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Toone khoob rachaa bhagwaan khilaunaa maati kaa

Posted on: August 8, 2011

“Naagmani” (1957) is not a movie that too many people have heard of or know much about. But even those people have definitely heard at least one song from this movie, without being aware of the fact that they are listening to a song from “Naagmani” (1957).

This immortal song is Pinjre ke panchhi re tera dard na jaane koye. What a moving song about the plight of a caged bird ! This immortal song from “Naagmani” (1957) was written and sung by the one and the only kavi Pradeep.

When one thinks of the plight of certain human beings, one feels that their plight was not much different from that of the caged bird on whose behalf Pradeep wrote this song. What about the plight of Geeta Dutt ! Her personal as well as professional life was destroyed irretrievably after her ill fated marriage to Guru Dutt. The pain and despondency, and the feeling opf helplessness that Geeta Dutt felt also needed to be expressed by poets like Pradeep.

And Pradeep in fact gave expression to Geeta Dutt’s feelings, and that too in the same movie, viz ‘Naagmani” (1957) itself, and the song was sung by Geeta Dutt.

Here is this moving song where the poet and the singer talk about this God’s creation called himan being which can exaserpate everyone because of its unpredictable and illogical behaviour.

It is a wonderful song written with feeling and sung with feeling. and the music by Avinash Vyas provided just the right accompaniment for this song.

Song-Toone khoob rachha bhagwaan khilauna maati kaa (Naagmani) (1957) Singer-Geeta Dutt, Lyrics-Pradeep, MD-Avinash Vyas


toone khoob racha bhagwaan khilauna maati kaa
jise koi na saka pehchaan khilauna maati kaa
toone khoob racha bhagwaan khilauna maati kaa

waah re tera insaan vidhaataa
iska bhed samajh mein na aataa
dharti se hai iska naataa
magar hawaa mein qile banaataa
apni uljhan aap badhhaataa
aa aa aa
apni uljhan aap badhhaataa
hota khud hairaan
khilaunaa maati hai
toone khoob rachha
khoob gadhha Bhagwaan
khilauna maati hai

kabhi to ek dam rishhta jode
kabhi achhanak mamta tode
hoke paraaya mukhhda modey
apnon ko manjdhaar mein chhote
sukh ki khoj mein it ut daude
e e e
sukh ki khoj mein it ut daude
kitna ye naadaan
khilauna maati
toone khoob rachha
khoob gadhha bhagwaan
khilauna maati hai
isse koi na saka pehchhan
khilauna maati hai
toone khoob rachha
khilauna maati hai

17 Responses to "Toone khoob rachaa bhagwaan khilaunaa maati kaa"

Atul ji,

GEETA DUTT was an excellent singer,good looking,young,happily married and much in demand till late 1957.
The film NAAGMANI was released in sep 1957.
Her tragedy started only AFTER Naagmani,not before.
Only 2 singers managed to survive the onslaught of Lata in the 50s.Geeta and Shamshad.S.D.Burman and Geeta played havoc in music field in the 50s with her songs.While doing songs for Baazi,she fell in love with its Director Guru Dutt and they married on 20-5-53.After 3 children(Tarun,Arun and Neena),Geeta sang her best songs for Guru Dutt films with O.P.Nayyar,who foresake Shamshad Begum for her and Asha.Now there were only Lata and Geeta left.
On the fateful Puja Day in late 1957,Geeta objected Guru’s relations with Waheeda and refused to work in Guru’s dream project’Gauri’.In retaliation,he banned her from singing outside.Shewas upset,she neglected her work,stopped Riaz and was unavailable to other composers.It was Geeta who started drinking first and Guru Dutt followed suit.Guru committed suicide on 10-10-64.Geeta was broken.She neither had songs nor the Husband.She faced financial mess and had Nervous breakdown.
She went to Calcutta,did some songs,some shows and even acted as Heroine in ‘Badhu Bharan(67) in Bengali.
She came back to Bombay.It is said(by O.P. himself),one day she telephoned O.P.Nayyar and asked for work.He avoided her with some tame promise-never fulfilled.
She died of Cirhosis of Liver on 20.7.72
An extraordinary singer with more than 1000 songs to her credit disappeared for ever !


Thanks for this information. The fact that her troubles started in late 1957 was not known to me.


It`s very very sad, there are no words to express the feelings. The singer who gave us so much joy through their voice had to face such a tragic end, why ???


Arun ji, Prakash ji,

Yes indeed a sad destiny for a talent so profound. After Guru Dutt’s passing away, we progessively hear less and less of her, till in 1971 Kanu Roy records the songs for Anubhav – ‘Meri Jaan, Mujhe Jaan Na Kaho Meri Jaan’, ‘Koi Chupke Se Aa Ke’, ‘Mera Dil Jo Mera Hota’. The songs are so pure and well done. There was a flurry in the industry, as it seemed that the nightingale would be making a comeback. But alas God had other plans, as she succumbed to her personal and health problems less than a year after Anubhav was released. A sad loss indeed.



Sudhir ji,
When Geeta Dutt came back from Calcutta after earning a little money,she wanted to start a new life all over again.For this,she was ready to swallow pride also.That’s why she telephoned O.P.Nayyar asking for work.
O.P.Nayyar said about this incident ” When I saw Geeta in some function I was stunned.She had lost her glow and become very weak too.I could not talk to her,we only waved at each others.After about 4-5 days,I got a phone call.It was Geeta on the other side.She said,’ Nayyar saab,aap to hamko bhool hi gaye.Aaj bhi mai aapke liye gaana chahti hoon.’
I didnot know what to say.I said, ‘Aisi koi baat nahin hai Geetaji.Main bhi chaahta hun aapke saath kaam karana.Main dekhata hun kya ho sakta hai ‘
I kept the phone.Till today,I feel bad that I didnot call her or give her any songs.May be,it would have changed her. ”
Geeta too realised that now Nayyarsaab will not give her any work(because of Asha Bhosle,as their’ friendship’ was in full swing that time.)
It was then that KANU ROY,her real brother, came to her rescue and she sang for Anubhav.


Arun ji,

So true, the situation is regrettable. But I would ask the question of the entire industry. Why was it that Geeta Dutt had to go and ask for work. The songs of Anubhav were evidence enough that the sparkle in her voice was still there, no matter what the personal tribulations had been. If Nayyar saab was hesitant due to his ‘friendship’ with Asha ji, there were a score of other composers who could have well come forward and utilized her talents. Obviously none did.

One simply has to put it to the hand of destiny in the final count. Just wish it was not so. 😦



For Geeta Dutt perhaps it was the case of time and tide waiting for none. By 1971, old brigade of music directors had more or less given way to RDB, LP, KA etc. Only SDB was still significant. With Lata and Asha ruling the womens playback scene there was no scope for any one else. Regards.


Sudhir ji,
I entirely agree with what Nahm ji has said.
However,to put the records straight,following few songs were done by Geeta Dutt,AFTER Anubhav :
1) film – Bhool na jana-MD Daan singh-solo song
2) ‘ -Midnight-MD Subir sen-2 duets with Talat
3) ‘ -Subah-MD C.Arjun-duet with Rafi
4) ‘ -Film hi film- ” ”
5)’ -Baraat- ” ”
6)'” Daughter of Sindbad ” ”
7) 2 solo songs in Bhojpuri film Aye Basant Bahar -MD Hemant Kr.
8) 2 solos in Apradh,1 solo in Dil Bahar and 1 duet with Sulochana Kadam.(source of


Arun ji, Nahm Bhai,

Yes, the flow of life is such that time and tide wait for no one. (Still, I have my own reservations / opinion on how I would respond to someone near and dear in need. But that is another discussion.)

Regarding the films that Arun ji has listed above, and also at the web site, I did some research and came up with the following:

1. Bhool Na Jaana
An absolutely wonderful solo under the direction of Daan Singh, ‘Mere Hamnashin Mere Humnawaan’. The film Bhool Na Jaana was never released, as in it did not get censor certified. One reference that I could locate (unconfirmed) says that the movie was completed in 1965. The songs were recorded and were released the same year.

2. Midnight also lists this film as released in 1972. However, I have not been able to trace any other information about this movie. Two songs, one solo and one duet are available on YouTube. I listened to them. IMHO the sound of the voice is so much unlike Geeta Dutt, even compared to 1971 recordings of Anubhav. There is one more comment on the You Tube posting itself, that doubts the authenticity of the voice. The online contributors have given the release as sometimes in 1971 or 72. Also that the record for this film was released from London (by a company called Zel La Records). The movie was not released (as in censor certified), and there is no other information available about any other aspect of the movie, except the name, the composer’s name and the two songs. One wonders if this was a movie or a non-film collection of songs, with a title Midnight.

3. Subah aka Subah Zaroor Aayegi
This is a very interesting finding. There is a movie from 1966 by the name Sushila. I tracked down the film Subah Zaroor Aayegi (with the Rafi/Geeta duet). This one is a formally released film in 1977. However, the list of songs, music director, lyricist and singers is exactly the same. One possibility is that the songs were re-used in totality. Other possibility, which is also suggested by other sources, is that this film was simply a recertification and the re-release of the original film Sushila from 1966, under a different name. It also ties with the fact that one of the songs in this movie is the iconic Talat-Rafi duet ‘Gam Ki Andheri Raat Mein, Dil Ko Na Beqaraar Kar’. The second line of this song is the source of the movie name. The second line is ‘Subah Zaroor Aayegi, Subah Ka Intezaar Kar’. Regardless which possibility is correct, the songs were originally recorded in 1965-66.

4. Ayel Basant Bahaar (Bhojpuri)
This film is a normal release in the year 1963. Music composer is rightly identified as Hemant Kumar. Geeta ji has one solo song and a duet with Manna Dey in this movie.

5. Balmaa Bada Nadaan (Bhojpuri)
This is with reference to the duet with Sulochana Kadam, once again it is from a Bhojpuri film, formally released in the year 1964. Music composer for this film is also Hemant Kumar.

6. Film Hi Film
Now this is another very interesting finding. ‘Film Hi Film’ is a 1983 release film, and it is a film about making films. The uncertain thing about this film is its release status. Because apparently this is not censor certified (I could be wrong), but there is material available online that confirms the release of this movie to cinema theatres in 1983. This film uses material from a lot of unreleased films from the prior years. Especially there is a song ‘Hum Khoob Jaante Hain Kya Dil Mein Hai Tumhaare’ from an un-released Raj Khosla film Saajan Ki Galiyaan (1966 or 1968). This is a wonderful triplet, Mohammed Rafi, Geeta Dutt, and Suman Kalyanpur, and picturized on Dev Anand, Sadhna and Zahida. Lyrics are by Hasrat Jaipuri and composition is by Shanker Jaikishan. It appears that this movie was almost completely made but could not be released, for some reason. Songs are available online. I could locate the one I mentioned above, plus a few more. This one is a superb song.

7. Apradh
You have listed Apradh as one of the movies for which Geeta ji has sung two solos. Just checking if the name of the film is correct. In 1972, there is the Feroze Khan’s Apraadh, with music by Kalyanji-Anandji. No songs by Geeta ji. Then in 1974, there is Apraadhi, (Kiran Kumar, Yogeeta Bali), with music by Usha Khanna. Once again no songs by Geeta ji.

8. Daughter of Sindbad
This film is a 1958 release with music by Chitragupt, and yes 6 of the 8 songs are sung by Geeta ji. There is no later release listed by the same name.

9. For the remaining two movies listed viz., Baraat, and Dil Bahar, I have not been able to trace any information. None of these are censor certified releases, at least not in the 70s.

Additional songs listed by

10. Insaan Aur Insaan
Once again, an unreleased film, for which songs were recorded. The exact date is not confirmed anywhere, but indications are that this film was also in production in 1971, and the songs were recorded in 1971 also. Geeta ji has sung a gem of a song for this film ‘Latt Uljhi Hai Suljha De Morey Baalma’, audio is available on You Tube.

11. Jwaalaa
Jwaala is the last film that Madhubala acted in. The production of this film started sometimes in 1964 or 1965. Then the film was on hold for a very long time on account of Madhubala’s health. The film was completed and released in 1970. There is one duet song that Geeta ji has sung in this movie. Important to note that most likely the recording of the songs happened in 1964 or 1965.

12. Raat Ki Uljhan
As per the name, this is the most perplexing lead to follow. There are conflicting opinions whether this movie ever existed. Maybe it was conceptualized, but apparently no work was done on it. Then sometimes in the 70s, a cassette appeared in the grey market, purportedly carrying the songs of this movie. The lyrics are by Gulzar and the music composition is by Salil Chaudhry. The songs are available on the YouTube, and the audio can be downloaded. One of the songs is Talat – Geeta duet ‘Gul Khile Ya Na Khile’. The problem with this recording is that once again, the voice does not sound like Geeta Dutt. And comments to that effect are already posted on the web, stating that the voice is most likely Sabita Mukherjee, and not Geeta ji.

Pending clarification, confirmation to some of the items above, it implies that after or concurrent to Anubhav recordings in 1971, the only other confirmed recording is for the un-released movie Insaan Aur Insaan. No other items listed pass muster for being a fresh recording by Geeta ji after 1971.



Sudhir ji,
I appreciate your perseverence and ‘lagan’ in trying to go to the root of the info.
The above also reconfirms how,most of the times,info available on Internet may be misleading or may be a half-truth.
Thanks once again for an attempt to put records staright.
Normally,I dont depend on the Internet sites for any info,but since this was a special site of Geeta Dutt,I took the info and also mentioned the source,having my own doubts.
As I said many times earlier,it is not an easy task to dig out info about old songs,singers,films or other related matters from the conflicting cluster of informations provided by tentative sources on Internet.
Truly,we are into a Jauhari’s job.


Sudhir ji,
I have found out information about some films,with details,for your information.
1)Film hi Film -1983. It was produced by Shahab International and was directed by Hiren Naag,Music Director was Bhappi Lahiri.
The cast included-Shekhar,Pran,Mohan Choti,Anand Joshi,Arun Desai,Birbal,Dev Sharma,Farheen,Khan Ishtiaq,Moolchand,Pt.Iqbal,Ramesh Deo,Seema DeoSamar Mathews etc.
The story was about a producer Gyanchand who wants to produce a film,but due to some financial irregularities he goes to jail for 5 years.After coming back,he wants to produce a low budget film,but faces many obstacles etc etc.(The Film hi Film that you mentione seems to be a different film.I know that was a film as even I have read about it.There was another movie,I think,Cinema Cinema-which was also made with bits of many unreleased film-If I am not mistaken.E &OE )
Anyway,I have heard 3 songs of this film-ofcourse none is by Geeta Dutt,but there could be more songs,I dont know about that.

2) SUBAH-1983 was produced and Directed by Jabbar Patel and the cast included Smita Patil,Girish Karnad,Ashalata Kashmiri,Shrikant Moghe etc. The music Director was Hridaynath Mangeshkar
The story was about a selfish Lawyer who was ready to compromise human values for money,and his principled wife who separates and fights with him.
I heard its 5 songs,none is of Geeta Dutt of course.

3)Baraat-1960. It was directed by K.Amarnath,the music was of Chitragupt and the cast was Ajit,Shakila,Murad etc.
I heard its 3 songs,none was of Geeta Dutt.The famous song of Mukesh
‘Muft huye Badnaam’ is from this film.



What a great research on the matter of Geeta Dutt songs ! It is highly informative as well as eye opening.

Indeed, getting information about Hindi movie music and validating the information is a tough job, and not everyone is cut out for it. Most people would rather give up and cut and paste the incorrect information available on internet. Fortunately we do not believe in taking such non authentic information at face value.

Such discussions will hopefully help break many myths about the existing information on the topic.


Atul ji,
Thanks for your encouraging appreciation of our efforts to go to the reality.I must also thank Sudhir ji,because of whom we are alert and become enthused for this type of actions.
Its almost like a jugalbandi-where the only objective is satisfaction and achieving a sense of fulfilment for all of us.


Looking at the people closes to the tragic lives of Guru Dutt & Geeta Dutt. The two kids they had, the son i have seen in a few T. V. programes talking at length about his parent. A few years ago i saw a photo and small paragraph about Guru Dutt’s grand daughter in ‘Bombay Times’. It seemed like publicity photo. Now the search on the net has revealed these news items :



Atul ji, Arun ji,

Yes, thanks for the encouragment and appreciation. The more I get into this exercise, I am really surprised by the amount of patchy and simply errorneous information that many websites are posting, based on simple hearsay, or incorrect and un-researched memories. And the disaster is that this incorrect information is getting replicated and perpeturated on the net. There are many websites which have created blank and grossly incomplete pages for films requested, just to increase the traffic to their website. Only very very few sites are really carrying reliable and authentic information.

Documentation has been the bane of the Hindi film industry. So much wrong information is being created because the original documentation for the films, especially from the 1930s and 40s, is simply not available or partly available. E.g. the unresolved question of who is the correct music director for Alam Ara (1931), remains unsolved because no documents are availabe for the movie. The National Film Archives (Pune), that used to have an original copy, never cared to document any information from the film itself. That print, and many other priceless prints were lost in a disastrous fire in 2003, that ravaved the store house building of National Film Archives. And to think that they had with them such invaluable and irreplaceable cultural treasures with them for years, and not one bit of effort to make copies or to document details. Sad, sad, sad state of affairs.

I also try to rely on other non net sources, through email – people like Harmandir ji, Surjit ji, Harish ji who have an impeccable track record of serious personal research into this subject, and for sharing authentic information. And yes, couple of close friends in the Delhi area with large collections of very old records. Sometimes it helps to view the original record itself and confirm some information.

Arun ji,
I so like your similie of a ‘jugalbandi’ :). I really appreciate your spirit and the spirit of other like minded friends on this blog. Thanks to all.



Indeed, you have expressed my sentiments on the matter of (1) incorrect/incomplete documentation in the form of cut and paste information (2) Sites creating blank pages claiming to have information in them and (3) Government organisations sitting on piles of valuable documents and not prepared to make copies/share them with interested individuals and in the end losing the documents through sheer negligece.

To that we can also add movie industry/music industry. It is their industry so why they should not invest time and money and manpower to create grand archives and collect authentic information about their history and share them with interested individuals. why should it be left to private individuals, mostly unconnected with the industry to do the work that should have been done by the industry ?


thank you very much for posting such a lovely song…It is very painstaking to organize with lyrics..hats off to you sir..I surely would like haunt the site over & again as very old songs of my liking are posted..


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