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Mehak rahi phulwaari

Posted on: October 2, 2011

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Doctor (1941) is a classic landmark film produced under the banner of New Theatres, Calcutta. This film is the zenith of Pankaj Babu’s performance as a singer-actor, and all the songs of this film attained iconic popularity. A brief description of the earlier episodes of the film are summarized in the write up for the song Kab tak niraashaa ki andhiyaari .

The role of the primary protagonist is played by Pankaj Babu himself. This song is just the ending of the film. At the end of the song mentioned above, the hospital in the village is established and the good doctor Amarnath and his wife Maya (role played by Panna) are serving the people. In due course, the doctor’s wife is pregnant, and they are blessed with a son. But destiny also has a misfortune for them. The doctor’s wife passes away after childbirth.

The doctor is persuaded by the old family servant, Dayaal (role played by Amar) to allow the child to be brought up in the grandfather’s house. The doctor relents, but only on the condition that the grandfather (role played by Nemo) will not be told of the true identity of the child. The child would be raised an adopted orphan and not as the true heir. Several years later, the now old doctor is overjoyed to see his son returning from abroad with a doctor’s degree. But when the young foreign returned doctor (role played by Jyoti Prakash) plans to take up a lucrative job in a big laboratory, the doctor is disappointed. He meets him and exhorts him to do something more useful like starting his own research centre and factory.

The young doctor falls in love with the pretty daughter (role played by Bharati Devi) of a friend of his father. But once again on the same question of caste raises its head, and a conflict arises between grandfather and grandson. At this juncture, the secrets of the true relationship is revealed, and the grandfather relents. The video clip shows the scene just after the wedding; Amarnath is secretly visiting his home to bless the newlyweds. The old servant Dayaal tries to desist him from leaving. During this exchange, the grandfather enters the scene, and there is a meeting of the father and son after many decades. The grandfather also pleads with his son to stay, but Amarnath decides to leave and be back at his hospital, and the memories of his wife. The grandfather then follows his son, along with the newlywed couple and old servant, Dayaal

At this juncture the song is performed, a song that brings the good tidings of auspicious and fortunate happenings. Doctor is actually singing to his departed wife, telling him about the good news of their son getting married, and that their garden is in bloom with news of happiness once again. The words are a lovely presentation of happiness and the anticipation of hopefulness, of better things expected in life. During the song, the family is rejoined, as the doctor’s father, his son and daughter-in-law and Dayaal, join him at Maya’s samadhi.

Wonderful lyrics are by AH Shor (Asgar Hussain Shor), and the music composition is by Pankaj Babu himself. A wonderful song of renewal and happiness.



Song-Mehak rahi phulwaari hamri (Doctor) (1941) Singer-Pankaj Mullick, Lyrics-A H Shor, MD-Pankaj Mullick



mehak rahi phulwaari, hamri
mehak rahi phulwaari
jhoom rahi hai daari daari
daari daari
mehak rahi phulwaari, hamri
mehak rahi phulwaari
kaisi kaisi chaleen hawaayen
phool aur phal bikhraaye
kaisi kaisi chaleen hawaayen
phool aur phal bikhraaye
man aashaa ka ped sukhaayaa
dukh par dukh pahunchaayee
mera bantaa
kaam na bigdaa
maut bhi thhak ke haari
mehak rahi phulwaari, hamri

sukh ke baadal phir ghir aaye
bigdaa kaam banaayaa
jeewan jal ne baras baras ke
gayaa samaa paltaayaa
phir se mehki
phir se lehki
phir se mehki
phir se lehki
sookhi huyi har kyaari
mehak rahi phulwaari, hamri
mehak rahi phulwaari

4 Responses to "Mehak rahi phulwaari"

Thanks for this great post.

The lyrics need a couple of corrections which are shown in CAPS below:

mehak rahi phulwaari, hamri

sukh ke BAADAL phir ghir aaye


Shekhar ji,

Thanks for the corrections; you have rightly pointed out the error in lyrics posted above.

Atul ji,
Appreciate your help to make the above corrections.



A great movie, a great singer, and a great song. Have been in my heart for the last 70 years now. Pankaj Mullick, you are all time great.
Yeshwant Karnik.
(87 yrs.).
6th April, 2012.


It is nice to know that you watched this movie 70 years ago. That was very long time ago indeed.


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