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Ye mujhko kyaa huaa hai

Posted on: September 6, 2011

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

“Punarmilan” (1964), is a story of children lost and found, interwoven with the themes of casteism and untouchability. Produced under the banner of Nagina Films, Bombay, it is directed by Ravindra Dave. The star lineup includes Balraj Sahni, Shashikala, Leela Chitnis, Jagdeep, Ameeta, Asit Set, Mumtaz Begum, Padma Devi, Narmada Shankar, Amarnath etc. The lyricist Gulshan Bawra also plays a comic role. In the film, there are two children lost as small kids. A child of a low caste family is lost in the river, and when rescued, he is adopted by a rich high caste family. And a child of the high caste family is lost, and ends up being adopted by Leela Chitnis, the same person who lost her son in the river. There are various sub plots as the romantic interests of two couples, Balraj Sahni and Shashikala, and Jagdeep and Ameeta, are interwined with the destinies of three families.

Balraj Sahni is a doctor in this story. A turn of events brings Leela Chitnis for treatment to him, and there is emotional upsurge that says something to both of them. Balraj Sahni is the first one to find out that he is actually the son of the low caste Leela Chitnis. He does not reveal it to her. But then she is also feeling a strange affinity to him, which bring her to his home. The song plays in the background, as Leela Chitnis is trying to make up her mind, and Balraj Sahni is sleeping on the sofa. There is a small tail piece to the song, wherein the truth is revealed and acknowledged by both.

Punarmilan has 7 songs that are officially released. Besides these seven, there are five more smaller poetical pieces that are played during the film. Four of these are in the voice of Kavi Pradeep, and this one, is (possibly) in the voice of Kamal Barot. Kamal Barot, who is known for fast and peppy songs, makes a change to sing a slow and soft song. The variation may create a doubt, but that is the closest identification that is made.

The music in the film is by C Arjun. Hoever, the lyricist of this and the four other (un-published) songs cannot be specifically identified. The film otherwise has three lyricists, Indeewar, Gulshan Bawra, and Raja Mehndi Ali Khan.

Song-Ye mujhko kyaa huaa hai (Punar Milan) (1964) Singer-Kamal Barot, MD-C Arjun


ye mujhko kyaa huaa hai
toofaan sa ye kyaa hai
halchal si kyun hai man mein
aansoo hain kyun nayan mein
kisne mujhe bhhulayaa
ye kaun yaad aayaa
main aaj kidhar jaati
kuchh samajh nahin paati
sapna to nahin hai ye
dhokha to nahin hai ye
ae maun sone waale
zara sun le bhole bhaale
dekha hai tujhe jab se
bechain hoon main tab se
kyun mujhko tu hai bhaataa
kyaa tera mera naataa
kyaa tera mera naataa
tu kaun hai bataa de
kis ghar ka hai pataa de
behad main pareshaan hoon
behad main pareshaan hoon
main ek dukhi maan hoon

3 Responses to "Ye mujhko kyaa huaa hai"

Atul ji,
PUNAR MILAN(1964) had 3 lyricists:
Rajah mehadi Ali Khan and
Gulshan Bawra.
Kavi Pradeep has not written any song in this film.
The above song may be written by Gulshan Bawra.


Sudhir ji,

If i go by the video clip, the link of which is given below, this song of Kamal Barot may have to be regarded in continuation of the song sung by Kavi Pradeep. In that case, this combined song becomes probably the first duet song of Kavi Pradeep.

The sequence of the songs in the video clip :

Audio clip containing two of 4 songs (renditions) by Kavi Pardeep :


Sadanand ji,

Yes, I am familiar with the preceding poetical rendition by Pradeep ji. Actually, when i did this piece in 2011, this song was not available online. What intrigued me to write was that I have this film, and I had browsed through it. I found this song and the poetical pieces by Pradeep ji, which were neither listed in the Geet Kosh and the artists are not credited in the film credits. So I myself had uploaded this piece and written about it. Before I posted this article, I had a detailed email discussion with Harmandir ji.

It is correct that Pradeep piece and this song play in tandem, but will that qualify this to be a duet, I am not sure. I request other folks to also comment on this.

There still are the other standalone verses by Pradeep ji that have to be accounted for. This is going to be an interesting discussion.



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