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Main kyaa kahoon raat ki baat sakhi

Posted on: August 7, 2011

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movies and a regular contributor to this blog. The audio of this rare song,which was presumed extinct, has also been discovered and provided by him.

‘Tilasmi Duniya’ is a film from 1946, for which much information is not available so far from known sources. The movie was produced under the banner of Jupiter Art Pictures, Bombay and directed by AM Khan. The listed star cast for this movie is S Kulkarni, Sarla Devi, Sita Devi, Shiraaz, Rampyaari, Agha Peerjaan, Rafiq, Madhukar Gupte, Narmada Shankar, Mehndi Raja, Ansari. Three songs from this flm are already posted on this blog. Here is a very rare fourth offering of this obscure movie

Regular followers of this blog would have guessed it by now. The music composition is by Sajjaad Hussain, and that is what makes this addition even more significant. Sajjaad Saab has composed music for just about a 100 songs. This is the 60th song composed under his baton, that is now included on this blog. The name of lyricist is not available, and neither is the name of the singer. But the voice of the singer appears the same as that of the song Bache raho bache raho ham nahin jaanen from this same movie. And that singer is identified as Sitara Devi. So it would appear that Sitara Devi is the singer of this song too.

The music by Sajjaad Saab, as always, is very different and captivating. This quality makes his creations stand out as a work of genius. Anil Biswas once hailed Sajjaad Saab as the only original composer in the Hindi film industry. And listening to this piece, one can comprehend the import of this claim.

The lyrics are a very interesting tete-a-tete between two friends. One of them is recounting the events of the previous night. Coming from 1946, these lyrics sound very candid and uninhibited. Although the words are simple and innocuous, yet the underlying connotations are very suggestive. The lady is expressing her experience of fear as she found a thief enter her room at night. She is apprehensive, and yet she is daring to find out what he would do. She does not make any sound till he tries to touch her hair. And then. . .

Listen to this interesting narration to find out how this episode concluded. 🙂

Song-Main kyaa kahoon raat ki baat sakhi (Tilasmi Duniya) (1946) Singer- Sitara Devi, MD-Sajjad Hussain


main kyaa kahoon
raat ki baat sakhi ri
main kyaa kahoon
raat ki baat sakhi ri
sakhi ri
ik chor dabe paaon aayaa
ik chor dabe paaon aayaa
phir mere palang ke paas aa kar
phir mere palang ke paas aa kar
chehre se dupatta sarkaayaa
haan kyaa kahoon
raat ki baat sakhi ri
sakhi ri
ik chor dabe paaon aayaa
main padi padi ye soch rahi thhi
main padi padi ye soch rahi thhi
dekhoon to muaa kyaa karta hai
neeyat to buree nahin uski
haan neeyat to buree nahin uski
hadd se to nahin guzartaa hai
hadd se to nahin guzartaa hai
kyaa kahoon
raat ki baat sakhi ri
sakhi ri
ik chor dabe paaon aayaa

halkaa sa haath phera us ne
halkaa se haath phera us ne
ulajh parey bhikre baalon par
chor chor jab chillaayee
bola wo machaao dhoom nahin
dekhaa to wohi nikley baalam
bas aage kuchh maloom nahin
maaloom nahin
maaloom nahin
maaloom nahin


1 Response to "Main kyaa kahoon raat ki baat sakhi"

The singer is Sitara of Kanpur and not to be confused with actress Sitara. The former had hit songs in “Mun ki Jeet” and “Pugree”

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