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Tumhe dil diyaa ye kyaa kiyaa maine

Posted on: July 20, 2011

I have mentioned that finding Sajjad Hussain compositions is always a cause for great celebration. With as many as 56 Sajjad Hussain compositions already discussed in the blog, there many not be many more Sajjad Hussain compositions that are left to be discussed.

This song is from “Sainyya” (1951). It is sung by Lata and D N Madhok is the lyricist. This is the 8th song of “Sainyya”(1951) being discussed in this blog.

Listening to this rare song will give goosebumps to music lovers. What a lovely song to listen to.

Here is this 57th Sajjad Hussain composition in the blog.

Song-Tumhen dil diya ye kyaa kiyaa maine (Sainyya) (1951) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-D N Madhok, MD-Sajjad Hussain


Tumhen dil diyaa ye kyaa kiyaa maine
tumhen dil diyaa ye kyaa kiyaa maine
duniya ka dard le liyaa maine
tumhen dil diyaa ye kyaa kiyaa maine
duniya ka dard le liyaa maine
kyaa bhaley din thhey wo
kyaa bhaley din thhey wo
nazron mein tum samaaye na thhey
kabhi thhandi saans na nikley
aur aankhon mein aansoo aaye na thhey
ab roti hoon main
ab roti hoon main
kyaa kiyaa haay
kyaa kiya maine
duniya ka dard le liyaa maine
tumhe dil diyaa ye kyaa kiyaa maine
duniya ka dard le liyaa maine

ab haal ye ho gaye hamaare
ab haal ye ho gaye hamaare
sada bheege rahen nainon ke kinaare
ab haal ye ho gaye hamaare
sada bheege rahen nainon ke kinaare
ho jaane waale main pukaaroon
ek baar to aa
jaane waale main pukaaroon
ek baar to aa
mere roothhe huye dil ko ye baat bataa
bhala kiyaa hai ya bura kiya haay
bura kiya maine
duniya ka dard le liyaa maine
tumhe dil diyaa ye kyaa kiyaa
duniya ka dard le liyaa

10 Responses to "Tumhe dil diyaa ye kyaa kiyaa maine"

This song was replaced in the movie by Kali kali raat,which was also penned by D.N.Madhok although Madhok was in favour of retaining this song.Due to this controversy Madhok and Sajjad Hussain parted..never to work together again.


Thanks a lot for this information.

I am eagerly looking forward to your uploads of difficult to find Sajjad Hussain songs.


Atul ji,
I have a slightly different info with me.
All the 8 songs of SAINYAA were recorded earlier.However when the film released,the above song was not in it,it was added later and strangely again removed after 6 months.So,there is no question of this song being replaced by ‘Kaali kaali raat re'(Lata),which was also by DNMadhok and the song was in the film from the begining only.
The record no. of kaali kaali 36815 and that of tumhe dil diya…is
36816.This will indicate that the above song was recorded after Kaali kaali raat re, and not vice versa.


Thanks for this information.


You will ‘FIND’ an impossible to find song of film Dharam uploaded

by me today, on You-tube I hope you will like it. There are five more such songs of Dharam yet to be up-loaded,if you so wish.

Khwaja Sultan Ahmad


Indeed we are eagerly looking forward to all these songs of Dharam. It is interesting to note from your comment on this song that the song is sung by Hamida Bano and not by Alaknanda as mentioned in the record. Who is the lyricist of this song ?


oNLY one 78rpm record of Saiyan was issued which is not available However in.the booklet of the film only seven songs have been printed sans Tumhe dil diya’yeh kya kiya main ne I have another recording of this song which is different from the one and is a longer version. I am posting it for you.The songs of Saiyan in the voices of Supurti Ghosh and Gauri Kidar were privately recorded on 78rpm COLUMBIA records.Those are also available with me.The original coloured booklet is available in my collection.


Atul ji,
All the 78 rpm records of 8 songs were issued by Gramophone company of India ltd,under HMV label.
Record No N-36816 had 2 songs-tumhe dil diya and kismat me khushi ka naam nahin and Record No N-36815 had Kaali kaali raat and hawa mein dil dole.
HFGK also displays the same info as I have given.


Arunkumar deshmukh
I have up-loaded a longer version of’Tumhe dila diya’ recorded for film SAIYAN.on You-yube. In this version ‘asthai’ has been repeated in the end. I have yet another version in which the ‘antra’ Ab haal yeh ho gaye hamare’ has been repeated twice.I can also post the same if you so desire.


Indeed we are interested in that version.


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