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Hamen duniya ko dil ke zakhm dikhlaanaa nahin aataa

Posted on: September 4, 2011

“Aadhi Raat” (1950) is a movie starring Ashok Kumar and Nargis, no less ! I never knew that this duo ever worked in a movie together. Not only did they work together, they even lip synced a duet in the movie. And that too a duet sung by Lata and Rafi.

Here is this duet song from “Aadhi Raat” . Asad Bhopali is the lyricist and what superb lyrics he has come up with. Husnlal Bhagatram composed the music and they have come up with their typical listing music which was such a rage those days.

I have no idea how the movie fared at the box office, but it is clear that this is one of the lesser known Rafi-Lata duets and I wonder if its video is available. This pair of Ashok Kumar and Nargis did not come together again, and that may give us some idea how this movie may have fared at the box office.

Song-Hamen duniya ko dil ke zakhm dikhlaanaa nahin aataa (Aadhi Raat) (1950) Singers-Lata, Rafi, Lyrics-Asad Bhopali, MD-Husnlal Bhagatram


hamen duniyaa ko dil ke zakhm dikhlaanaa nahin aataa
hamen duniyaa ko dil ke zakhm dikhlaanaa nahin aataa
tadap lete hain lekin unko tadpaanaa nahin aataa
hamen duniyaa ko dil ke zakhm dikhlaanaa nahin aataa

ghadi bhar ke liye bhi door unse rah nahin sakte
tumhen ham chaahte hain unse ye bhi keh nahin sakte
naa jaane kyun zubaan par dil kaa afsaanaa nahin aataa
hamen duniyaa ko dil ke zakhm dikhlaanaa nahin aataa

koi haalat ho duniyaa pyaar ki aabaad rahti hai
kabhi jab wo nahin hote to unki yaad rahti hai
mohabbat wo kali hai jisko murjhaanaa nahin aataa
hamen duniyaa ko dil ke zakhm dikhlaanaa nahin aataa

umangen jaag utthi hain tamannaa muskaraayi hai
hamaare dil ne armaanon ki ik mehfil sajaayi hai
ye wo mehfil hai jismen koi begaanaa nahin aataa
hamen duniyaa ko dil ke zakhm dikhlaanaa nahin aataa
tadap lete hain lekin unko tadpaanaa nahin aataa
hamen duniyaa ko dil ke zakhm dikhlaanaa nahin aataa

11 Responses to "Hamen duniya ko dil ke zakhm dikhlaanaa nahin aataa"

I rate this song very close to ‘Kashti ka kamosh safar hai’ from GIRL FRIEND in expression of love. The prelude to the song, probably in trumpet sets the right atmosphere for the song.

The audio link for the song seems to be bit slow in speed to me. Please check out from the new audio link given below. If you feel it is really so, you may like to replace the audio link with a new one.


In continuation….

Atul, thank you very much for fulfilling my farmaish so early in discussing this song.


Atul ji,

What wonderful discoveries are continued to be posted on the blog these days. These voices and rhythms that are more than 40, 50 years old, are such a pleasure to listen to.

This is such a lovely song.



New Delhi, 6th September 2011.

Atul Ji,

This is a great song and highly melodius and there is no comparison. The lyrics are great and the music: no words to state. I listen to this very regularly from my own collection.

Warm regards,
Mohan Lal


if my memory is correct, i think ashok kumar and nargis did come in the film deedar 1951 though other star like dilip kumar also acted in this film .


wonderful song!!!!!!!!! after a long long time i am hearing most melodious song from duo rafi saab and lataji..somewhere in back of mind i feel there is one song from film jugnu (old film) also has a reciting like the one which is in this film . am i right?


Ashok Kumar & Nargis(with ChandraMohan) were there together in Mehboob Productions HUMAYUN(1945)(Music by Gulam Haider)


Prakashji, Arunji,
So far I knew only two movies of Chandra Mohan- Amrutmanthan and Pukar. My father, a big fan of him, used to tell us his role in the movie, Amrutmanthan. Now I know his third movie, Humayun. Can you give me the list of his movies? I have seen only Pukar and wish to see other movies of him, if I can find dvds. Thanks,
-Khyati Bhatt


I have seen Chandramohan,only once in my childhood ,in V.shantharam`s SHAKUNTALA with Jayashree)
Otherwise I have learnt about him through Gretaji of MEMSAABSTORY.(One of amazing blog about old and new Hindi movies,Please visit that blog, I am sure you will love “MemsaabStory”)In that blog, Greta ji reviewed Chandramohan movies like Humaayun(1945),Roti(1942)AmarJyothi(1936)Pukar(1939).

Other movies in which he acted are(according to IMDB, I don`t know how much correct their information is??)
6)Draupadi(194 )
11)Apna Ghar(1942)
12)The Bread(1942)
18)Amar Jyothi(1936)
19)The Holy Year(1935)
20)Amrit Manthan(1934)


Are baap re! Prakashbhai, meine to ek phool ki khwaish ki thhi, aap ne pura guldasta hi nazrana kar diya. (Which I don’t mind). Mein sochh ti thi ki Chandramohan ki movie ki dvds le loongi, ab itni saari to shayad India me hi mil sakti hai. To jab India aana hoga (hope soon) tab hi ho payega. It’s so hard to write hindi this way. Notice two words LOONGI & SAARI in my hindi write up. 😆


Is it possible to write all the lyrics in Devnagri scripts?


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