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Mujhe le chalo aaj us gali mein

Posted on: September 5, 2011

“Sharaabi” (1964) is a movie that had some great songs in it, but the movie itself turned out to be a damp squib and the songs of this movie suffered as a result. With time, the songs of ‘Sharaabi” (1964) have lived on, but these songs would have done much better during its earlier days, had the movie fared better at the box office.

I have discussed three songs from this movie in the past. Here is another song from the movie. I became aware of this song only after I received the lyrics of this song from nahm.

Listening to this song, it becomes obvious that this song was a labour of love for the lyricist, the music director and the singer. It is toobad that appreciation of this kind of music was conspicuous by its absence, mainly because the song failed to get adequate exposure. If I was not awre of this song all these days then normal music lovers too are unlikely to be aware of this song.

This song is written by Rajinder Krishan and its music is composed by Madan Mohan. The song is sung by Rafi and it is picturised on Dev Anand.

This is a song which is different from the usual songs of Hindi movies. And as it happens quite often, average Indian music lovers of those days were not evolved enough to be able to appreciate this kind of music. So I am not surprised that this song is not known much among music lovers.

Hopefully, appreciation for this kind of a song will build up with time.



Song-Mujhe le chalo aaj us gali mein (Sharaabi) (1964) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Madan Mohan

Lyrics (Provided by nahm)

hmm hmm

mujhe le chalo
aaj phir uss gali mein
jahaan pehle pehle
ye dil ladkhadaaya
wo duniya wo meri
mohabbat ki duniya
jahaan se main
betaabiyaan le ke aaya
mujhe le chalo

jahaan so rahi hain meri zindagaani
jahaan chhod aayaa main apni jawaani
wahaan aaj bhi ek chaukhat pe taazaa
mohabbat ke sajdon ki hogi nishaani
mohabbat ke sajdon ki hogi nishaani
mujhe le chalo

wo duniya jahaan
uss ke naqsh-e-qadam hain
wahin meri khushiyaan
wahin mere gham hain
main le aaoonga
khaaq uss rehguzar ki
ke uss rehguzar ki to zarr-e-sanam hain
ke uss rehguzar ki to zarr-e-sanam hain
mujhe le chalo

wahaan ek rangeen chilman ke peechhe
chamaktaa huwa uss ka rukhsaar hoga
basaa loonga aankhon mein wo roshni main
yoon hi kuchh ilaaj-e-dil-e-zaar hogaa
yoonhi kuchh ilaaj-e-dil-e-zaar hogaa
mujhe le chalo aaj uss gali mein
jahaan pehle pehle ye dil ladkhadaaya
wo duniya wo meri mohabbat ki duniya
jahaan se main betaabiyaan le ke aaya
mujhe le chalo

4 Responses to "Mujhe le chalo aaj us gali mein"

Very surprising that this beautiful song is not yet discussed on this blog.
What a great song . Hats off to Rafi and Madan Mohan, whose combination has given some unique and mind boggling songs.


What a beautiful song. Leaves one with a heavy heart and takes you back to one’s earlier days. Rafi saab is GOD!


I saw this movie Sharabi in 1964 or thereabouts. It hardly lasted a week at the theatres, even though it boasted of a stellar cast. But it s music was very noticeable…even as the movie turned put a flop. Two songs were often heard on Vividh Bharati of those days… Sawan ke mahine mein” & Kabhi na kabhi koi na koi”. This song Mujhe lechalo ” was not heard very often. In a magazine Shama, Urdu & Hindi , that carried film news those days, I recollect having read that Lyricist Rajendra Kishan had lamented that the song “mujhe le chalo’ could not find favor with the listeners though he himself considered it to be one of his best lyrics that he had composed in his long career.
Rafi sahab, Madan Mohan & Rajinder Krishan did their best ,and in any compilation of ghazals of Rafi / Madan Mohan , this song is a must include.
While on the subject of such songs, those which never became popular but still command the attention of cine music lovers, is RD Burman / Maj rooh/ Rafi classic” Zamane be maare javaan kaise kaise”



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