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Teri dayaa se ae daayee

Posted on: October 12, 2011

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie songs and a regular contributor to this blog.

‘Nartaki’ (1940), a production by New Theatres, was considered a musical bonanza, with a number of wonderful songs.

The lyrics in this film are by Munshi Aarzoo (also known as Aarzoo Luchnowi, during his later years), and composition are by Pankaj Babu, who also plays the role of ‘Kavi’ in this film. Produced under the banner of New Theatres, Calcutta, the film is considered a landmark accomplishment of Debaki Bose’s direction. Nartaki turned out to be one of the top five grossing films in 1940.The film is a period drama, that takes up the theme of traditions vs. the new thought. Roopkumari (Lila Desai) is a renowned court dancer. The kingdom where this story is placed, has a famous temple that does not allow women devotees to enter. Apparently, Roopkumari has been denied entry to the temple at some time. This makes her furious at the ascetic head priest of the temple Gyananandji (played by Wasti). Piqued by this denial, in retribution, Roopkumari plots a revenge against the recalcitrant holy man by seducing his son Satyasunder (played by Najmul Hussain, alias Najm). As destiny would have it, while she is carrying out her scheme for vengeance, she finds herself actually falling in love with Satyasunder. The thesis that the director attempts to establish is love can supersede traditions, authority, and politics.

The movie was produced both in Hindi and Bengali, with Pankaj Babu playing the same role in both versions. The Bengali version of this film features a lengthy musical piece based on a poem by 15th century Bengali poet Chandidas. This is one of the lesser known songs from this film. On screen, this song is presented by Pankaj Babu himself. Also seen in the clip are the two lead protagonists of the film, Leela Desai as Roopkumari, and Najm (Najmul Hussain) as Satyasunder. Enjoy this another wonderful rendition by Pankaj Babu, as only he can.

teri dayaa se ae daayee
aaj muraad mil gayee

By your grace and blessings, O Mother Goddess
All my aspirations are fulfilled
(‘deyee’ is poetically shortened addressal to ‘Devi’)

mann ki nadi mein aayee baadh
mauj uthhi nai nai

The river of my mind surges to overflow, filled with many new waves.

chaman hans rahaa hai,
bahaar aa rahi hai
har ek khilti konpal
bikasti kali hai

The garden of pleasures is blooming and smiling that the spring is here
Every tender shoot is sprouting into new buds

hawaa mast hai aur gul khil rahey hain
jidhar aankh uthhaao khushi hi khushi hai

The flowers are blossoming, the breeze is soft and enjoyable
There is happiness everywhere, where the eye sight can reach

hothhon pe aagayee hansi
dil ki kali bhi khil gayee

There is a smile of happiness on the lips And the heart is full of budding emotions



Song-Teri dayaa se ae deyee(Nartaki) (1940) Singer-Pankaj Mullick, Lyrics-Aarzoo Lucknowi, MD-Pankaj Mullick


teri dayaa se ae daayee
teri dayaa se ae daayee
aaj muraad mil gayee
aaj muraad mil gayee
teri dayaa se ae daayee

mann ki nadi mein aayee baadh
mann ki nadi mein aayee baadh
mauj utthi nai nai
aaj muraad mil gayee
teri dayaa se ae daayee

chaman hans rahaa hai
bahaar aa rahi hai
har ek khilti konpal
bikasti kali hai
hawaa mast hai aur
gul khil rahey hain
jidhar aankh uthhaao
khushi hi khushi hai
honthhon pe aa gayee hansi
dil ki kali bhi khil gayee
hothhon pe aa gayee hansi
dil ki kali bhi khil gayee
aaj muraad mil gayee
aaj muraad mil gayee
aaj muraad mil gayee

3 Responses to "Teri dayaa se ae daayee"

Sudhir ji,
NARTAKI(1940),was a movie etched on my mind from the day I had seen it,long long ago.
I stii distinctly remember the magnificent opening scene in which 6 bearers carried the decorated tanjan of Palanquine(Palakhi),which is escorted by 4 horsemen.On the outskirts of the city kingdom of Champa is an ancient Temple monastery.The procession stops at the gates.Gates do not open.The head dwarpal comes near and humbly tells that women are not allowed inside.
“Do you dare to refuse entry to me? Do you know who I am ? I am Roopkumari ” the face of beautiful dancer is seen on full screen and you are mesmerised with the beauty.
The famous dancer,sought by Kings and Noblemen,is a guest at Seth Hiralal(Jagdish Sethi) ,who is a millionaire and a close friend of the King of Champa.
To take revenge,Roopkumari gets hold of Kishore(Dhruv Kumar),a rebel Bramhachari who is thrown out of the monastery and plans to seduce the son of Dnyananand ji and future head of the Monastery,Satyasunder(Najmul Hussain) etc etc…
I have given the synopsis of the story of Nartaki-1940,on 10-6-2011 as my comment on the song ‘Aankh moond ke dhyaan’
This film,as you have pointed out,became a major hit of 1940,all over India and there was a Tamil movie on this story made in 1942.


It is ‘dayee’ and not ‘deyee’ as written. Dayee means O Lord! and not devi. One immediately recalls this line by the famous poet Bihari Lal: Dayee dayee kyon karat hai dayee dayee so kabool. Dayee also means ‘gave’ in Brajbhasha, the language of Bihari. It means why are you repeatedly crying O God, O God? You should better accept what he has given.


Thanks a lot for this explanation. That indeed makes sense.


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