that I had listened to a few times those days and I did not pay much attention to it at that time. In fact I was not even aware of the details of this song.

It is just recently that I came across this song again and I was stunned ! How can a song of this calibre get forgotten instead of ending up as an all time classic ! I decided that I was going to discuss this song on a special occasion.

Today this blog has completed three years of its existence and I think this is just the right opportunity for me to introduce (or reintroduce, as the case may be) this song to music lovers.

This song is sung by Manna Dey and it is picturised as a club song on an artist whom I cannot identify. I request my knowledgeable readers to help identify the artists figuring in the song.

As mentioned earlier, internet connectivity is at a premium today as I am travelling in a train. I found connectivity for a few minutes in a major station where I managed to post two songs. I am hoping that I am able to discuss a few more songs, including this one, at the next big place that the train reaches and where internet connectivity may be available for a long enough duration.Indeed, things that many of us take for granted are not as common everywhere as we consider them to be.

This is an important occasion for this blog. The blog has seen through three years. During this time over 4400 songs have been discussed. The blog recorded 1.5 millionth visit yesterday, just as the blog was completing three years. And this month, the visits are at an all time high. We are receiving nearly 3000 visits daily as I speak. We have been getting some really knowledgeable readers in this blog who have been contributing immensely in the progress of this blog.

I take this opportunity to thank one and all for their contributions, suggestions, encouragements and love which has seen this blog grow from strength to strength. I am sure we will scale many more highs and pass many more milestones as we continue this long musical journey.



Song-Tu ki samjhega tainu ki dasiye (Ek Muthhi Aasmaan)(1973) Singer-Manna Dey,Lyrics-Indeewar,MD-Madan Mohan


mere dil pe
kyaa kyaa guzri hai
ae ae
o mere dil pe
kyaa kyaa beeti hai
tu ki samjhega
tainu ki dasiye
tu ki samjhega
tainu ki dasiye
mere dil pe
kyaa kyaa beeti hai
tu ki samjhega
tainu ki dasiye
tu ki samjhega
tainu ki dasiye

wo gaaon mein lehraati faslen
en en
ik apnaapan thha har dil mein
ae ae
chanchal si ik raani thhi
chhadti nadi si jawaani thhi
dahi ki ek dukaan pe wo
aisi adaa se mili mujhko
mili bhi to dahi ki dukkan pe
ham jo mile milte hi rahe
saare jahaan ke taane sahe
ikdin kahin se doli aayi
lekar usko chal di
pata na thha mujhko
meri duniyaa
lutegi itni jaldi
par kaun
kaun le gayaa usse
tu ki samjhega
tainu ki dasiye
tu ki samjhega
tainu ki dasiye

sheher mein gham behlaane ko
o o
main aayaa kuchh ban jaane ko
o o o o
patthhar ke yahaan raste hain
patthhar dil hi baste hain
jhoothhi shaan nigaahon mein
dil doobe hain gunaahon mein
en en
waqt ne mujhko banaaya jo
aakhir ban hi gayaa main wo
koi bhi hamdard na paayaa
khaayaa itna dhokhaa
auron ki to baat hi kyaa
ab khud pe nahin bharosaaa
khud pe bhi nahin bharosa
tu ki samjhega
tainu ki dasiye
tu ki samjhega
tainu ki dasiye

yoon bigde haalaat mere
ae ae ae
bas mein nahin jazbaat mere
ae ae
jaane kyaa main kar jaaun
hadd se hi na guzar jaaun
milta nahin hai chain kahin
jaam bhi gham ka ilaaz nahin
gham ko kam ye nahin karta
zeher se zeher nahin marta
pehle main isko peetaa thha
ab ye mujhhko peeti hai
zakhm lagaane waali duniyaa
zakhm bhalaa kab seeti hai
aakhir teri manzil kyaa hai
tu ki samjhega
tainu ki dasiye
tu nahin samjhega
tainu ki dasiye

5 Responses to "Tu ki samjhegaa tainu ki dasiye"

That must be GULSHAN ARORA, who starred with smita patil in RAAVAN


I dont`t know the name of the unidentified female actress( but I have seen her in many movies alongwith Heroine-as a friend, as a co dancer,must be in Vinod khanna`s IMTHIHAN as one of the students)
But the male actor is GULSHAN ARORA
who acted in roles with negative shades, in most of the movies he acted in.
I have seen him in following movies:

a)Loormaar(1980)with many villains
b)Manzilein aur bhi hai(1974)(mahesh bhatt`s direction debut)(with kabir bedi,premanarayan)
c)Raavan:1984:with Smita patil, Vikram, Ompuri(director Jhonny Bakshi)
d)Nagin:1976:multistarrer-he is one of the baddies


A part of this movie was shot in Taj Mahal hotel in Hyderabad.


video link of this song


Another of those beautiful songs that have only been heard never seen, as Atulji has said in the post.
That actor ;ooks very smart. And I think Vijay Arora has uttered those interjections in his own voice.
In that case do we tag him in the list of singers too?


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