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Le lo le lo do phool daani le lo

Posted on: July 24, 2011

I have mentioned this fact about Hindi movie songs that most of them are about human feelings viz love, sadness, happiness and not about commerce/business. In fact there are very few songs that are about selling some products. I have discussed a few songs where chanajor or similar stuff is being sold. In one such write up, readers came up with the list of a few other songs where some item was being sold.

Just now, I have come across a forgotten song where flower is being sold. two lady flower vendors are waiting for a customer. One customer finally appears and both flower vendors welcome him and begin to dance with him while singing about their flowers.

Now, when one goes to buy items in normal shops, one is lucky to get a salesperson to pay attention to you, let alone start singing and dancing with you. But it is a good idea no doubt. I hope big shopping malls will arrange for salesgirls who would sing and dance with their customers. I am sure this innovative marketing idea will attract customers. While doing that, do not fail to credit me for the idea. 🙂

The two lady flower sellers try the buyer to buy from her, and they begin to fight among themselves. The buyer, seeing the two busy in fighting eac other, silenly decamps with the flowers of both of them.

This nice light hearted song is picturised as a stage song, with the stage set like a wild west location and the buyer dressed in a cowboy hat. It is just that he comes not in a horse, but in a donkey. 🙂 And the music has a nice western music feel about it.

This lovely song is sung by Shamshad Begam, Zohrabai Ambalewaali and Rafi. Shakeel Badayuni is the lyricist and music is composed by Naushad.

I am unable to identify the actors on whom this song is picturised. I request our knowledgeable readers to help identify them.

I discovered this song just now and listened to this many a times in order to get its lyrics right. It is a great fun son and one that deserves to be much better known among music lovers. It is a forgotten gem for sure.



Song-Le lo le lo do phool daani le lo (Jaadu) (1951) Singers-Shamshad Begam, Zohrabai Ambalewaali, Rafi, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-Naushad


Le lo le lo
le lo le lo
do phool daani le lo
le lo le lo
le lo le lo
do phool daani le lo

le kar phool naye albele
aayi hoon main albeli
ye hain ghulab
aur ye nargis
ye bela
ye chameli
le lo le lo
le lo le lo
ye raat ki raani le lo
le lo le lo
le lo le lo
do phool daani le lo

le kar phool muraadon waale
aayi paas tumhaare
pyaar ka inmein rang bharaa hai
bhool na jaanaa pyaare
le lo le lo
le lo le lo
dil aaj nishaani le lo
le lo le lo
le lo le lo
do phool daani le lo

aa babu
meri kaliyaan hain khushboodaar
banaa lo inko gale ka haar
main deti hoon do paise mein chaar
o babu
aeji hamse karo iqraar
hamaaraa maqsad nahin vyaapaar
tumhe ye maal milegaa udhaar
le lo le lo
le lo le lo
rangeen jawaani le lo
le lo le lo
le lo le lo
do phool daani le lo

phool hain tum donon ke
achhe achhe
pyaare pyaare
aji mere le lo
aji mere dekho
unhoon hoon hoon
pehle dheereaj dhar lo
mol kiske loon
aji chhod kiske doon
aji tumhi faislaa kar lo
tumhi faislaa kar lo

ye phool hain pyaare pyaare
very good
mere phool hain chaand sitaare
arre ye hain Kashmir se
achha ji
ye hain laalbaag se
badi aayi phoolon waali
chup chup ri
doongi gaali
arre kyaa karti ho
arre maaroongi ek laafaa
teri ban jaayegi lifaafaa
arre kyun ladti ho
tera bhejaa phod doongi
hain hain hain
teri naak tod doongi
arre police police police

7 Responses to "Le lo le lo do phool daani le lo"

Don’t know about the other two but the lady in dark cloths (at left) is the well known actress Nalini Jaywant


Atul ji,

Black dress girl is Nalini Jaywant indeed (as said by dk ji ),the white dress girl is Sharada and the Boy is Shyam kumar.
This is a scene from the dance theatre where Sundari(N.J.) has joined as the main Dancer and from where the Hero-Havaldar Pritam(Suresh) takes her away later.


Thanks for the identifications.


Deshkmukh Sir thanks for the information but is she Sharda Deulkar, the same artist who danced with Maruti in the song ‘Chalo chalo chale hum’ in the film Alibaba Aur Chalis Chjor ?


The male is Krishan Kumar, the dance director seen in many songs. Sharda is Sharda Dhulekar, see her and hundreds of other photos of ‘unknowns’ here


Thanks a lot for this information.


Surjit Singhji
Thank you very much,
for helping me in recognising many known faces with their names.
Great job.



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