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Main shola hoon har ek shai ko jalaanaa kaam hai mera

Posted on: September 5, 2011

“Benazir” (1964) appaers to be an A grade movie what with the likes of Ashok Kumar, Meena Kumari, Shashi Kapoor,Tanuja etc in it and the movie being directed by Bimal Roy. But despite such big names, I have not been aware of this movie. And only recently I have become aware of a song from this song.

(PS-Now I am informed by our knowledgeable readers that Bimal Roy was the producer of this movie and that this movie was directed by S Khalil.)

Here is another song from this movie. It is sung by Rafi and Suman Kalyanpur. The song is picturised as a stage song. I am not familiar with the actors on whom this song is picturised. I request our knowlegeable readers to reveal the identities of these actors.

The song is written by Shakeel Badayuni and music is composed by S D Burman. Shakeel Badayuni as the lyricist and S D Burman as the music director. I think this combination is as rare as the combination of Shailendra as the lyricist and Naushad as music director. I wonder is such a combination of lyricist-music director has actually been forged in Hindi movies. I request our knowledgeable readers to enlighten us about such rare combinations.



Song-Main sholaa hoon har ik shai ko jalaanaa kaam hai mera (Benazir) (1964) Singer-Rafi, Suman Kalyanpur, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-S D Burman
Rafi+Suman Kalyanpur


main sholaa hoon har ik shay ko jalaanaa kaam hai meraa
magar khud apnaa hi jalnaa sahaa jaataa nahin mujhse

main barkhaa hoon
zamaane par baraste hain mere aansoo
khud apne munh se apnaa gham
kahaa jaataa nahin mujhse

ae mere dilrubaa,
aa mere paas aa
ye jee chaahtaa hai
tere gale lag jaaun
ye jee chaahtaa hai
tere gale lag jaaun
o ae meri aarzoo,
ho na bechain tu
main qismat ki baaten
tujhe kaise samjhaaoon
main qismat ki baaten
tujhe kaise samjhaaoon

ae mere hamsafar,
kyaa yoonhi umr bhar
ye judaai ke gham
dil ko tadapaayenge
o door ham tum rahen
zindagi hai yahi
paas aaye to ham
donon mit jaayenge
paas aaye to ham
donon mit jaayenge

mujhko ae naazneen
koi parwaah nahin
tamannaa yahi hai meri
tujhpe mit jaaun
ae mere dilrubaa,
aa mere paas aa
ye jee chaahtaa hai tere
gale lag jaaun
gale lag jaaun
gale lag jaaun

10 Responses to "Main shola hoon har ek shai ko jalaanaa kaam hai mera"

Atul ji,
BENAZIR(1964) was produced by Bimal Roy(NOT directed by),and was Directed by an ordinary director S.Khalil,who had earlier directed some nondescript films like Jhankar,Nai zindagi,Bhaijaan,Sartaj,Gunehgar,Deewar-55 and Shahkar etc.
Benazir (Meena Kumari) is a dancer of Lucknow,who is loved by Nawab Afsar Hussain(Ashok Kumar),though he has a good looking and khandani Biwi,Begum Sarwari(Nirupa Roy),at home.
Benazir secretly loves younger brother of Nawabsaab,Anwar nawab(Shashi kapoor) who is-unknown to Benazir-already engaged to Shahida(Tanuja),younger sister of Begum Sarwari.
Anwar hates Benazir holding her responsible for Nawabsaab’s disturbed household.once he goes to Benazir and is firing her when,instigated by illwishers,the Nawabsaab comes there,finds them together and gets a heart attack.The engagement of Anwar to Shahida is broken etc.The film ends on a tragic note.
Run of the mill story,weak direction and non interference of Bimal Roy in the film’s development saw to it that the film fails at the Box office.



I bought the DVD of this movie only yesterday and watched almost half of the movie. Benazir is indeed an ‘A’ grade movie produced by the legendary Bimal Roy and directed by S Khalil (not Bimal Roy as you have mentioned and I was also under the same impression). I remember the days when this movie was to be released and there were high pitched publicity of this movie on radio. Looking at the high profile castings, there were a lot of expectations from the filmgoers. The film did not fare well at the box office. In fact all well known period movies released in 1964 ( Jahan Ara, Chitralekha etc.) did not fare well.

It appears to be rare for S D Burman to team up with Shakeel Badayuni. The other film they had teamed up was KAISE KAHOON which was also released in 1964.

By the way, the Chief Assistant Director of this movie was none other than Gulzar.


Atul ji,
You have really brought out a subject which merits a sound discussion-why Lyricist-Composer camps were created ? In other words,why were some lyricists “attached” to a perticular composer,that is to say why such jodi s were created.Was it intentional or accidental ?
To my mind,being comfortable with certain personalities is a human characteristic.The jodi s must have just happened without any specific reasons.
Shailendra-Shankar Jaikishen or Shakeel B -Naushad etc combinations clicked and hence producers must have repeated them.
For last few postings of yours,I find songs of M.S puri-RDBarman combination.It is not surprising that this combination lasted 73 films,as their songs became hit.
Majrooh gave songs to his father also in 20 films.Similarly Roshan got 5 and Rajesh Roshan got 16 films.Chitragupt got 24 while Anand-Milind got 14 films.While majrooh gave songs to many popular composers,it was generally believed that he did not work with Shankar Jaikishen.I recollect,some reader in this blog too made such a comment some months back(I dont remember who).
Anyway,for the records and information of believers of above Myth,let me tell that Majrooh Sultanpuri did write songs for Shankar Jaikishen-and not for One film,but for 3 Films,namely NEELIMA-75,Love in Bombay-75 and Mahfil-78.



The comment regarding Majrooh you are referring to is mine at .
That is the general impression one gets seeing that Shankar -Jaikishan mostly had either Shailendra or Hasrat writing songs for them. I have read at another site that Hasrat has written more than 1700 film songs. I would guess that if this figure is correct around 1500 will be for Shankar-Jaikishan. You are right about comfort levels of such teams formed. The songs by written majrooh for S-J referred are from 1975-78. I do know this is post Jaikishan, but it could be post Hasrat too.

Among SDB songs, it is still not clear whether the songs of “Tere Ghar ke Saamne” were written by Majrooh or Hasrat.



nahm ji,
Thank you for your earlier reference.very nice of you.
Though Jaikishen died on 12-9-1971,Hasarat died only on 17-9-99.
His last song was in the film Hatya-The murder-2004.
Hasarat wrote songs for 350 films and his recorded songs were 2000.
M.Sultanpuri has NOT written any songs for Tere ghar ke saamne.


Deshmukh Sir,

Thanks a lot for the clarifications. There was some confusion about the lyricist of ‘TGKS’. That may be the reason why Atul ji has not posted any more songs from that film. I knew you were the right person to ask about this.

One more request Sir, if you could help identify a film song in which Lata Mangeshkar herself is shown singing in the recording studio. the heroine was Vidya sinha(I think) who is aspiring singer and she is put in the recording studio just as a favour to Amol Palekar(?)who is a friend of the music director. But Vidya sinha is not able to sing any lines. I thought Amol Palekar was a Taxi Driver in the film. I have searched the net for that film/song, but to no avail. Thanks.



Sorry to interrupt

Most probably it is TAXIE TAXIE(1977) music by Hemant Bhosle(asha Bhosleji`s son)
lyrics of the song:”Laayee kahaan hai ai zindagi,hai saamne manzil teri, phir bi manzil tak main jaa na sakoon”

Its there in you tube –
type “asha bhosle & lata mangeshkakr-layee kahan ae zindag-in taxi taxi-1977”
lyrics by Majrooh sultanpuri

But the song was picturised on Asha Bhosle and Zahira(not vidya sinha)
lata`s voice has been lip synced by Zahira

other details of the film:
starcast:amol palekar,reena roy, Rama vij,Jalal agha,aruna irani, tuntun, junior mehmood,Johnny whisky, maruthi, anjali paigaaonkar, Mushtaaq merchant



thanks for reviving my memory about this song.

Further,another meldious song sung by kishore kumar was also there in the film Taxi Taxie
“jeevan mein humsafar milte tho hain zaroor, par kho jaathe chalte thodi door”
(Lalita pawar also acted in that movie-it has been produced by Pari.A.V.Mohan )


Prakashchandra ji,

Thanx. I found the song on youtube. While searching for it i had looked for songs of film named ‘Taxi Taxi’ too. But the spelling in the clip in ‘Taxie’. This film will have that title song of “Taxi taxi taxi’, which was quite famous.

Speaking of Asha Bhosle, her daughter Varsha has sung a song in film “Junoon” with Jenniffer Kapoor (Ghir aayi kaali ghata matwaali, saawan ki aayi bahaar re). I would have sent the lyrics of this song, but the operatic singing of Jennifer Kendall/kapoor was beyond me.




Somewhere I have read that its on the wake of super hit KABHI KABHIE(1976), the producer of the movie kept their title as TAXI TAXIE(DVD cover and cassette cover of the movie also displays the same spelling.

Yes, the JUNOON song was partially there in the movie(atleasT in the movie print I have seen, where it has been played while Deepti naval ,nafeesa ali, sushama seth,jennifar kendall were there in a farm house garden-while playing JHOOLA), I don`t know why they have edited or deleted it.(God only knows why they treat such beautiful compositions in such a manner,I think for financial constraints or they don`t have musical sense)
HMV record label must have got the record rights of the above movie, they also don`t release the many movie songs of SHYAM BENEGAL(all his film got many melodious songs by Preeti sagar,asha bhonsle and others)WHY???

In youtube I found the one version of video clip of the Junoon song.
2 version of the song must be there I think.
One fast version with music and another slow version with only vocals going with it.

I didn`t knew that Jenniffer Kendall had sung the song,
THANKS for the information.Whether Preethi sagar`s voice was also included in the song?

I was there in 5th or 6th standard in this era,while hemant bhosle was around in the Hindi film industry.I love his kind of compositions, Eventhough he is not that famous or provided masterpieces I like his simple musical compositions.

Hemant Bhosle has provided good music for
Taxi Taxie(1977)Jadu Tona(1977)Damaad(1978)
Anpadh(1978)Shraddhanjali(1981)Nazarana Pyar ka(1980)
Bandhan Kuchche Dhaagon ka(1983)Bhaago boot aaya(1985)
Dharam shathru(1988)(got one peppy ashaji`s song picturised on Reena roy, shathrughna sinha)
Aaakhri Sungharsh(1997)

1)Taxi taxi got 3 more good songs
2)jadu tona also got 2 good songs
3)Damaad has got rafi asha duet “Zindagi ke safar mein na jaane, …huye pyaar mein do deewane(picutrised on Ranjeeta kaur, Amol Palekar)
4)From Nazarana pyar ka I remember asha,rafi duet -“gum chupaate raho, mukuraate raho…zindagi geet hai” and title song
5)Bandhan Kuchche dhaagon ka also got good title song.

6)Shradhanjali(1981)has got 2 very good songs
a)jaane kyon aisa lagta hai(Bhupinder and Ashaji on Deepak parashar,rakhee)(audio tack of this song is availabe in Youtube
b).”*****Jaanaa kahan hai, jaaoon kahan,(asha bhosle)(This song has got many shades of TAXI TAXIE song-“laaye kahaan ae zindagi)(It has been picturised while the Title cards roll at the beginning of the movie.
This song is not there in Youtube. This song is one of my favourites,
I am searching for this song from many years in vain.I haven`t found the dvd of the movie , cd or mp3 or cassettes of this movie . Doordarshan telecasts once in a 3 years this movie,If at all I get a chance to watch the movie, only then I can listen this song.

ATULJI,sorry for the long post.

EK MAHEENA BEET GAYA, Main aur ek request kar sakta hoon kya?????!!!!!!!
songs from 1981 SHRADHANAJLI-(Music director-hemant Bhosle)
director of the movie Anil sharma
starcast of the movie Rakhee, Suresh Oberoi, Madhu Kapoor,Madhu kapoor,Sonia Sahni,Deepak parashar,Arun Govil,Sulochana latkar
FARMAISH for the below mentioned songs:
1)”Jaana kahan hai jaaoon kahan”-asha bhosle
2)”Jaane kyon aisa lagta hai-bhupinder singh and asha bhonsle



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