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Na jhatko zulf se paani

Posted on: October 30, 2011

“Shehnaai” (1964) is a New Oriental Pictures presentation. This movie is directed by S D Narang. The sat cast of the movie included names like Vishwajeet,Rajshree, Veena, Johnny Walker,Chaand usmani, Asit Sen, Leela Chitnis, Parveen Chaudhary, Nirupa Roy, D.K.Sapru, Rehman, Ifthekar etc.

This movie is well known for its hugely popular songs that are remembered to this day. In fact, chances are that one may have heard the songs of tthis movie without being aware that they were from this movie.

I am sure that every music lover, like me, has heard the song “Na jhatko zulf se paani”. I have heard this iconic songs many a times all the while remaining blissfully unaware of its details. And moreover, I thought that this song was already discussed in the blog.

The fact that this song is not yet discussed in the blog were realised by me only after Prakashchandra sent me the lyrics of this song. And it was then that I came to know that this song is from “Shehnaai”(1964).

This song is sung by Rafi. Rajinder Krishan is the lyricist. Music is composed by Ravi, the composer of iconic songs as I like to describe him.

This song is special not only because it is an iconic song, but also because this song marks a centrury for the blog, viz century of lyrics sent by Prakashchandra that have been discussed in this blog. And I think that this is asong befitting the kind of classy songs whose lyrics Prakashchandra have been contributing to this blog.

Indeed, Prakashchandra has been contributing lots and lot of lyrics to this blog, as is the case with the other regular contributor of lyrics to this blog, viz nahm.

Here is hoping that we will continue to see lots and lots of contributions in various forms not only from Prakashhchandra and nahm, but also from many others. Such active participation by the regulars of this blog has been a welcome development for this blog and it has now made this blog an ongoing collaborative project of several likeminded individuals who are helping creating a catalogue of Hindi movie songs from the golden era. May this tribe of likeminded individuals grow!

Song-Na jhatko zulf se paani (Shehnaai) (1964) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics- Rajinder Krishan, MD-Ravi

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

Na jhatko zulf se paani
ye moti phoot jaayenge
na jhatko zulf se paani
ye moti phoot jaayenge
tumhara kuchh na bigdega
magar dil toot jaayenge
na jhatko zulf se paani

ye bheegi raat ye bheega badan
ye husn ka aalam
ye bheegi raat ye bheega badan
ye husn ka aalam
ye sab andaaz milkar
do jahaan ko loot jaayenge
tumhaara kuchh na bigdega
magar dil toot jaayenge
na jhatko zulf se paani

ye naazuk lab hain yaa
aapas mein do lipti huyee kaliyaan
ye naazuk lab hain yaa
aapas mein do lipti huyee kaliyaan
zara inko alag kar do
tarannum phoot jaayenge
tumhaara kuchh na bigdega
magar dil toot jaayenge
na jhatko zulf se paani

hamaari jaan le lega
ye meethi aankh ka jaadoo
hamaari jaan le lega
ye meethi aankh ka jaadoo
chalo achcha hua mar kar
jahaan se chhoot jaayenge
tumhaara kuchh na bigdega
magar dil toot jaayenge
na jhatko zulf se paani
ye moti phoot jaayenge
na jhatko zulf se paani


14 Responses to "Na jhatko zulf se paani"

Nice song… Rafi is awesome



Thank you(I know this is a very small word for you)But still……..

“Aapne jo pyaar dikhaaya aapke shabdon mein, usko main zindagi bhar nahin bhooloonga”

“Agar kabhi maine apne HARSH shabdon se(“anjaane mein”) aapka dil dukhaaya tho Please MAAF kar dena”.

Har din mera yehi soch rehta hai, aaj kaun se gaane ka shabd
bhejoon ??Atulji ke liye.
I want this FITRAT to continue……zindagi bhar ke liye.
You know, I am obsessed with these songs of Hindi movies.”

I will stop now, Otherwise I will go on BAKBAK- you know my regular “sentimental outbursts”

Thank you for bearing with me on daily basis.
regards and lots lots lots lots lots……of love.


This is indeed a famous Rafi saab number – I also thought it had already been posted.

Congrats to Prakashchandraji for also notching up a century on this blog. He has been a big contributor and encouragement for this blog with his lyrics and comments. Maybe he continue in this fashion and get to his double hundred soon. 🙂

Thanks Raja ji for the encouraging words


congrats to Prakashchandraji for reaching a ton. and this is indeed a classic song to achieve it with

Congratulations to Prakashchandra ji, on completing the century.

The other day, when i saw the song, ‘is tarah toda mera dil ” , i knew this song will follow. Have seen this movie on T. V. years ago, during DD days. These two songs i knew, were from this movie.


Prakash ji,

Congratulation on your century partnership. I always admire your choice of songs, and look forward to more wonderful songs coming from you. 🙂

As Atul ji has noted, yours and Nahm ji’s contributions are really adding momentum to this project. Kudos and best wishes for more sharing. :)\


Sudhir bhai, Nahm ji,Peevesie`s mom ji

for the encouraging and kind words.
And actually,all the credit should go to Atulji(for providing this beautiful platform) and lovely people(Athulites) like you.

regards and Love you all

Congratulations, Prakashchandraji, for reaching your century, and a big Thank You for providing all these lyrics for our listening pleasure! All you get out of this is the pleasure in knowing that a lot of people out here are enjoying the fruits of your labor – nishkaama karma, and we are indebted to you, Atul, nahm and Sudhirji for providing us with all this pleasure – thank you, thank you, thank you!
I thought this song would have been posted by now, and I am surprised to see that it is just making it here. Such a wonderful song, sung so well by Rafi, even it was filmed on Biswajeet!

I meant to say “… even though it was filmed on Biswajeet”!

Thank you very much

Lalitha ji


thanks for the lyrics but I could not view the movie. pl let me know if i can see it and how

awesome songs of bollywood’s golden era. The lyrics are such a meaningful unlike today’s songs which doesn’t have any meaning at all.
It is very soft romantic song and Rajshree the Diva of 1960’s look sufficiently demure and ravishing in the song. The lyrics written by Rajinder krishna is really soulful and poignant which touches your heart immediately. Gem of a song.

Atulji, keep entertaining us with such beautiful songs.

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