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Jeene do aur jiyo

Posted on: July 26, 2011

I have discussed as many as four songs from “Taxi driver” (1954) but I was not aware of this song. I became aware of this song only after its lyrics were sent to me by Prakashchandra.

Here is this song from “Taxi Driver”(1954). It is sung by Asha Bhonsle. It is picturised as a party/get together song on Sheila Ramani, Dev Anand etc. Sahir Ludhianvi is the lyricist and music is composed by S D Burman.

I have provided audio as well as video links of this song.



Song-Jeene do aur jiyo (Taxi Driver) (1954) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi, MD-S D Burman

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

Jeene do aur jiyo
chadthi jawaani ke din hai
jeene do aur jiyo
chadhti jawaani ke din hai
phir aisa samaa milega kahaan haaan
phir aisa samaa milega kahaan
yehi zindgaani ke din hai
marna to sabko hai jeeke bhi dekh le
chaahat ka ek jaam peeke bhi dekh le
marna to sabko hai jeeke bhi dekh le
chaahat ka ek jaam peeke bhi dekh le

ye hawaa
ye fizaa
kehti hai dhoome machaa le
ye hawaa ye fizaa
kehti hai dhoome machaa le
koi phool chun , koi khwaab bun
dil ka muqaddar jagaa le
marna to sabko hai jeeke bhi dekh le
chaahat ka ek jaam peeke bhi dekh le
marna to sabko hai jeeke bhi dekh le
chaahat ka ek jaam peeke bhi dekh le

ye haseen zindagi
hai ek raseela taraanaa
ye haseen zindagi
hai ek raseela taraanaa
na la dil mein gham,
o mere sanam
ke hai yeh khushi ka zamaanaa
marna to sabko hai jeeke bhi dekh le
chaahat ka ek jaam peeke bhi dekh le
marna to sabko hai jeeke bhi dekh le
chaahat ka ek jaam peeke bhi dekh le

marna to sabko hai jeeke bhi dekh le
chaahat ka ek jaam peeke bhi dekh le

5 Responses to "Jeene do aur jiyo"

Atul ji, Prakash ji,

Wow and thanks, for this lovely melody. Taxi Driver boasts of a parade of hit songs. Of these, four are perfromed on screen by Shiela Ramani. All her dances in this movie are just wonderful.



Oops, hit the submit button too soon.

The location of this song is a small restaurant. The owner of the restaurant is played by supporting actor MA Latif. Bhagwan Sinha (the thin and frail looking clean shaven person), plays the role of a gangster. Just before the song, there is an altercation between Dev Anand and Bhagwan Sinha, that escalates (almost) into a knife fight. Just then Shiela Ramani, who is working as a dance girl in the restaurant, intervenes with this song.

Once again, what a lovely creation.



Sudhirbhai, this song came back to me quickly as soon as I heard it here.

Sheila Ramani plays the role of Sylvie in this movie while Kalpana Kartik had the role of Mala. We can also see Rashid Khan, the short guy doing things with his fingers. I believe Rashid Khan was Dev Saab’s personal secretary/assistant for a long time.

Sheila Ramani’s smile is so much akin to that of Priyanka Chopra. In later years, Sheila Ramani gave up acting, and owned a travel agency in Bombay. The last I saw her was sometime in 1974-75 when she had become a bit more plump and willingly sported grey hair!

Those were the halcyon black and white movie days. Navketan’s Taxi Driver was one such movie enjoyed by us as children when the movie made its rounds of third-grade theaters (which were aplenty in South Bombay). I can never forget the thrill when any Navketan movie started with its branded gaslight that became aglow slowly!

I keep going down memory lane so much but it cannot be helped.


Arif Bhai

Thanks for adding more details here. Yes it brings back the memories of those wonderful years. I have written before about skipping college and going to see the reruns of such movies at 3rd grade cinema halls, at reduced rate shows in the morning. Later, when I was working in Bombay for a few years (sometimes in the 90s), I used to frequently see reruns of old movies. There were times, when some cinema hall would shcedule a week long festival of select movies; sometimes a week of Guru Dutt’s movies, sometimes of Dev Anand, sometimes of V Shantaram. I saw many movies like that.

Now, all that has changed with the coming of malls and multiplexes. And at least in Delhi now for many years, I have not seen any cinema hall (which are still left standing) playing any movies from the golden age. I miss that. 😦




I’ve been introduced to your blog by Raja and whenever I watch an old movie I come back here to to check out the songs and the trivia. I have learnt so much from your work and from those who support this blog.This is a huge effort and nothing but a deep passion can keep such a project going. Thank you for this!

Sheila Ramani, I just discovered her! And i come to know she passed away last year! What a stunning, gorgeous woman- and in this movie,Taxi Driver, she doesn’t even get the man in the end. 😦
A lovely movie nevertheless.

Thank you, once again, for this blog 🙂


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