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Aaj mausam salonaa salonaa re

Posted on: August 7, 2011

Judging by the songs of the movie, I can guess that this movie “Jhoola” (1941) was a highly entertaining movie. The movie was a romantic comedy movie and the movie in fact served as the inspiration for later movies viz “Padosan” (1968). How inspired “Padosan” was from “Jhoola” (1941) could be gauged from the fact that the lyrics of the iconic song Ek chatur naar karke singaar of Padosan(1968) is inspired from the song Ek chatur naar karkar singaar of “Jhoola” (1941).

“Jhoola” (1941) had really nice songs in it and listening to them even today, some seven decades later is great fun.

Here is a song from “Jhoola” (1941). It is sung by Ashok Kumar, Rahmat Bano and Arun Kumar. Pradeep is the lyricist and music is composed by Saraswati Devi, the first female music director of Hindi movies.

Ashok Kumar sings for himself, but I am not sure who are the other two actors in the picturisation lip syncing in the voice of Rahmat Bano and Arun Kumar. Also, is this Arun Kumar same as Arun Kumar Mukherji or he is Arun Kumar Ahuja, Govinda’s father ? So many doubts ! I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on these matters.

PS-The man singing in Arun Kumar’s voice in Mumtaz Ali, father of Mehmood. I thank Mr Sadanand Kamath for this identification.

Meanwhile, enjoy this nice song from “Jhoola” (1941)



Song-Aaj mausam salonaa salonaa re (Jhoola) (1941) Singer-Ashok Kumar, Rahmat Bano, Arun Kumar, Lyrics-Pradeep, MD-Saraswati Devi
Rahmat Bano + Arun Kumar


din salonaa ritu saloni
mausam salonaa

(kyun bhaiyya
ye kaun naya gaanaa bana daalaa kyaa
nahin nahin
arre ye gaanaa to us ladki ne chithhi mein likh bhela hai
meri qasam
zara sunaao naa
kaun hai ye ladki
arre Satish bhaiyya ke liye ek nargis hai
ussi ne likha hai

tana tanaa tana tanaa tere nana
aaj mausam salonaa-salonaa re
aaj mausam salonaa-salonaa re
haan salona re
din salonaa ritu saloni
mausam salonaa re

chamke chamaacham mere sapne
chamke chamaacham mere sapne
jaise chaandi-sonaa re
mausam salonaa-salonaa re
haan salonaa re
din salonaa ritu saloni
mausam salonaa re

kiskaa aaj sandesaa aayaa
dason dishaa mein aanand chhaayaa
kiskaa aaj sandesaa aayaa
dason dishaa mein aanand chhaayaa
mere man mein chhabi kisi ki
karti jaadoo-tonaa re
mausam salonaa-salonaa re
aaj mausam salona salona re
haan salonaa re

haan salonaa re
din salonaa ritu saloni
mausam salonaa re

mere jeewan mein jaagi deewaali
aaj hazaaron deepak waali
mere jeewan mein jaagi deewaali
aaj hazaaron deepak waali
jagmag-jagmag ho gayaa mere
man kaa konaa-konaa re
man kaa konaa-konaa re
mausam salonaa-salonaa re
aaj mausam salona salona re

haan salonaa re
haan salonaa re
haan salonaa re
(cough cough)
haa haa haa

gana to bada sureela likh ke bheja hai us ladki ne
aur kyaa
ek tu hai ki do ghadi pyaar se baaten bhi nahin karti
jab dekho haay alla haay allah
aur tum to jaise har waqt pyaar ki jhadi lagaate rehte ho
baat bat mein meri qasam teri qasam
meri qasam teri qasam )

16 Responses to "Aaj mausam salonaa salonaa re"

My guess : The actor on the bed is Mumtaz Ali, the father of comedian Mahmood. I know for sure that the actor in other songs ‘Main to bambai se dulhan laya hoon’ is Mumtaz Ali and in my view, shape of the nose of both the actorsappears to be similar.

I have no idea about the identity of other actress in the song but she appears to be the same actress in both the songs.


I had also guessed him to be Mumtaz Ali. Let me check who is the actress based on your clue.


The other song may please be read as ‘Main to dilli se dulhan laya re’.
Sorry for the mistake.


Atul ji,
JHOOLA(1941) was the 3rd consecutive successful movie of Bombay Talkies,after its Kangan(1939) and Bandhan(1940).
The singer in this song is Arunkumar Mukherjee,who was cousin brother of Ashok,Kishore and Anup kumar.He was also related to S.mukherjee,the producer of Jhoola.Director Gyan Mukherjee also wrote the story and screenplay with P.L.Santoshi.
SARASWATI DEVI (real name Khursheed Manchersher Minochar-Homji),was NOT the first Music Director of India,as popularly believed.Of course she was the first prolific lady music Director giving music to about 40 films from 1935 to 1961.
The honour of being the FIRST woman Music Director goes to ISHRAT SULTANA aka BIBBO,who gave music to Adl-e-jahangir(1934) and then to Qazzak ki Ladki in 1937.
The SECOND lady Music Director is considered JADDAN BAI (mother of Nargis) who gave music to Talaash-e-haq in 1935 only,but her film was released before Saraswati Devi’s first film Jawani ki Hawa(1935).She gave music to 5 films in 36 and 37,together.
Thus SARASWATI DEVI is the THIRD woman Music Director of India.
however,Sarawati Devi was considered more talented and original in her music.
The song ‘Koi hamdam na raha’ sung by Ashok kumar in film Jeevan Naiyya(1936) and composed by her was extremely popular and later copied(by words and tune)by KISHORE KUMAR in his film JHUMROO.


Thanks a lot for all these highly useful information.


A few lines of the song ‘Aaj mousam salonaa salonna’ is also incorporated in ‘ Main to dilli se dulhan laya re’ towards the end.


You are right.


While Ek chatur naar‘s original Naar kare singaar is available on Youtube, I have been desperate to get the original Koi humdum na raha from Jeevan Naiyafor quite some time. Can you please help?


Even I became aware of “Koi hamdam na raha” being originally from a 1937 movie only after the above comment. I think that the most one can hope for is an audio of that song. It is unlikely that the video of the original movie will be available. I will need to search for this song.


The audio link of ‘Koi hamdam na raha’ sung by Ashok Kumar from Jeevan Naiya (1936) :


Thanks a lot for the link to “Jeewan Naiyya” (1937) song. It is a great discovery and it calls for a special article of its own.


I am not sure whether the original song ‘Koi humdum na raha’ from JEEVAN NAIYA is available on the internet. This video link may be of interest to you :


The audio of this song was exchanged in Hamara Forum some time back, so the audio of this song is indeed available. I have never been comfortable with the way “Hamara Forum” functions though I used to be a member (inactive) there. I think my account is no longer active there.

Those who are more comfortable with that forum may be able to get the audio of this song there. If anyone is able to locate the song and share it (or I am myself able to locate it), then we can discuss this song here.


geet badaa salonaa


It is nice to know that you are able to go down memory lane through these songs. welcome to the community of like minded music lovers.


Dear Atul,
The link to the song


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