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Main khili khili phulwaari

Posted on: July 30, 2011

When it comes to rare and special songs, this rare song is very very special indeed. This song is from “Subhadra” (1946).

People interested in Hindi movie music history may be aware that Lata made her singing debut in Hindi movies in 1946. This song is very much a song sung by her in her debut year.

That is not all. She had also acted in this movie and sang her own songs !

What is even more special about this song is that here Lata gets to sing with Shanta Apte, who to my mind has to be a real legend of the earlier decades of Hindi movies. Lata always regretted the fact that she did not get an opportunity to sing with K L Saigal. But she had the good fortune to not only sing, but act with Shanta Apte in this movie.

This song from “Subhadra” (1946) is very rare indeed. This song is sung by Shanta Apte, (who plays Subhadra,) and Lata (who plays her sakhi) and in this song Lata teasingly enquired the identity of Subhadra’s beloved.

Pt Sudarshan is the lyricist. Music is composed by Vasant Desai.

Song-Main khili khili phulwaari (Subhadra) (1946) Singers-Shanta Apte,Lata,Lyrics-Pt Sudarshan,MD-Vasant Desai


aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
main khili khili phulwaari
khili khili phulwaari
khili khili main khuli khuli
khili khili main khuli khuli
aa aa aa aa aa
main khili khili phulwaari

aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
kyaa chaand haath mein paayaa
chaand haath mein paayaa
wo tera tan man lahraayaa

kaun legaa chandra kalanki
kaun legaa chandra kalanki
wo hansta badhhta jaaye

main poochh pooch kar haari

aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
main khili khili phulwaari

hmm hmm hmm hmm
main samajh gayi
main samajh gayi

kyaa samajh gayi

main samajh gayi
main samajh gayi

tum nahin samajhti baaten mere man ki
hai kyaa kaaran jo bani baawri

tu bani baawri
apne jis priyatam ki
tu bani baawri
apne jis priyatam ki
sansaar badaa ye karta hai
Raja Duryodhan ki

mat lena ye naam

to saaf saaf batla do unka naam

unka naam
unka naam
praanon se pyaare mere preetam ka pyaaraa naam
praanon se pyaare mere preetam ka pyaaraa naam

kaho kaho

par sunke bhool hi jaanaa
sakhi ri
sunke bhool hi jaanaa
sakhi ri
ye bhed kahin na sunaaanaa
ye bhed kahin na sunaanaa
mera preetam hai
lakshya bhedne waalaa
pyaari pyaari hai jisko mogre ki maalaa
jinke aage surya pati ka shauryaa lajaayaa
wo Paarth ne jisko pyaaraa sakha banaayaa
wo hain mere saajan
wo hain mere saajan

naam hai jiska Arjun

veer Dhananjaya
veer dhanurdhaari
ho gayi un par balihaari
ho gayi un par balihaari
aa aa aa aa
main khili khili phulwaari
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa


5 Responses to "Main khili khili phulwaari"

Lata did some acting in her father’s drama company.
it was a drama name “Subhadra” due to absenteeism of one of his crew member, Lata played that part, later her father praised her performance.
Lata first recording song was in Marathi film “Kiti Hasal” (1942)
but it was never released.
(2) Marathi film “Paheli Mangalagaur” (1942) song; “Natli chaitrachi navalai”
(3) Her first hindi song “mata ek sapoot ki duniya badal de” Gajubhau (1943).

Atul ji,
This is the 3rd song of SUBHADRA you have discussed.In the earlier song ‘gori sudh na bisaar….’ dated 5th july 2011, I have given detailed information on the movie and its songs.
The 1943 film,mentioned above is GAJABHAU (not Gajubhau).

Sorry must be typo.

This is interesting. But it is quite puzzling, her most accounts and biographies mention her debut song as Aap Ki Sewa Mein (1947)’s thumri Paaon lagun kar jori re, Shyam mose na khelo hori. The mystery deepens because it is also a fact she acted with Noorjehan in Badi Maa (1945), and sung the bhajan Mata tere charnon mein. I wonder why all the experts and Lata Mangeshkar can not settle this basic fact once for all. Deshmukhji may please throw some light.

AK ji,
From whatever knowledge I have I will try to answer your query.
Lata acted in some Marathi and Hindi movies-
Pahli mangalagaur(M)-42
Maze baal-M-43
Chimukala Sansar-M-43
Badi Maa-H-45
Jeevan yatra-H-46
Chatrapati Shivaji-M-52

She sang her first Hindi song in Gajabhau-44,but it was a Marathi film.
It is true that she sang 2 songs in Badi Maa,but Mata tere charnonme was with Ishwarlal and chorus.Similarly,the other song-Janani janmabhoomi was with Minakshi.Also,in Subhadra,she sang with Shanta Apte.
While she sang 3 songs in Aapki sewa mein,the first recorded(i.e. a song for which separate recording was done to make records for selling in the market) song was Paa lagu.
All earlier songs,if available(very few),are rerecorded/copied from the film clips or only videos.They are not available,I think,as separate records,as none was made into a record.
That may be the reason why Aapki sewa mein is Lata’s first solo hindi song(paa laagu).
one must remember that in 30s and 40s,all songs of the film were not made into records for sale.( in one of my earlier postings,I have given the figures of songs and records).

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