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Honthhon se chhoo lo tum mera geet amar kar do

Posted on: October 12, 2011

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie songs and a regular contributor to this blog.

A deep, and a very relaxed sound – will not be heard live any more. Jagjit Singh, the icon of ghazal singing in the subcontinent for the past three decades, passed away the day before (10th Oct, 2011). And has left behind an inspired legacy of non-film and film music, mostly in form of ghazals, and in the form of musical scores for many films and albums.

A voice that is very calm in its rendering, and very soothing, a voice that puts across the words and verses in a most unhurried and measured pace, a voice that puts the listener to ease with the very first lines absorbed, a voice that appears to be emanating from an immeasurable depth, a voice that has the ability and the power to make you float. A voice that has adorned the words of many a famous poets. And a voice that is loved where ever ghazals are popular. I read a news item today that not just in India, practically all newspapers in Pakistan also carried the story of his passing away on the front page.

Mid eighties, was my first introduction to Jagjit Singh, and the ghazal, an incomparable creation by the poet Sudarhsan Faakir,”Yeh Daulat Bhi Le Lo, Yeh Shohrat Bhi Le Lo” (more famous as “Wo Kaagaz Ki Kashti, Wo Baarish Ka Paani”). This ghazal made me fall in love with this voice, and after that, there was very little of his singing that I missed, especially ghazals and Punjabi songs.

I have had the opportunity to listen to him live on a few occasions in Delhi. Even sitting far away from him, with my eyes closed, I could feel the sound lazily floating and reaching out, impelling the words and their meanings. The serene assurance that the voice carried, was enough to make one believe the words and the concept they conveyed. The ghazal I remember from the first concert is a wonderful set of verses by Sudarshan Faakir,

“Pathar Ke Khuda, Pathar Ke Sanam, Pathar Ke Hi Insaan Paaye Hain”

“Tum Shehar-e-Mohabbat Kehte Ho, Hum Jaan Bachaa Kar Aaye Hain”

(“Gods moulded in marble, sweethearts carved in granite, people and well wishers fashioned in stone,

It is amazing you call it a land of love, I have barely escaped from there with my life.”)

As he started the ghazal, and sang the first line, as always, there was a hushed but an intense anticipation for the second line. And when the second line was delivered, there was a loud collective sigh from the audience, followed by a resounding applause – people with raised arms, and on their feet clapping. No doubt, it is the words that carry the clout, and the poet is the master. Yet the voice that carries the heartfelt expressions is the dream weaver incarnate.

Born on 8th Feb, 1941 at Sri Ganganagar, in a Sikh family, Jagjit (known as Jeet as a child), had his first lessons in music as a child from Pandit Shaganlal Sharma. And later, he was to spend six years under the tutelage of Ustad Jamaal Khan of Sainia Gharaana, and a distant kin of Mehdi Hasan. After completing his education (in science), he decided that music was is destiny, and eventually made his way to Bombay in 1966. In 1967, he met Chitra Singh, also a budding singer, whom he married in 1969. For almost a decade, it was a struggle, singing for advertisements, and few private opportunities. His break in films was with a Gujarati film ‘Dharti Na Chorru’. 1973 saw him render the famous thumri, “Baabul Moraa Naihar Chhuto Hi Jaaye. . .”, along with Chitra, in the film ‘Aavishkaar’. In 1976, the duo released thier first album, “Unforgettables” under the HMV brand. More assignments came his way starting with ‘Griha Pravesh’ in 1979 and then with ‘Prem Geet’ (1981) and ‘Saath Saath’, ‘Arth’ (both 1982) his place in the Indian film and music industry was defined. He went on to create a large body of music for films, for TV and non film albums. The 1988 TV serial, ‘Mirza Ghalib’, was scored by him. He was decorated with Padma Bhushan in 2003.

This song is a very soft, almost a haunting melody, from the film Prem Geet (1981). A tragic love story, directed by Sudesh Issar, has music composed by Jagjit Singh, and lyrics by Indeewar. The star cast includes Raj Babbar, Anita Raj, Madan Puri, Sowcar Janki, Sajjan, Shammi, Viju Khote, Shashi Ranjan, Rajni Sharma, Komal Soni etc. A tale that brings together two creative people, Aakash (Raj Babbar) and Shikha (Anita Raj), in love. Shikha suffers from a terminal case of cancer, and the story is about how their relationship is hesitatingly built, and how does it prosper, in face of the fatal destiny.

This song is picturized on Raj Babbar and Anita Raj, in a get together scenario. The love is being expressed by Aakash, and the one can see the dilemma writ on the face of Shikha.

Enjoy is wonderful rendering, in the voice that soothes the mind and the nerves.

And thank you Jagjit, for the wonderful legacy of music.

hothhon se chhoo lo tum, mera geet amar kar do
ban jaao meet mere, meri preet amar kar do

Touch my song with your lips, and make it live, forever
Be my love, and make my love endure, forever

na umr ki seema ho, na janm ka ho bandhan
jab pyaar karey koi, to dekhe kewal mann
nai reet chalaa kar tum, ye reet amar kar do

Love is not bound by the shackles of birth and death, neither by the years of life
When in love, the lovers perceive only the heart and the mind, and nothing else
Accept and initiate this principle of love, so this principle of love may survive, forever

aakaash ka soonaapan, mere tanhaa mann mein
paayal chhankaati tum, aa jaao jeevan mein
saansen de kar apni, sangeet amar kar do

My desolate heart abounds with the lonely stillness of the sky
O my love, join my life and make it pleasing with the music of your anklets
Lend your breath to my words, so this music of mine may live, forever

jag ne chheenaa mujh se, mujhe jo bhi lagaa pyaaraa
sab jeeta kiye mijh se, mein hardam hi haaraa
tum haar ke dil apna, meri jeet amar kar do

This heartless world has snatched away everything, every person I have loved
I have always lost in this game of life, others have always vanquished me
Give your heart to me and love me, and let this one victory of my life, stay alive, forever



Song-Honthhon se chhoo lo tum (Prem Geet) (1981) Singer-Jagjit Singh, Lyrics-Indeewar, MD-Jagjit Singh


hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm

honthhon se chhoo lo tum
mera geet amar kar do
honthhon se chhoo lo tum
mera geet amar kar do
ban jaao meet mere
meri preet amar kar do
honthhon se chhoo lo tum
mera geet amar kar do

na umr ki seema ho
na janm ka ho bandhan
na umr ki seema ho
na janm ka ho bandhan
jab pyaar karey koi
to dekhe kewal mann
nai reet chalaa kar tum
ye reet amar kar do
nai reet chalaa kar tum
ye reet amar kar do

aakaash ka soonaapan
mere tanhaa mann mein
aakaash ka soonaapan
mere tanhaa mann mein
paayal chhankaati tum
aa jaao jeewan mein
saansen de kar apni
sangeet amar kar do
sangeet amar kar do
mera geet amar kar do

jag ne chheenaa mujh se
mujhe jo bhi lagaa pyaaraa
jag ne chheenaa mujh se
mujhe jo bhi lagaa pyaaraa
sab jeeta kiye mujh se
mein hardam hi haaraa
tum haar ke dil apna
meri jeet amar kar do
tum haar ke dil apna
meri jeet amar kar do
honthhon se chhoo lo tum
mera geet amar kar do

12 Responses to "Honthhon se chhoo lo tum mera geet amar kar do"

One famous Kannada Musical movie was released around this time namely GEETHA(Starring popular hero Late Shankar naag and directed by himself, He later on directed famous Hindi t.v.serial MALGUDI DAYS),the music of which given by souther musical maestro ILAYA RAJA.

The story of PREMGEET, appears to be same as that of above mentioned kannada movie and further the kannada movie starcast comprises SOWKAR JANAKI(famous southern actress)who also stars in Premgeet

Further this movie was a home production(Ramayan chitra) of Shatrughna Sinha.
The music of 2 movies produced by Shatrughna sinha`s relatives(RAHEE-Smita patil,Sanjeev kumar,shatrughnasinha)
KALKA-1983-Rajbabbar,sarika,rameshwari,ranjeet,mazhar khan,paintal,shathrughnasinha)was produced by Jagjit singhji.

Thanks sudhir bhai and atulji
for the sensitive article and the song.



sorry for the typing error while writing my earlier comment,
it should be written as “the music of rahee and kalka was provided(not produced as written in my earlier comment)by Jagjit Singhji




Something has died inside me with the passing of Jagjit Singh ji.
May Allah bless his soul and give the family strenth during this
difficult time. AMEN

Mohobat zinda raheti hei, mhobat mar nahin sakti.

I am convinced, the Lord wanted him to be with him and he is in safe hands


Amen to that, Anveralivalli ji.



Very soothing voice he had. I could listen to him for hours and hours, his songs would just enter my sub-conscious and I’d be totally at peace.

This is a lovely song too. In fact all his songs are. Excellent translation too, Sudhirji.


Thanks Raja ji,



Very well written by Sudhir. My feelings towards Jagjit ji and his music could’nt have been put in better words than what Sudhir has expressed. Jagjit ji’s sudden departure is a devastating loss, to say the least, specifically to his fans and to the music industry in general. RIP Jagjit saab. May God give strength to Chitra ji to tide over this tragedy.

Krishnan, Kalyan


Amen to that, Krishnan ji.

And thanks for your kind appreciation.



beautiful song :)..n gud 2c a writeup abt jagjit singhji 😀






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