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Kit gaye ho khewanhaar

Posted on: August 18, 2011

“Achhoot Kanya” (1936), a movie produced by Himanshu Rai was a movie on a daring subject of its time, viz untouchability. And the movie turned out to be a landmark movie on several counts.

Apart from the usual landmaks that are already known, this movie also set some records rather inadvertently which went unnoticed.

Those were the days when playback singing was not yet in vogue. R C Boral had reluctantly tried it for the first time just a few months ago in Calcutta. Other music directors were not yet ready for trying out playback singing either. All actors in the movie had to sing theuir own songs, however badly they sang. That is how we find the lead pair of this movie (Ashok Kumar and Devika Rani) singing the song Main ban ki chidiya which ended up as an immortal song in the annals of Hindi movie music.

Khursheed Manchersher Minocher – Homji was a Parsi lady who was the music director in this movie. There was uch hue and cry about a Parsi Lady working in movies. Despite such stiff resistance from the community, she continued to work, but got her name changed to a non Parsi sounding name of Saraswati Devi. Her sister Manek was also in movies and she too had changed her name to a non Parsi sounding name of Chandraprabha.

Chandraprabha was playing a role in this movie and she was required to record a song live that was to be picturised on herself, as was the system of recording songs those days. But on the day of the recording cum picturisation, Chandraprabha developed a sore throat. Himanshu Rai, instead of postponing the recording, asked Saraswati Devi to hide behind a cutrain and sing the song from there while Chandraprabha enacted in on the screen.

Thus, Saraswati Devi became perhaps the second music diirector to use (inadventently) the technique of playback singing for a song. With this, she became the first playback singer cum music director. She also became the first ever playback singer to provide playback for her sibling. Much later, Kishore Kumar would give playback for Ashok Kumar, his brother. such cases of a plaback singer singng for his/her sibling may indeed be a very rare occurence.

Here is this very special (and rare) song from “Achhoot Kanya” (1936). It is sung by Saraswati Devi, who is also the music director. J S Kashyap “Nathwa” is the lyricist of this song.

PS-I thank Mr Sadanad Kamath for making me aware of the video link of this song.



Song-Kit gaye ho khewanhaar (Achhoot Kanya) (1936) Singer-Saraswati Devi,Lyrics-J S Kashyap Natawa,MD-Saraswati Devi


kit gaye ho khewanhaar
kit gaye ho khewanhaar
kit gaye ho khewanhaar
naiyaa doobti
naiyaa doobbti
kit gaye ho khewanhaar
kit gaye ho khewanhaar

jo main aisaa jaanti
preet kiye dukh hoye
nagar dhandhoraa peetati
preet na kariyo koye
mohe chhaade gaye majhdhaar
mohe chhaade gaye majhdhaar

naiyaa doobti
naiyaa doobti
kit gaye ho khewanhaar
kit gaye ho khewanhaar
kit gaye ho

bichhad gaye more sang-sanghaati
naav khewaiyaa jeewan-saathi
bichhad gaye more sang-sanghaati
naav khewaiyaa jeewan-saathi
naav khewaiyaa jeewan-saathi
mohe kaun lagaawe paar
mohe kaun lagaawe paar
mohe kaun lagaawe paar

naiyyaa doobti
naiyyaa doobti
kit gaye ho khewanhaar
kit gaye ho khewanhaar
kit gaye ho khewanhaar

2 Responses to "Kit gaye ho khewanhaar"

Here is the video link of this song :

Devi Rani ? Obviously it is typo error.


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